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Updated September 5, 2014 - 11:30 PM EDT
Ukraine Ceasefire Signed, Calm Returns to East
  NATO Pledges New Ukraine Military Aid, Debates New Bases
  NATO Plans 'Joint Military Exercises' in Ukraine
US Assembles 'Coalition' Against ISIS
  ISIS Kidnaps 50 in Northern Iraqi Village
  Raqqa: ISIS' Shining Example of Life Under the Caliphate
Leader: Congress Could Force War Escalation
  Hagel: Over 100 Americans in ISIS; Pentagon: 'More Like a Dozen'
  Iraqi Kurdish Officials Postpone Secession Referendum
Pentagon Says Drone Killed Somali Militant Chief
LA Times Reporter Cleared Stories With CIA
US Announces Major Border Security Program in Nigeria
Afghan Candidates Vow to Back Continued NATO Occupation
Hagel Assures Arms Dealers: US Must Maintain Dominance
Reevaluating World War II Is Good for You  by Lucy Steigerwald
Another War in the Name of Humanitarianism  by Jeff Sparrow
Winners and Losers in Gaza: On Victory and False Victory  by Ramzy Baroud
Anti-Interventionism and Its Discontents  by Justin Raimondo
The Insidious Power of Propaganda  by Karel van Wolferen
Israel, Gaza, and False Balance  by Peter Hart

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Army Can't Track Spending on $4.3 Billion System to Track Spending, IG Finds
Feinstein: Torture Report to Be Public in 2-4 Weeks
2,100 Abu Ghraib Photos May Soon Be Released
Belgium Ordered to Pay Accused Tunisian Bomb Plotter Extradited to US
Police's Latest Horrifying Anti-Protest Weapon
Mass Grave, Mass Kidnapping; 164 Killed in Iraq
Israel Hits Syria Army Post After 'Errant' Fire
Turkey Arrests 19 Jihadists in Border Province
Canada to Send Military Advisers to Counter ISIS in Iraq
US: ISIS Could Seize Chemical Weapons Syria Doesn't Actually Have
Israel Says It Gagged Reports Captive Sotloff Was Its Citizen
Kurdish Official: We Have 'Solid Evidence' of Mass Executions by ISIS
Greece Says in 'Danger Zone' From Influx of Syrian, Iraqi Refugees
Palestinians: Gaza Reconstruction Cost Estimated at $7.8 Billion
Gaza Fishermen See Shrimp-Sized Gains From Israel-Hamas Ceasefire
After Ceasefire, Gazans Dream of Reopened Airport
At the Border Between Gaza and Israel, a Crossing in Need of Travelers
Jittery Israel Gears Up for War Crimes Battle
Israel Says Abbas Must Sever Ties With Hamas
Former Israeli Arab MP Gets Jail Time Over Syria Visit
Netanyahu Begins Internal Likud Blitz
Israel Says Close to Cracking Hamas Cell Behind Teens' Slaying
Middle East
Iran Receives $1 Billion Under Extended Nuclear Deal
Rights Group Says Staff Go Missing in Qatar
Lebanon: Military Option on Table to Free Hostages
Jailed for Protests, Activists in Egypt and Bahrain Turn to Hunger Strikes
Saudi Arabia, France Reject Houthis' Acts in Yemen
Jordanian Minister Downplays Israeli Role in Large Gas Deal
Shelling of East Ukrainian City of Donetsk Kills at Least One: Reuters Witness
Rebel Leader Demands 'Proper Guarantees' in Ukraine Ceasefire
Shellshocked Ukrainians Flee to a New Life in Russia
NATO Prepares New Sanctions Over Russian Action in Ukraine
Many Ukrainians Remain Pessimistic Even as Peace Talks Loom
Russia: Ukraine's NATO Ambitions Threaten Talks
NATO Summit Protest
Hundreds of Protesters Reach Steel Barriers Protecting World Leaders at Celtic Manor
Police Make Arrests During Anti-NATO Protest in Cardiff
Afghan Forces Hunt Militant Leader Once Welcomed Under Peace Process
$1 Trillion Trove of Rare Minerals Revealed Under Afghanistan
India on Alert After 'Indian Al-Qaeda' Video
Pakistan Protest Leader: Protesters Are Not Terrorists
US, South Korea to Form Combined Division Next Year
Helicopters Bomb Islamist Ammunition Sites in Libya's Benghazi
UN: 250,000 Have Fled Militia Fighting in Libya
New Book Says CIA Official in Benghazi Held Up Rescue
As Islamist Militants Advance, Residents Flee a Nigerian City
Hundreds Flee Nigerian City as Islamist Militants Gain Ground
Attack on Somali Islamist Leader Seen Triggering Power Struggle
Report: Torture in Mexico Rose 600 Percent During Past Decade
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Justin Raimondo
Anti-Interventionism and Its Discontents

Lucy Steigerwald
Reevaluating World War II Is Good for You

Ivan Eland
Hysteria About ISIS Is Unnecessary

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's Murderous Fruits

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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