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Updated September 14, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Iraq PM Halts Airstrikes on ISIS-Held Civilian Areas
  Rep. Amash: Obama's War Speech Leaves 'Basic Questions Unanswered'
'Moderates' Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS
  ISIS Video Shows Beheading of British Prisoner
  Former US Envoy: Turkey Directly Supported al-Qaeda in Syria
  Bob Graham: US Failure to Look Into Saudi Role in 9/11 Helped ISIS
Punjabi Taliban Chief to Abandon Terror
  US Drone Strike Kills 7 on Pakistan-Afghan Border
Obama Again Extends NSA Mass Surveillance
  Secret Surveillance Battle Between Yahoo and the US Govt Revealed
  Greenwald Reveals Mass Surveillance of New Zealanders
Ukraine PM Claims 'State of War' With Russia
Qatar Expels Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
US Moves to Block Suit Against Anti-Iran Group
Never Learn Anything From 9/11  by Lucy Steigerwald
Israel's Hannibal Procedure  by Uri Avnery
Obama Is Picking Targets in Iraq and Syria While Missing the Point  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Impossible War  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama's Betrayal of the Constitution  by Bruce Ackerman
Tinseltown Goes to War  by Ralph Raico

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Senators: Curbing NSA Could Help ISIS
Lost Weapons Prompt Halt of Military Gear to Some Sheriff Departments
Afghan Reconstruction Most Expensive in US History
He's Dotcom's Little Henchman: NZ PM Attacks Greenwald's Spy Claims
Global ISIS Reaction
Kerry: Egypt on Frontline in Fight Against Terrorism
Egypt Says Global Action Needed to Counter ISIS
Philippines Starts Inquiry Into Filipino Militants in Syria
McChrystal: Americans Should Unite Behind Obama's ISIS Strategy
Israeli-Arab Feared Fighting for ISIS
Iran Accuses US of Violating Sovereignty in Anti-ISIS Fight
In Jordan, Ever Younger Syrian Brides
Struggling to Starve ISIS of Oil Revenue, US Seeks Assistance From Turkey
25 Militants Killed Across Afghanistan
Militants Launch Massive Offensive in Jani Khil District, 3 Killed
UN Threatens to Cut Afghanistan Aid if Election Staff Harassed
Afghanistan Boldly Raises Its Colors, as Never Before
Standoff in Pakistan Capital as Political Crisis Deepens, Protests Against Sharif Grow
Three Killed, 24 Injured in Quetta Bombing
Militiaman and Wife Shot Dead in Bara
Two Injured as NATO Container Attacked in Pakistan
Malaysia Risks Enraging China by Inviting US Spy Flights
China Issues Travel Warning for the Philippines
Tibet's Dalai Lama Hints He Could Be the Last in His Line – and Beijing Isn't Having It
China's Hong Kong Chief Says Remarks to Lawmakers Were Misrepresented in Media
North Korea Releases Human Rights Report
North Korea Urges Seoul to Halt 'Balloon Operation,' Show Sincerity for Dialogue
Japan Pushes North Korea to Resolve Abductions
Thai Army Dragnet Douses Peace Hopes
India Supreme Court Allows Italian Marine to Return Home for Four Months
US Military
Ga.-Based Troops Train for Possible NATO Mission as Quick-Deploy Force
Can the Air Force Require Airmen to Swear 'So Help Me God' to Reenlist?
US Navy Calls Off Search for Pilot After Jets Crash in Pacific
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Syrian Troops Pound Central Village Amid Offensive
ISIS Destroys Sufi Shrines in Eastern Syria, Watchdog Says
Al-Qaeda Rebels Seize Most of Syrian Side of Golan Truce Line
Iraq PM Promises No More Airstrikes on Civilians; 63 Killed, 22 Wounded
Kurds Have Low Expectations for New Iraqi Govt
British Troops in Iraq Given 60-Year-Old Weapons
Iraqi Military Failings Pose Challenge for Anti-ISIS War
ISIS Militants Behead Iraqi Tribal Chief
Kurdish Female Fighters Face Jihadists in Iraq's North
Syrian Refugees Attacked in Lebanon After Soldiers Killed
Gunmen Kidnap Lebanese Citizen in Border Town
Lebanon Gets US-Made Hellfire Missiles Thanks to Saudi Funds
Dozens of Israeli Intel Soldiers Refuse to Serve
Hamas Not Rearming or Digging New Tunnels, Says Senior Defense Official
Gaza: After the Ceasefire
Ya'alon Slams IDF Conscientious Objectors for 'Aiding De-Legitimization of Israel'
Haniyeh: Hamas Will Never Give Up Weapons
Gazans Move Into Mobile Homes Donated by UAE
Yemen Troops Clash With Shiite Rebels in Capital
Resurgence of Houthi Movement in Yemen Threatens Government
Iran Wants UN Atomic Agency to Condemn Israeli Drone 'Aggression'
Ukraine Government Repels Rebel Attack on Airport
Heavy Artillery Fire Heard Near Donetsk Airport in East Ukraine
Ukrainian Neutrality 'A Basic Issue' for Russia: Lavrov
US Wants to Cut Economic Ties Between EU and Russia: Lavrov
Flemish Nationalists Tread Cautiously on Scottish Independence Vote
Merkel Warns SPD to Shun Coalition With Left in Eastern State
US Embassy in Uganda Tells Citizens to Seek Shelter Amid Anti-Terror Operation
Ten Egypt Journalists to Launch Hunger Strike Over Protest Law
Venezuela Arrests 64 for Anti-Maduro Protest
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