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Updated September 12, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
'Moderate' Syria Rebels: We're Allied With ISIS
  Despite Speech, Obama Has Yet to Order Syria Strikes
  Hezbollah Welcomes US Attacks on ISIS
  Israel 'Concerned' US War on ISIS Will Temper Hostility Toward Iran
  Foley's Mother Says She Faced Prosecution if Family Paid Ransom
AF General: Syria Strike Needs Ground Troops
  No Troops, No Bases: Turkey Won't Take Part in War on ISIS
  CIA: ISIS Has 20,000 to 31,500 Fighters
  Obama's New ISIS War Likely Illegal, But Will Congress Care?
As Ceasefire Holds, US/EU Push Russia Sanctions
  Ukraine Security Breaks Into Newspaper Office, Shut Down Website
Yahoo Threatened With Huge Fine for Resisting NSA
Judge: Pentagon Can Keep Gitmo Costs Secret
Iraq War III: Obama's 'Operation Doubletalk'  by Justin Raimondo
What Sort of Problem Is ISIS?  by Justin Logan
News Organizations Finally Realize Obama's War Plan Is a Hot Mess  by Dan Froomkin
Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye  by David Stockman
The Forever War  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama's Breathtaking Expansion of a President's Power to Make War  by Jack Goldsmith

More Viewpoints

Saudis Tip-Toe Into the War on ISIS
Beheadings Remain Integral Part of Saudi Justice System
Libya Recalls 7 Envoys for Recognizing Islamist Govt
Pakistan Capital Inches Back to Normal
Attacking Syria May Entangle US in Rebel Rivalries
Frustration Drives Free Syrian Army Into ISIS Ranks
Iraq Tribal Chief Says Arms to Militia Are Being Sold in Syria
Turkish Aid to al-Qaeda-Linked Group Shows Finding Allies in Syria Is Tough
Syrian Opposition Leader Skeptical of US Plan to Arm Rebels
UN Confirms 45 Fiji Peacekeepers Freed by Syrian Rebels
US Pins Hopes on Syrian Rebels With Many Loyalties
US Stance Toward Syria 'Detached From Reality': Syrian Official
Syrian President Pledges Cooperation With New UN Envoy
Syria Warns Against Foreign Intervention After Obama Speech
Bombers Strike in Baghdad and Southern Iraq: 124 Killed, 81 Wounded
Iraqi PM Welcomes Obama's ISIS Strategy
Displaced Iraqis Brace for Onset of Kurdish Winter
Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes in Gaza
Deal Reached on Gaza Reconstruction, Palestinian Leader Says
Israel Curbing Growth of Palestinian Business, Says World Bank
Israel, Not Suicide, Behind Inmate's Death: Palestinians
Senior Hamas Official Says 'Nothing Wrong' With Negotiating With Israel
Middle East
Yemen, Houthis Yet to Reach Deal to End Crisis
Iran Says 'Difficult Road to Go' to Reach Nuclear Deal
Russia Committed to Ukraine Peace Plan Despite US Sanctions
Russia Says Dissatisfied With US Talks Over Arms Treaty Concerns
With Gas Cut Off, Ukraine Looks West
Massive Claims Force EU to Halt Russian Fruit Ban Aid
US to Sanction Sberbank, Tighten Limits on Other Russian Banks
Russia May Ban Imports of Used Cars, Other Goods Over Sanctions
Boko Haram Have 'Surrounded' Nigeria's Maiduguri, Say Elders
Nigeria Deploys Extra 500 Troops to Adamawa, Borno
Kenya Appoints New Intelligence Chief Amid Rising Shabaab Threat
US Force Sent to Central African Republic to Help Reopen Embassy
Despite Chaos, Libya Hopes to Hold Constitution Vote in December
Dozens Demonstrate in Morocco Against Racism
Congo Republic Jails Ex-Intel Official for Life Over Gunbattle
Back to Iraq (and Syria)
US to Fly Attacks on ISIS From Irbil
Cameron Spokesman Contradicts FM, Britain Not Ruling Out Syria Air Strikes
Kerry Says Anti-ISIS Alliance Not Sending Ground Troops
Obama's Anti-ISIS Coalition: Who's in and What They Are Likely to Do?
Former Afghanistan Commander John Allen to Coordinate Iraq, Syria Effort
Politics of the New War
Kerry: ISIS Not a 'War'
Congress Likely to Duck War Powers Question Until After Elections
Ex-Bush Official Rips Obama's 'Breathtaking' Expansion of War Powers
Watch Each of the Last Four US Presidents Announce That We'Re Bombing Iraq
Rand Paul Opposes Obama's Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels in Fight Against ISIS
Obama Came to Office to End Iraq War, May Leave Having Started a New One
House Armed Services Chair: ISIS Can't Be Stopped Without Troops on the Ground
Arab States Back US Push Against ISIS
Rand Paul and Sean Hannity Sparred Over Whether the Rise of ISIS Is Obama's Fault
Global ISIS Reaction
Report: Turkey Deported 830 Europeans Trying to Join ISIS
China: Fighters Back From Iraq, Syria Are Threat
As Obama Seeks Allies Against ISIS, Lebanon Is Already in the Fight
Fight Against ISIS Militants Must Respect International Law: Russia
Afghan Regional Leader Threatens Protests Over Disputed Election
Outgoing Afghan President Downsizes Retirement Home
12 Rebels, Soldiers Killed in Clash in Philippines
Philippines Displays Ancient Maps to Dispute China's Sea Claims
Gunmen Kill Four in Troubled Thai South
Thai Junta Tells Rights Group to 'Get Its Facts Straight'
Myanmar Lifts Curfew in Violence-Racked State Capital
Activist Faces Prison for Anti-Government March
China Asserts Paternal Rights Over Hong Kong in Democracy Clash
Beleaguered Pakistani Capital Inches Back to Normal
North Korea Ready to Give Japan Report on Abductees: Kyodo
Mexico Police Chief Sought in Reporter Attack
Venezuela's UN Security Council Bid Gains Backing
Haitian Ex-President Supported Amid Arrest Fears
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