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Updated September 3, 2014 - 11:20 PM EDT
More US Troops to Iraq; Syria Expansion Eyed
  Protests Over Troop Deaths Shut Down Iraqi Parliament
Israel 'Alarmed' by al-Qaeda Presence on Border
  Israeli DM: Gaza War Cost Over $9 Billion
ISIS Executes American Hostage Steven Sotloff
  UN Negotiating With al-Qaeda on Release of Fiji Troops
Putin, Poroshenko Agree Ukraine Ceasefire Plan
  Russian Govt Bank Hires Two Former US Senators as Lobbyists
Killings by Afghan Army Threaten US Aid
  No Afghan Prez: NATO 'Mission Accomplished' Celebration Bombs
Deadly US Attack on Somalia: Unknown if Target Was Hit
Boko Haram Attacks, Nigeria Friendly Fire Kills Scores
Appeals Court Chilly to Feds Over NSA Surveillance Program
Our Cold War With Russia Could Turn Hot  by Justin Raimondo
New Sanctions Threaten Iran Nuclear Deal  by Esfandyar Batmanghelidj
Why is Homeland Security Arming Cops to Fight Americans?  by Trevor Timm
The Escalation Follies: How America Made ISIS  by Tom Engelhardt
Do We Have To Destroy Ukraine In Order To Save It?  by Vladimir Golstein
'The Congress Shall Have Power ... to Declare War'  by Conor Friedersdorf

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How Does a Police Dept Lose a Humvee?
US to Combine Multiple Intelligence Missions Into Single UK Complex
Young European Converts Swelling the Ranks of ISIS
African Leaders Seek Fund to Fight Militant Groups
Egypt Roadside Bomb Kills 11 Police Officers in Sinai
Fade to Black: Jordanian City Copes With ISIS Threat
Smaller Military Hospitals Said to Put Patients at Risk
Iraq Families Storm Parliament Looking for Answers, as 54 People Are Killed
Iraq: The Battle for Jalawla Never Ends
Iraqi Pilots Train in US to Fly F-16s Fighter Jets and Apache Helicopters
Australia Delivers Ammunition to Iraqi Kurds
Syrian Forces Escalate Assault on Rebel-Held Damascus District
British Captive Being Held by Islamic State
US Cannot Verify Video Purporting to Show Beheading of US Hostage
Gazans Demand Right of Passage to West Bank
After Gaza War, Poll Finds Support for Hamas Rises
End of Gaza War Doesn't Translate Into Peace
Israel Finance Minister Warns Land Grab Eroding Support
Jabhat Al-Nusra 'Unlikely to Target Israel Soon,' Senior Army Officer Says
Abbas Plan Calls for Israeli Pullout From West Bank Within 3 Years
Yemen President Dismisses Government to End Standoff
Yemen's Houthis Reject Govt Move to Quell Protests
Official: Yemen Protesters Plan Ukrainian-Style Revolution
Middle East
ID of Beheaded Man Confirmed as Lebanon Soldier: Family
Saudi Arabia Arrests 88 Men for 'Plotting Attacks'
Clashes Between Islamists, Rivals in Libya Kill 31
Three Killed, Nine Injured When Libyan War Plane Crashes in Eastern City: Medics
Mexico Mayors to Be Charged Over Alleged Cartel Links
Ukraine Rebels Say They Are Poised to Recapture Donetsk Airport
Human Rights Watch: Rising Civilian Toll in Luhansk
Ukraine Conflict: UN Says Million People Have Fled
IMF: Ukraine May Need Another Bailout Due to War
Up to 1,000 NATO Servicemen to Take Part in Military Drills in Ukraine This Month
Russia 'To Alter Military Strategy Towards NATO'
Kremlin Says Putin's 'I Can Take Kiev' Remark Misquoted
Gen. Breedlove: Size of NATO Response Force Still Up for Debate
Estonian Foreign Minister Seeks 'Permanent Presence of NATO Allies'
Czechs Seek to Modify Proposed EU Sanctions, Warn of Escalation
Afghan Militants Hezb-E-Islami 'May Join Islamic State'
NATO Coalition in Afghanistan Shrinking
Afghan Elections Becoming Tedious Process for Electorate
Pakistan Lawmakers Rally Around Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Against Protesters
Pakistani Ambassador to US: We Need Trade With US Not Aid
Aides Deny Pakistan PM Was to Attend NATO Summit
Philippines Arrests Three Over 'Anti-China' Firebomb Plan
US Military May Move Niger Drone Base to Sahara Desert City
Landmine Kills Four UN Soldiers, Wounds 15 in Northern Mali
Egypt Urges Unity Against Jihadist 'Barbarism'
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Advocating the Next War Means Forgetting History

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Empire's Murderous Fruits

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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