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Updated September 13, 2014 - 11:00 PM EDT
ISIS Video Shows Beheading of British Prisoner
'Moderates' Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS
  Obama's Speech Sparks Civilian Exodus From ISIS Capital of Raqqa
  Parents of Foley, Sotloff Warned of Prosecution for Paying Ransom
White House: 'We Are at War' With ISIS
  US Poised to Ramp Up Airstrikes in Iraq
  Pressure Mounts for US Ground Troops in Iraq
  Congress Sees New War on ISIS as Ticket Out of Sequestration
US Finds Little Real Support for Anti-ISIS Alliance
  Obama Puts Faith in Allies With Little Proof of Their Worth
  Kerry: Not Appropriate to Include Iran in Anti-ISIS Coalition
  Israel Tells US It Will Act if ISIS Reaches Jordan
  Obama Could Have Sights on Failed State Libya
Russia Threatens Retaliation in Trade War With US, EU
  Leaders Talk Peace, Some Ukrainians Contemplate Guerrilla War
New Sparks Fly Between CIA, Senate Intel Committee
Israeli Intel Vets Refuse to Serve in Palestinian Territories
Never Learn Anything From 9/11  by Lucy Steigerwald
Israel's Hannibal Procedure  by Uri Avnery
Obama Is Picking Targets in Iraq and Syria While Missing the Point  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Impossible War  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama's Betrayal of the Constitution  by Bruce Ackerman
Tinseltown Goes to War  by Ralph Raico

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Cops' Deadly Identity Problem: How Police Officers' Military Uniforms Affect Their Mental State
US Pro-Israel Activists Aim to Block Boycott Movement With Legislation
US Gives Lebanon Hellfire Missiles, Pledges Aircraft
Anti-ISIS Coalition?
Erdogan Happy to Meet John Kerry but Turkey Will Not Attack ISIS
Arabs Give Tepid Support to US Fight Against ISIS
Kerry Plays Down Hopes of Imminent Anti-Islamic State Coalition
France Promises to Join US Airstrikes Against ISIS
Paris Wants Iran to Help Crush ISIS
China Gives Cautious Response to Obama's Islamic State Call
Germany to Send 40 Military Trainers to Iraq
Politics of War
Who's Paying the Pro-War Pundits?
Both Parties in Congress Have Red Lines for Syria
ISIS War Powers Theory Background Statement
The New Price Tag for the US War Against ISIS
Ex-NSA Chief: Airstrikes Like 'Casual Sex'
Petraeus: Don't Overestimate ISIS in Iraq
Global ISIS?
About 100 Syria, Iraq Militants Have Returned to France: Lawmaker
Nations Trying to Stop Their Citizens From Going to Middle East to Fight for ISIS
ISIS's Twitter Silence Raises Questions
Morocco Arrests Seven 'Militant Recruiters for ISIS'
Australia Raises Terrorism Alert Level to High
Islamic State Group Name Raises Objection
ISIS's Financial Independence Poses Quandary for Its Foes
US, EU Hit Russia With More Sanctions Despite Ukraine Ceasefire
Russia Promises Swift Retaliatory Measures to US Sanctions
US Extends Russia Sanctions, Targets Biggest Lender Sberbank and Gas Giant Gazprom
Ukrainian Authorities Raid Newsroom, Bar Entry to Russian Journalists
Ukraine, Rebels Exchange Prisoners in Peace Deal
Part of Second Russian Aid Convoy Completes Russian Border Checks: Agencies
Poland Resumes Gas Deliveries to Ukraine
Scottish Independence Resonates in Spain's Catalonia
Spain Pressured to Negotiate on Catalonia: Analysts
Ex-President of Haiti Put Under House Arrest
Maryland Company Wins US Contract to Build Haiti Prison
Mexico President Slams Texas Governor Over Border Crackdown
Air Raids Kill 42 Near Syria Capital
For US, Finding Right Allies in Syria Will Be Tough
How UN Troops Defied Orders, Opened Fire and Escaped Syrian Rebels
Mortar Explodes in Open Area in Golan; No Injuries Reported
28 Killed, 56 Wounded in Bombings and Airstrikes Across Iraq
Iraq's Speaker Warns of Civilian Deaths From US Air Strikes
Touting Yemen, Somalia as Success Stories, Obama Sets Low Bar for Iraq
What US Airstrikes Look Like in Iraq, Mapped by Region
Hamas Admits to Rocket Fire From Residential Areas
Police Arrest 6 After East Jerusalem Riots
Wiretaps Against Palestinians Are Wrong, Israeli Ex-Spies Tell Netanyahu
Likud MP Caught on Tape Calling Jerusalem Police Chief 'A Coward' for Not Cracking Down Harder on Arab Protests
China's Military Secrecy Justifies Surveillance Flights: US Official
US Says Malaysia Offers to Host Spy Planes That Irk China
Four Sentenced in China Over Kunming Station Attack
Canada Ratifies China Deal, May Help Smooth Relations
10 Arrested in Shooting of Teen Activist Malala Yousafzai
Sectarian Killings: Blood and Division on the Streets of Karachi
Afghanistan Says 18 Militants Killed in Fresh Operations
Retired Marine Gen. Allen: Timeline for Afghanistan Pullout 'Too Short'
North Korea
Ahead of Trial, US Says North Korea Using Americans as 'Pawns'
Nigerian Military Repels Boko Haram Attack in Borno
More Than 5,000 Dead in Central African Republic This Year
At Least 30 Libyan Nationals Arrested in the UAE
US to Train Liberian Armed Forces to Help Tackle Ebola Crisis
The War at Home
Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ) Sheriff's Office Dropped From US Military Surplus Program
On Campus, Grenade Launchers, M-16s, and Armored Vehicles
Top Dem: CIA 'Torture Report' Out by October
Pentagon's Experimental '4 Minute Mile' Jetpack Wows Researchers in Early Tests
FBI Investigates Possible Attempt to Bomb Office of Congressman
Navy Searches for Pilot After Two Jets Crash Into Sea
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