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Updated September 2, 2014 - 11:27 PM EDT
Obama Informs Congress Under War Powers Act

4,800 Killed in Iraq During August

  US-Backed Capture of Iraq's Amerli Fuels Fear of Revenge Killings
  Iranians Play Role in Breaking ISIS Siege of Iraqi Town
ISIS Executes American Hostage Steven Sotloff
  Vaunted 'Secular Rebels' Left Out of US Plans for Syria
  Heavy Fighting Between Syrian Troops, al-Qaeda in Golan
Rebels Advance, Ukraine Spurns Calls for Talks
  Ukraine Hypes 'Great War': 'Worst Since WWII'
NATO to Create 'Spearhead' Force Aimed at Russia
  NATO Set to Ratify Pledge on Joint Defense in Case of Cyberattack
Pentagon: US Military Conducts Op in Somalia
PM Shelves Ban of Jihadi Brits Returning to UK
Pakistan Accuses Protest Leaders of Treason, Terrorism
Afghan Power-Sharing Talks Collapse as Karzai Retires
Tripoli Falls: Libya No Longer Controls Most Govt Buildings
Behind the Sinking of the Lusitania  by Patrick J. Buchanan
What Going to War in Syria Would Really Mean for the US  by Conor Friedersdorf
Iraq and Syria – The US Goes in Deeper  by Jack A. Smith
Hysteria About ISIS Is Unnecessary  by Ivan Eland
ISIS in Perspective  by Paul R. Pillar
If Liberal Zionism Were Dead, What Actions Would That Imply?  by Robert Naiman

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Decaying Guantánamo Defies Closing Plans
Saudis Risk New Muslim Division With Proposal to Move Mohamed's Tomb
US Helicopter Crashes in Gulf of Aden; All Rescued
Older Vets Committing Suicide at Alarming Rate
Ferguson Police Begin Wearing Cameras
4,800 Killed in Iraq During August
Iraqi Prime Minister Pledges to Root Out Militants
Several Radicalized Ex-German Soldiers in Iraq
Tarnishing a Reputation as Storied Warriors
Aid Flows Into Iraq Shi'ite Town After Siege Broken
Tense Relations Between US and Anti-Assad Syrian Rebels
Pro-Govt Syrian Activist Arrested After Rare Public Dissent
Exodus From Hasakeh as Syria Hunts Jihadists
Syria Gunfight Shows Demise of Moderates on Southern Front
Syria's Foreign Jihadis: Where Do They Come From?
Global ISIS Reaction
British 'Jihadist' Mother Threatens to Behead Christians
UN to Send Investigators to Iraq to Investigate ISIS Crimes
Body of Slain Soldier Returned to Lebanese Army
UK Could Join American Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria, Warns David Cameron
Ireland Demands Review of UN Golan Heights Mandate
Defending Arming of Kurds, Merkel Calls ISIS a Threat to Europe
After Deadline, Iran Says It Is Still Working on Nuclear Steps for IAEA
Iran Internet: Hassan Rouhani Tells Clerics Web Is Vital
Former Iran Vice President Convicted
Israeli Land Grab Provokes Anger in West Bank and US
Wounded Gazans Struggle to Find Treatment After War
Israeli, Palestinian Boys Pitch Up for Football Friendly
Bennett May Be Challenged for Bayit Yehudi Leadership
Egypt Slams Israel Plan to Seize Palestinian Land
Britain 'Deplores' Israel Decision to Claim West Bank Land
Turkey Calls US Envoy as Snowden Reveals New Spying
Turkish PM Promises Peace With Kurds, Active Diplomacy
Four Kidnapped by PKK Militants in SE Turkey
Dozens of Turkish Police Detained Over 'Anti-Govt Plot': Media
Turkish President Seeks 2-State Deal in Cyprus
Battle Lines Drawn in Struggle for Influence Over Turkish Judiciary
Turkey's New Premier Says 'No Hope' of Normalizing Ties With Israel Unless Gaza Blockade Lifted
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Executes Three 'Spies' for Guiding Drone Strikes
Yemen's Houthi Leader Warns of Civil Unrest
Last-Minute Effort to End Crisis With Yemen Rebels
Ukraine Rebels Say They Are Willing to Talk Peace With Kiev
Ukraine Troops Abandon Luhansk Airport After Clashes
Government Setbacks in Luhansk and Donetsk
Russia Says It Won't Interfere in Ukraine
Two Missing, Eight Rescued, After Artillery Attack on Ukrainian Patrol Boat: Border Guard Official
Ball in Ukraine's Court Over NATO After Election: Alliance Chief
Ukraine Separatists Seek 'Special Status' at Minsk Talks
Russia to Move $10 Billion Wealth Fund Out of Sanctions' Reach
Ukraine Tension Sparks Questions Over French Warship Sale to Russia
Pakistan Government Considers Decisive Action Against Protesters
Pakistan State TV Back on Air After Protesters Storm Offices
Pakistan's Sharif Clings to Power as Protesters Step Up Assault
Pakistan Parliament to Hold Emergency Meeting
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Use Pepper Spray to Disperse Pro-Democracy Activists
Russia and China Launch Gas Pipeline
China's Campaign for Mixed Marriages Spreads to Troubled Xinjiang
China Universities Vow Ideology Clampdown on Staff, Students
North Korea
Americans Detained in North Korea Call for US Help
Securing Release of Three US Detainees in North Korea Is a Top Priority: White House
Afghanistan Expected to Send Defense Minister to NATO Summit
Philippines Foils Car-Bomb Plot at Airport, Shopping Mall
1 of 2 Italian Marines Held in India Falls Ill
Japan and India Vow to Boost Defense Ties During Summit
Australia Leans Toward Buying Japan Subs to Upgrade Fleet
13 Killed, 45 Wounded in Clashes in Libya's Benghazi: Medics
Pentagon Set to Open Second Drone Base in Niger as It Expands Operations in Africa
Rights Group: Witness for Report on Egypt Detained
Mali Hopes to Seal Initial Peace Deal With Tuareg Rebels in Eight Weeks
Nigerian Forces Clash With Boko Haram Fighters
Military Action Leaves Lesotho in Power Vacuum
Uruguay: Guantanamo Prisoner Transfer Not Imminent
Mexico Turns to Army, Drones for Security
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Hysteria About ISIS Is Unnecessary

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