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Updated September 9, 2014 - 11:21 PM EDT
ISIS Bomb Kills 28 Leaders of Rival Islamic Front
  Sotloff Family: Syria's 'So-Called Moderate Rebels' Sold Sotloff to ISIS
ISIS Using US Arms From 'Syria Rebels'
  Congress Mulls ISIS War Authorization, Obama Sees No Need
  US Courts Skeptical Arab Nations to Join Anti-ISIS Coalition
  Americans Fear ISIS Sleeper Cells Are in US, Support Military Action
Hagel: US Needs to Weigh Consequences of War
  Iraq Parliament OKs Unity Govt, Kurdish Participation Conditional
  ISIS Kills 17 in Sunni Town Just 45 Miles From Baghdad
EU Delays Sanctions as Ukraine Ceasefire Holds
  Ceasefire Holding, Ukraine President Talks Tough on Rebels
  Estonia: Russia Not Giving Consular Access to Captured Spy
ISIS Gives Its Blessing, and Advice to Boko Haram
Afghan Candidate Vows Again to Reject Presidential Results
Africa Union Troops Raped Girls Seeking Aid in Somalia
Murky Special Ops Have Become Corporate Bonanza: Report
How Washington Helped Create Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal  by Philip Giraldi
Why Taking on ISIS Could Be a Huge Fiscal Fiasco  by Marc Joffe
You Can't Say Something Like That and Not Do Something About It  by Dan Froomkin
4 Questions Americans Should Ask About Bombing Iraq  by Mike Marion
Obama Is No Wimp  by Ivan Eland
Peter King Demanded Investigation To Find Journalist's Sources Like Peter King  by Marcy Wheeler

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Israel Provides Intelligence on ISIS: Western Diplomat
Switzerland Could Grant Edward Snowden Asylum if He Testifies Against NSA
Missing Radioactive Material Reignites Debate on 'Dirty Bomb' Threat
PKK Militants Kidnap 10 Children in Eastern Turkey
Coalition Urges Nations to Decriminalize Drugs
Canadian Navy Ship Buzzed by 3 Russian Jets
US Targets ISIS
GOP Congressman Blames US Starting Iraq War for ISIS
Dick Cheney Meeting With House GOP as Iraq Strategy Debated
Obama Pushes $5 Billion Counterterrorism Fund to Fight ISIS
Hagel to Continue Push for Pentagon Reforms Amid Global Threats
Global ISIS Reaction
'Capture' of Chinese National Fighting With ISIS Gives China Jitters
Iran Arrests 'Afghans and Pakistanis Joining Islamic State'
Rage Over Beheading of Lebanese Soldiers
Syria's Refugees: Fears of Abuse Grow as Turkish Men Snap Up Wives
Rebels Free 1,200 Captives: Poroshenko
Putin, Ukraine's Poroshenko Speak on Peaceful Resolution to Ukraine Violence
Serbia Caught in Middle Over Ukraine
Ukraine Situation Is 'K Street's Russian Bonanza'
Russia Hints at Flight Ban in Response to New Sanctions
Ukraine's Presidential Palace Is Not Yet an Emblem of Change
NATO Partners Raised Concerns About Scottish Independence: Cameron
US Official: Romanian Govt Should Be Transparent
Three Al-Shabab Suspects Arrested at Frankfurt Airport
Bosnia Court Detains Five Islamists Under Terrorism Charges
British Jew Forced to Leave His Home After Criticizing Israel's Gaza War
Bomb Blast in Chile Injures Eight; Government Blames 'Terrorists'
Clashes as Chile Mourns Disappeared Under Pinochet Rule
The War at Home
Man Who Tried to Sell Secrets to China Sentenced
Doubts Cast Over FBI 'Leaky Captcha' Silk Road Rapture
Military Wants Help to Launch Satellite-Fixing Robots Into Space
Alaska Guard Commander Resigns Over Handling of Sexual Misconduct
NYPD Officers in Fresh Assault Claims: 'They Were Taking Turns Like a Gang'
85 Killed, 173 Wounded as New Iraq Government Sworn In
Expert: Over 12,000 Foreign Fighters in Syria
Double Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 9 in ISIS-Besieged Iraq Town
Shooting From Across Syrian Frontier Wounds Israeli Soldier
UN Envoy: Up to 700 Children in Iraq Killed, Hurt
New UN Rights Boss Warns of 'House of Blood' in Iraq, Syria
Top German Officials Question Arms Deals to Israel
Abbas Aide Denies Egypt Offered Sinai Tract to Settle Palestinians
Hamas Accuses Abbas of Sabotaging Unity Government
Arab States Back New UN Appeal by Palestinians
Israeli Minister Says Hamas Truce Will Be 'Limited in Time'
Israel Rejects New Zealand's New Ambassador
Israeli Diplomat Arrested in Argentina
Peres, Abbas Call for Israeli-Palestinian Peace in World Economic Forum
Middle East
Yemen's Main Oil Pipeline Attacked, Pumping Halted
EU Official: Gap With Iran Over Nuclear Program Can Be Narrowed
India and Pakistan Leaders Lower Cudgels as Floods Ravage Kashmir
Pakistan Qadri Protesters 'Paid'
Pakistan Navy Says It Repels Naval Dockyard Attack
Geo News Still Illegally Blocked in Most Parts of Pakistan
Pakistan Protest Leader Imran Khan Vows to Keep Fighting
Press Clubs Across Balochistan Closed Against Killing of Journalists
India Warns of Increased Threat Against Israeli Tourists
Nigeria's Boko Haram 'Seize' Key Town in Adamawa State
Cameroon Army 'Kills More Than 100 Boko Haram Fighters'
Suspects in Kenya Mall Attack Say Tortured in Prison: Lawyer
Italian Nuns Killed in Burundi Convent Attack
UN Envoy Visits Libya to Back Elected Parliament
Ebola: British Military Sent to Tackle West Africa
Obama: US Military to Provide Equipment, Resources to Battle Ebola Epidemic in Africa
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