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Updated September 18, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
Senate Okays Obama Bill, Delays Vote on War
Iraq PM: US Ground Troops Not Welcome Here
  Obama vs. Generals: Odierno Says ISIS War Needs Ground Troops
  Kerry Touts ISIS War, Hypes Iraq 'Success Story'
  Gen. Dempsey: Half of Iraqi Army Unfit to Partner With US
ISIS Seizes 21 Syrian Kurdish Villages
  CIA Privately Skeptical About New Syria Strategy
  House Approves Plan to Arm Syria Rebels
  Syria Escalates Attacks on Rebels With US Planning ISIS Strikes
FBI: US Airstrikes Increasing Support for ISIS
  After Obama Speech, ISIS Wins New Recruits in Syria: Monitor
  Claim: Australia's Terror Raids Foil 'Beheading Plot'
Poroshenko Addresses Congress, Asks for Arms
Afghan Election Crisis Continues, Govt Seeks US Bailout
New al-Qaeda Wing in South Asia Claims Major Attack
PM: Snowden 'May Well Be Right' About NSA Spying on NZ
Obama's Dumb, Rash, and Unilateral War  by Jacob Sullum
ISIS, Fear, and Anti-American Terrorism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Police Militarization Is a Consequence of Policing the World  by Colin P. Elliott
Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention  by David R. Henderson
He Kept Us Out of War  by Richard Morchoe
Rewards and Punishments for Gaza  by Philip Giraldi

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NSA Scandal

by James Bamford
ISIS Video Says Fighting 'Has Just Begun'
US Officials Parse Term 'Ground Troops' When Describing Iraq Mission
Think Tank Inviting of Foreign Envoys to Classified Meeting on Iraq Questioned
Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads for Police
House Roll-Call Vote on Arming Syrian Rebels
Global ISIS Reaction
Hezbollah, Warily, Lines Up With 'Great Satan' to Fight Against ISIS
Senior Military Intel Officer: Israel Would Share Intel on ISIS, if Asked
Saudi Arabia's Top Clerics Speak Out Against Militancy
China Sees Jihadist Inspiration Coming From Abroad by Way of the Web
Emir Assures Merkel: Qatar Has Never Supported ISIS
Iran's Rouhani: ISIS Wants to 'Kill Humanity'
Iran's Foreign Minister: US 'Not Serious' About Defeating ISIS
The ISIS Appeal
US Can't Track Westerners Fighting in Syria
New York Man Accused of Supporting ISIS Militants
Rise in Extremists Recruiting French Women, Girls
Germany Struggles to Deal With Returning Fighters
15 Detained in Australian Counterterrorism Raids
Kosovo Imams Held in Raids on Islamic State Recruitment
Afghan Election Crisis Talks Stall Over Release of Vote Results
In Brutal Year, 7th Journalist Is Killed in Afghanistan
Pakistan Claims Airstrikes Kill 40 Militants
Pakistan's PM Threatens to Clear Protesters Camped in Capital
Chinese Hacked US Military Contractors, Senate Panel Claims
China Sentences Four for Explosives, Bid for 'Jihad'
China Mum on Diplomat's Whereabouts Amid Japan Spying Report
China Muslim Scholar Rejects 'Separatism' Evidence as Widely Criticized Trial Opens
UN Torture Inspectors Say Barred From Azerbaijan Jails
US Man Held After Attempt to 'Swim to North Korea'
Gunmen Attack College in Kano With Explosives
Nigerians Brace for Elections Amid North-South Rift and Boko Haram
North Africa
Algeria on a 'State of Alert' Along Libya Border
Tunisian Forces and Militants Clash Near Border, Two Killed
Libyan PM Seeks to Reassert Authority as Oil Production Is Hit
Top Egypt Activist Demands Lifting of Protest Law
US Official: Venezuela Fighting Drug Trafficking
178 Killed, 95 Wounded in Numerous Attacks, Clashes Across Iraq
Kurds Not Ready to Recapture Mosul: Iraqi Minister
Gen. Dempsey: ISIS Dispersing Into Urban Areas in Iraq
Iraqi Army Launches Offensive on ISIS in Three Cities
Obama Needs Iraqi Kurds to Fight Islamic State. but They Have Their Own Troubles.
Czechs to Train Iraqi Helicopter Pilots
Iraqi Kurdistan Oil Heads to Asia, in Talks With China
Eyeing 'Fatal Blow' Against ISIS, Britain Lays Ground to Join US Air Strikes
Nearly 50 Dead in Syria Air Strikes on Central Province: Monitor
Syria Key to Terror Fight, Says Iraq Envoy
UN: Syrian Militants Kept Weapons of Fijian Troops
Russia and West at Odds Over Syria at UN Nuclear Meeting
Syria Reveals More Chemical Weapons Facilities to Watchdog
War May Make Hundreds of Thousands of Young Syrians Stateless
'NSA Shared Information About Arab-Americans With Israel'
Gaza Widow Offers Glimpse Into World of Israel's Spies
Hamas: Ceasefire Talks to Resume Next Week
Netanyahu Rival Shocks Israel With Sudden Plan to Quit Cabinet
Hamas Lawmaker: Truce Talks With Israel Should Be Left to PA
UN Says Building Materials to Gaza May Quadruple
US 'Obsessed' With Sanctions Against Tehran: Iran FM
France Drops Case Against Iranian Dissidents After 11-Year Probe
Clashes in Yemen Capital Suburb Kill at Least 20
Ukraine PM Tells Army to Be on Full Battle Alert Despite Ceasefire
Russia Says Ready to Send Third Humanitarian Convoy to Ukraine
Russian Lawmakers Propose Cutting Foreign Ownership in Media
Experts: Mystery Fireball Was Russian Satellite
EU Food Producers Set for More Cash to Help With Russian Ban
Finland: 4 Charged With Funding Somali Militants
Spanish PM Rajoy Warns Independence Votes 'Torpedo' Europe
Ignored and Fed Up, UK Regions Call for Scottish-Style Devolution
Austrian Court Unfreeze Ex-US Envoy's Family Assets
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