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Updated August 30, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
No ISIS Strategy: Obama’s Rare Moment of Candor
  75 UN Troops Evacuate From Golan Into Israel, 44 Still Held by al-Qaeda
  Half of Syria Displaced by War: UN Report
Britain Raises Threat Level: Attack 'Highly Likely'
  Feds Not Aware of Any Specific Threats Posed by ISIS
  At Least 81 Nationalities Are Fighting in Syria
  Latest Slain American ISIS the Third From a Minnesota High School
Ukraine Claims '1000s' of Russian Troops, Offers No Evidence
  Ukraine Demands Arms, NATO Membership as Rebels Advance
  Next Week's NATO Summit to Focus on Escalations Against Russia
Pakistan Protesters, Police Clash, Over 100 Inured
No, Progressives, We Don't Need a Police Czar After Ferguson  by Lucy Steigerwald
Bitcoin Is the Solution to the Military Industrial Complex  by Cory Massimino
A Free Society Must Give Up Empire  by Robert P. Murphy
The DNC's Brain-Dead Attack on Rand Paul  by Ezra Klein
The War for Nothing  by Uri Avnery
Full Spectrum Dominance, the European Press, and the Impending Demise of the EU  by Thomas Harrington

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FBI Probes ISIS State Recruiting in Minneapolis
NATO Chief Urges Canada to Boost Military Spending
Libya Fighters Say Enemy Plane Shot Down
Austrian SWAT Team Raids Wrong Apartment
Japan Defense Ministry Makes Largest-Ever Budget Request
George Galloway Badly Injured in UK Street Attack
Over 50,000 People Remain in Shelters in Gaza: UN
Palestinian Leader Abbas Says Hamas Caused Prolonged War
With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe
Israel Missed Golden Opportunity to Get Rid of Hamas, Liberman Says
France's Hollande Calls for Gaza Demilitarization, End of Israeli Blockade
US Missiles to Be Released 'Soon' – Whatever the Hellfire That Means
US Imposes Sanctions on Iranian Groups
Iran's FM Hopes for Nuclear Accord by Deadline
Islamist Gains Prompt US to Send Arms to Lebanon
Lebanon's Bekaa Valley Towns Begin Self-Security Measures
Middle East
Yemen Capital Gripped by Huge Rival Protests
New Cabinet, Full of Erdogan Holdovers, Is Announced in Turkey
Political Crisis in Pakistan as Media, Politics and the Military Join the Fray
US: Too Soon to Evaluate Pakistan Offensive
Quetta, Three Journalists Murdered as Attacks on Pakistani Press Mount
Pakistan PM Denies Asking Army to Mediate With Protests
North Korean Leader's Money Manager Defects in Russia: South Korea Newspaper
North Korea Retracts Cheerleader Offer for South
Three Admit to Murder of Prominent Tibetan Religious Leader in China: Lawyer
While the World Is Distracted, Azerbaijan Cracks Down on Human Rights Activists
Weekend Reviews
The Guns of August
A Realist's Guide to Grand Strategy
Historian Juan Cole's Latest Book Dissects the Arab Spring
Broken: They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return From America's Wars — the Untold Story
El Salvador Gangs Agree Not to Attack Police and Military
Silence Surrounds Colombia's 92,000 Disappeared: Red Cross
'Jewish Taliban' Forced From Guatemala Village After Local Opposition
Syrian Troops Kill 15 Rebels in Ambush Near Lebanon Border
Islamist Gains in Syria Alarm Some Assad Allies
UN Tries to Locate Fijian Peacekeepers Seized on Golan Heights
UN: 'Very Fluid' Situation on Held Peacekeepers
Besieged UN Filipino Peacekeepers in Syria Ready to Use 'Deadly Force'
A Weary Rebel Retreats From Syria to Fight Another Day
220 Killed, 130 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Air Strikes Hit Militants Near Besieged Shi'ite Turkoman Town
Kurds Claim to Recapture Oilfields From ISIS
At Least 8 Killed, 30 Wounded by Bomb, Mortars in Tuz Khurmatu
Global ISIS Reaction
Islamic State's Appeal Presents Jordan With New Test
Vatican Spokesman: ISIS Threat to Pope Francis Unfounded
French Girl Investigated Over Alleged Jihad Plan
Fort Hood Killer Wants to Join ISIS
Germany Ready to Deliver Arms to Kurdish Peshmerga
Ten Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Eastern Conflict in 24 Hours
Putin Calls for Escape Route for Trapped Ukrainian Soldiers as Fighting Rages
Poland Bars Russian Minister's Jet From Airspace
Families of Russian Troops in Ukraine Want Answers
Assassins Linked to Rwanda's Kagame Regime
2 Rwandan Army Officers Charged Over Incitement
Egypt: Another Headless Corpse Found in Sinai
Cameroon: Military Takes Back Land Seized by Boko Haram
The War at Home
2 Policemen Out Amid Their Conduct in Ferguson
Ferguson Residents Suing Police for $40 Million Over 'Excessive Force'
Vulnerable Senate Dem Touts Opposition to NSA
Army in the Pacific Adopts New Style of Deployment
Ex-US Sailor Who Spied for Soviets Dies in Prison
Military Pilot Did Not Eject, Was Killed in Virginia F-15 Crash, Say Investigators
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Any Nuclear Agreement with Iran Must Have Proper Approval from Congress

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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