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Updated August 29, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama: We Don't Have Strategy for Iraq-Syria War
  Latest Slain American ISIS the Third From a Minnesota High School
  Asking Congress to Back ISIS Strikes Is Tricky for Obama
  Christian Leaders Want End to US Strikes, Seek Peaceful Resolution
  Judge May Release More Abu Ghraib Photos
ISIS: 250 Syrian Soldiers Executed at Air Base
  UN: 43 Golan Peacekeepers Captured by Rebels
  Syrian Islamist Rivals Back US Attacks on ISIS
  Fighting in Syria Spawns Separate Civil War in Jihadist Movement
  Inspired by CIA, ISIS Turns to Waterboarding Detainees
Ukraine Reports Russian Troops, Little Evidence
  Ukraine Demands Arms, NATO Membership as Rebels Advance
  Obama Declines to Declare Invasion of Ukraine, Vows More Sanctions
  Ukraine to Bring Back Compulsory Military Service
Britain Raises Threat Level: Attack 'Highly Likely'
Afghan Vote Unresolved, But Karzai Vows to Leave on Time
US May Use Secrets Act to Stop Suit Against Anti-Iran Group
Backdoor Coup? Pak Military Moves to 'Resolve' Protests
Did Certain Foreign Governments Facilitate the 9/11 Attacks?  by Justin Raimondo
How US Interventionists Abetted the Rise of ISIS  by Sen. Rand Paul
Bush and Obama Spurred Edward Snowden to Spill US Secrets  by Conor Friedersdorf
Has Hillary Ever Been Right?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Another Bad War in Iraq  by Steve Chapman
Elizabeth Warren Sounds Like Netanyahu on Israel/Gaza  by Glenn Greenwald

More Viewpoints

Pentagon: Leaks About Intelligence 'Problematic'
Rand Paul Criticizes Clinton' 'Shoot First' Policy on Syria
Disputed Kurdish Oil Tanker Mysteriously Goes Dark Off Texas Coast
Netanyahu Meets House Armed Services Members
Obama Orders Kerry to Build Anti-ISIS Coalition
With Gaza War Over, Massive Reconstruction Awaits
50 Days of War in Gaza Likely to Cost Israel Dearly
Arab East Jerusalem Seethes With Protests and Raids
After Gaza, Netanyahu Faces Tough Political Battles
Lapid: Gaza Op Not Over Until Gaza Demilitarized
Netanyahu Dismisses Claim He Agreed to State on 1967 Lines
4 Israeli Arabs Arrested Over Alleged Terror Contact With Hezbollah
PA Wants Foreign Nationals in IDF Investigated for War Crimes
Report: Netanyahu and Abbas Met Secretly in Jordan Prior to Gaza Ceasefire
Body Found in Jerusalem Forest Is That of Missing New Jersey Student
Lebanese Army, Gunmen Clash at Syrian Border: Source
North Lebanon Elite Dismiss Caliphate Fears
Middle East
One Soldier, 10 Houthis Killed in Yemen Clashes
Erdogan Sworn in as Turkey President, Opposition Walk Out
Russia Sees Chance to Lift Iran Sanctions Through International Talks
Russia Denies Reports That It Invaded Ukraine
Fifteen Civilians Killed in Shelling in Ukrainian City of Donetsk
OSCE Report on Ukraine for August 28
UN Security Council Meets on Ukraine Crisis
France Warns of More Sanctions if Russian Troops in Ukraine
EU Seeks to Secure Winter Gas Supply in Ukraine Crisis: Oettinger
UAE Strikes on Libya Stir US Fears of a Free-for-All in the Middle East
Libya's Govt Resigns to Allow Parliament to Form New Cabinet
Salafist Militia Claims Beheading of Alleged 'Mossad Spies' in Egypt
Egypt Investigates Morsi Over 'Qatar Document Leak'
At Least 60 Killed in Central Nigeria Communal Battle: Police
Somalia Asks UN Court to Set Maritime Boundary
Colombia Arrests 32 Politicians Over Paramilitary Ties
ISIS Releases Beheading Video as 161 Are Killed Across Iraq
US Warplanes Bomb Targets in Northern Iraq
Jihadists Burn Three Iraq Oil Wells as Kurds Attack
Iraqi Christians Weigh Taking Up Arms Against the Islamic State
1,000 Children Killed in ISIS Violence: Iraq Rights Group
ISIS Beheads Peshmerga Captive for Erbil-US Alliance
UN: Islamic State Group Threatens Syria Aid Access
Graham: Americans Fighting With ISIS Are Enemy Combatants
Theme Park Offers Respite for War-Weary Iraqis
Global ISIS Reaction
Africa's Militants May Be Inspired by Islamic State Gains, Officials Told
US History in Mideast Hampers Hopes for Anti-ISIS Coalition
Rep. Hunter: Islamic State Just 'Guys in Pajamas,' Not an 'Existential Threat'
France's Hollande Says Assad No Ally in Fight Against Islamic State
Australia PM: We Need Clear Goals Before Joining Military Action in Iraq
Global ISIS Recruitment
US Identifies Citizens Joining Rebels in Syria
Minnesota Father of Nine Killed Fighting for ISIS in Syria
Met Chief Wants New Powers to Stop UK Jihadists
Dutch, German Police Detain Three in Syria Recruiting Probe
Syrian Accused of Making Detonators With US Parts Faces Arizona Court
India and Pakistan Trade Fire and Blame Amid Escalating Kashmir Tensions
2,000 in Shelters as Kashmir Border Troops Spar
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Is Named as a Murder Suspect
Pakistan Protest Leaders Meet Army Chief
UN: Afghan Election Audit Done Around Sept. 10
Largest NATO Base to Be Transferred to Afghan Forces in Helmand
Chinese Interceptions of US Military Planes Could Intensify Due to Submarine Base
China Calls on Japan to Break With Militarism
Philippine Leader: Supreme Court Meddling Too Much
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