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Updated September 8, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Officials: New War on ISIS Will Take Years
  US Expands Air War Into Iraq's Anbar Province
  Contractors Will Replace US 'Boots on the Ground' in Iraq
  Obama Address to Lay Out Plans to Widen War on ISIS
  Iraq Parliament OKs Unity Govt, Kurdish Participation Conditional
Several Killed in Ukraine Ceasefire Violations
  German DM: No Need to Spend as Much on Military as NATO Wants
  Hagel Vows Increased Military Aid to Georgia
Israel Used 2009 Video to Justify Hospital Attack
  Did Israel Execute Prisoners in Gaza?
Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks
CIA Brought Suspects to 'Point of Death' During 'Real Torture'
The Pentagon Gave Local Cops Nearly 12,000 Bayonets
Corruption Is the Price of Empire  by Justin Raimondo
Ignorance Fuels the Calls for War  by Steve Chapman
Sidestepping Ukraine's 'N-Word' for Nazi  by Robert Parry
Just Say No  by Eric Margolis
Nixon's Vindication  by Ron Paul
Compare North Korea's Judicial System to Gitmo  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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How Not To Win Hearts and Minds in Africa
by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Obama Renews US Embargo on Cuba
Vietnam Building Deterrent Against China in Disputed Seas With Submarines
Fresh Violence Kills 22 in Syria
Four NATO Allies Deny Ukraine Statement on Providing Arms
The War at Home
US Attempts to Combat Islamic State Propaganda
State Dept Releases Anti-ISIS Propaganda Video
Anti-Terror for US Tots: The Coloring Book
For Jihad Recruits, a Pipeline From Minnesota to Militancy
Feinstein: ISIS Is 'Major Threat' to US in Future
Global ISIS Reaction
Lebanese Premier Urges Calm Over Captive Soldiers
Arab League Vows to Take 'All Necessary Measures' Against ISIS
Slain Journalist's Backers Scoured the Web to Erase Mention of His Ties to Israel
Most Catalans Don't Want Independence Vote to Go Ahead if Found Illegal: Polls
Geo News Office Attacked Once Again in Islamabad
North Korea Sets Trial Date for US Man Matthew Miller
Myanmar Cancels By-Elections
With Sedition Dragnet, Malaysia Takes Step Back to Mahathir Era
Twelve Killed in Clashes West of Libyan Capital Tripoli: Doctor
Sudan Denies Supporting Libyan Warring Factions
Nigeria: Over 50 Killed as Troops Raid Boko Haram Hideout
Nigeria's Christians Fear Persecution From Boko Haram Rampage
Somalia Removes Security Chief, Warns of Al Shabaab Retaliation
Shells Hit Mogadishu After Militant Leader Death
Lesotho Army Head Says Force Only Option Against Renegade General
US Military
Air Force Denies Reenlistment After Refusal of Religious Oath
Unmanned Jet Completes Successful Week at Sea
246 Killed in Iraq; Anbar's Governer Seriously Hurt in Mortar Attack
Canada to Send Special Ops Soldiers to Iraq as Advisers
German Military Gear Delivered to Iraqi Kurds
Talks on New Iraqi Government Snag Over Disputed Kurdish Territories
ISIS Executes Former Parliament Candidate After Kidnapping Her in Mosul
Trial of Four Blackwater Security Guards Hinges on Belief, Not Reality, of a Threat
Clashes Erupt in East Jerusalem, Gas Station Set Ablaze, as Palestinians React to Death of Teen
Palestinian Leader Assails Hamas, Calling Unity Pact Into Question
Mashaal Calls for Talks With Fatah to Smooth Over Rift
Defense Sources Deny Hamas Rebuilding Rocket Arsenal
Cult Suspected of Prostituting Women 'To Save Israel'
Ceasefire, but Some Israelis Push for New Gaza War
Israel Preparing for 'Very Violent' War Against Hezbollah, TV Report Says
Leading Israeli Human Rights Group to Stop Cooperating With IDF
Senior German Politician Wants to Stop Arms Exports to Israel
Iran Arrests Suspected Nuclear Plant Saboteur
Iran's Internet Censorship Not in Country's Interest: Rouhani
Yemen Police Clear Airport Road of Protesters With Tear Gas
Two Traffic Police Officers Killed in SE Yemen
Middle East
Qatar Confirms Detention of Rights Group Workers
Jordan Delays Terror Verdict on Radical Cleric
Fueling Drug Gangs' Impunity, Unidentified Corpses Pile Up in Mexico
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Justin Raimondo
Corruption Is the Price of Empire

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Reevaluating World War II Is Good for You

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Hysteria About ISIS Is Unnecessary

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Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economistís Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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