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Updated August 31, 2014 - 10:08 PM EDT
No ISIS Strategy: Obama’s Rare Moment of Candor
  ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied Media
  75 UN Troops Evacuate From Golan Into Israel, 44 Still Held by al-Qaeda
  Fight for Turkmen Town Unfolding as 200 Are Killed Across Iraq
'Disappearing Russian Forces' in East Ukraine
  Ukraine Claims '1000s' of Russian Troops, Offers No Evidence
  Seven NATO Allies to Create New Rapid Reaction Force
Netanyahu: OK'd Gaza Truce to Focus on Jihadists
  Egypt Evicting Rafah Residents to Create a Buffer Zone
  From Gaza With the Worst News: Orphaned While at College in US
How the NSA Helped Turkey Kill Kurdish Rebels
8 Killed, 308 Injured in Clashes in Pakistan Protest
Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails to US Govt
No, Progressives, We Don't Need a Police Czar After Ferguson  by Lucy Steigerwald
Bitcoin Is the Solution to the Military Industrial Complex  by Cory Massimino
A Free Society Must Give Up Empire  by Robert P. Murphy
The DNC's Brain-Dead Attack on Rand Paul  by Ezra Klein
The War for Nothing  by Uri Avnery
Full Spectrum Dominance, the European Press, and the Impending Demise of the EU  by Thomas Harrington

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Maps: The Best and Worst Countries for Journalists
Yemen Clash Kills 4 Troops, 13 Suspected Militants
George Galloway, British Lawmaker, Is Released From Hospital After Attack
Creators of New Fed-Proof Bitcoin Marketplace Swear It's Not for Drugs
Hundreds of Peace Protesters March in Wales Before NATO Summit
The War at Home
Hackers Stole Security Check Info on at Least 25,000 Homeland Security Employees
Two California Cities Are Giving Up Mine-Resistant Vehicles Their Police Departments Acquired
California to Introduce Tough New Measures to Limit Police Drone Use
Army Sees 'Megacities' as the Future Battlefield
Securing America's Cell Networks – From Criminals and Cops
Los Angeles Cops Do Not Need to Hand Over License Plate Reader Data, Judge Finds
Ukraine Returns Wayward Paratroopers to Russia
Ukraine President Says Europe's Security Depends on Stopping Russia
Stuck in the Middle, Donetsk Residents Stick Together to Stay Alive
EU Leaders to Threaten Extra Russia Sanctions, Agree New Team
Slovak PM Slams Sanctions on Russia, Threatens to Veto New Ones
Sweden Raises Military Alert Level Due to Ukraine Crisis
European Leaders Step Up Rhetoric Against Russia
Russia Demands Publication of Recordings From Downed Flight MH17
Taliban Attack on Afghan Intelligence Agency Leaves 13 Dead and Many More Wounded
Unknown Armed Men Kill 11 Civilians in West Afghanistan
Pakistan Protesters Clash With Security Forces: Live Updates
Pakistan Cleric Qadri Issues 24-Hour Deadline for Sharif to Resign
Pakistan PM Dismisses Political Crisis as 'Tiny Storm'
32 Killed as Army Target Militants in North Waziristan
Three Missing Baloch Activists Found Shot Dead
28 Karachi Doctors Killed in Targeted Attacks Over Four Years
India Says Pakistan Border Clashes 'Extremely Serious and Provocative'
What Dispute? India and China Ignore Land Squabble
China Warns Foreign Powers Not to Use Hong Kong as a 'Bridgehead'
China's Xi Urges Army to Create Strategy for Information Warfare
China Tells Journalists to Learn 'Marxist News Values'
Leftists to Force Philippines Govt Back to Peace Talks
Ethnic Strife Blurs Myanmar's First Census in 30 Years
Pro Wrestlers Make Unlikely Peace Trip to North Korea
Weekend Reviews
The Guns of August
A Realist's Guide to Grand Strategy
Historian Juan Cole's Latest Book Dissects the Arab Spring
Broken: They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return From America's Wars — the Untold Story
Kerry Says 'Airstrikes Alone' Will Not Defeat 'Genocidal' ISIS Militants
IDF on High Alert in Golan Heights
UN Was Told Golan Peacekeepers Seized 'For Their Protection'
Captives Held by Islamic State Prove Tough Quandary for Obama
Fight for Turkmen Town Unfolding as 200 Are Killed Across Iraq
US and Allies Drop Aid, Conduct Airstrikes Near Iraqi Turkmen Town Under Siege
Shi'ites Reach Deal for Iraq Government Posts
Iraqi Kurds Expand Autonomy as ISIS Reorders the Landscape
Dozens of Yazidi Women 'Sold Into Marriage' by Jihadists: NGO
If It Wasn't for the Kurdish Fighters (PKK 'Terrorists'), We Would Have Died Up There'
Kurdish Tanker Carrying $100 Million in Oil Disappears From Radar Off Texas Coast Following Legal Battle With Iraq
Islamic State Militants Behead Captive Lebanese Soldier
Syrian Jets Bomb Border Region With Lebanon
US Weapons Land in Lebanon for ISIS Fight: 'This Aircraft Is Full, Chock-Full!'
Global ISIS Reacton
Britons Use 'Dead Letter Box' System to Smuggle Their Way Into Syria and Iraq
Paddy Ashdown Slams 'Kneejerk' Tory Response to Jihadi Terror Threat
Dutch Govt Plans to Seize Passports of Suspected Jihadists
Saudi King Warns of Terrorism Threat to US, Europe
Australia to Fly Guns and Ammunition Into Iraq
Aftermath of Gaza Op: Bird's Eye View of Saja'iyya in Ruins
Netanyahu: Toppling Hamas Remains an Option
US: Palestinian Family Possibly 'Singled Out for Arrest' by Israel
Housing Group: 20 Years to Rebuild Gaza
Israel Arrests Almost 600 Palestinians in August: NGO
Livni: Resume Peace Talks or Brace for Diplomatic Intifada
Israelis Given Post-War All-Clear, Southern Residents Urged to Come Home
Iran Says New US Sanctions 'Inconsistent' With Nuclear Negotiations
Iran Says Latest US Sanctions Won't Stop Nuclear Talks
Egyptian Court Sentences Brotherhood Leader to Life in Prison
Lesotho Military Disarms Police as PM Claims Coup Attempt
Key Somali Town Retaken From Al-Shabab
Boko Haram Camp in Nigeria Shelled
Algeria Says 2 Diplomats Abducted in Mali Have Been Freed
Americans Still Dying
Eureka (CA) Sergeant Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Afghanistan, Family Awaiting Investigation Report
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Any Nuclear Agreement with Iran Must Have Proper Approval from Congress

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Empire's Murderous Fruits

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Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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