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Updated September 19, 2014 - 11:24 PM EDT
ISIS Seizes 60 North Syria Villages in 48 Hours
Senate Okays Obama Bill, Delays Vote on War
  Rift Widens Between Obama, US Military Over Strategy to Fight ISIS
  France Begins Airstrikes on Iraq
  Iraq PM: US Ground Troops Not Welcome Here
Hagel: Military, Not Obama, to Pick Syria Strikes
  Kerry Accuses Syria of Violating Chemical Arms Treaty
  New ISIS Video Features British Hostage as Spokesman
White House Fence-Jumper Sparks Evacuation
Scotland Rejects Independence: BBC
Reports of Ceasefire After 120 Killed in Yemen
Summit Rejects Military Intervention in Libya
Obama Rejects Ukraine Call for 'Lethal Aid'
Israeli Envoy: Nuclear Iran 1,000 Times Worse than ISIS
CIA Chief: 'If I've Done Something Wrong, I'll Admit It'
Clapper: Snowden Leaks Adding to 'Threats' Faced by US
What Will Victory Look Like?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Tower of Babel Comes to Paris: The Folly of Obama's War on ISIS  by David Stockman
Arming Syrian 'Moderate' Fighters Emboldens ISIS  by Kate Gould & Lawrence Wilkerson
Anarchy in Washington: Is Anybody in Charge?  by Justin Raimondo
If We Fix the Government, ISIS Wins  by Lucy Steigerwald
The PBS Left: 'Airstrikes Are Wonderful'  by Peter Hart

More Viewpoints

Tom Hayden, Counterculture Icon, Invites Public to Dig Into His FBI Archives
NATO to Fast-Track Rapid-Reaction Force
Poland to Create Joint Military Unit With Lithuania and Ukraine
Hagel: US Troops Fighting ISIS Will Get Combat Pay
School District Police Stock Up Free Military Gear
Senate Roll-Call Vote on Arming Syria Rebels
House Roll-Call Vote on Arming Syrian Rebels
Assad's Army Stretched but Still Seen Strong in Syria's War
US Goal Is to Make Syrian Rebels Viable
Kurds Issue Call to Arms as ISIS Gains in Syria
Militant Gains Illustrate Plight of Syrian Kurds
How ISIS Uses Syria's Oil to Fuel Its Advances
UN's Flight Marks New Era on Israel-Syria Front

Israel Believes Syria Kept 'Significant' Chemical Munitions

Bombers Strike Near Baghdad Shrine; 195 Killed, 173 Wounded Across Iraq
Under New Plan, Iraq's Fight Against Militants May Fall to Its Provinces
Three Suicide Bombs, 12 Mortars Hit Shi'ite District in Baghdad
Former Commander Says Nixing US Ground Troops Damages International Coalition
Pelosi: The More Violent Iraq Gets, the More Reason Not to Send Troops
Global ISIS Reaction
House Majority Leader Suggests Post-Election Vote Authorizing Military Force
Australian PM Cites 'Chatter' of Attacks on Government, Parliament
Saudi Role Against ISIS Turns on Relief for Arab Sunnis
Turkey Urges More Information Sharing on Foreign Jihadists
France Ready to Launch Iraq Air Strikes
France's Hollande Rules Out Military Strikes in Syria
Belgium Offers Forces to Campaign Against ISIS
Netherlands May Contribute F-16 Fighter Planes to Counter ISIS: Report
Russia, Egypt Seal Preliminary Arms Deal Worth $3.5 Billion
Egypt Targets Last Bastion of Muslim Brotherhood Dissent, Al Azhar
25 Towns Under the Control of Boko Haram: Catholic Church
Nigerian Troops Kill 'Several' Insurgents: Army
Nigeria 'Uses Torture Officers to Extract Confessions'
Eight Bodies Found After Attack on Guinea Ebola Education Team
France to Set Up Military Hospital to Fight Ebola in West Africa
Roadside Bombs Kills 4 UN Peacekeepers in Mali
Libya's Elected Parliament Rejects PM's New Cabinet as Oil Sector Takes Hit
US Sanctions Military Officers on Both Sides of South Sudan Conflict
BBC Team Under Attack in Southern Russia
Hundreds of Russian Volunteers Help Rebels in Ukraine: Separatist Leader
Russia's Putin Says Sanctions Violate Principles of WTO
Austria Sees Russian Sanctions Risk for Banks: Finance Minister in Paper
Poland Wants United Nations to Take Away Russia's Veto
$30m Reward Offered to Catch Whoever Downed Flight MH17
Russia Won't Cut European Gas to Curb Re-Export to Ukraine: Minister
Report: NSA Shared Unedited Data on Arab Americans' Calls With IDF Intel Unit
Israel Due to Again Approve Controversial Section of West Bank Barrier
Israel Goes Back 4,000 Years in Latest Attempt to Divide and Rule Its Arab Minority
Contradicting Its Own Ruling, Israel's Supreme Court Legalizes Segregated Communities
Israel Not to Tolerate 'Drizzle' of Rockets: PM
Hamas Leader: Hamas Won, but Long-Term Truce Deal Needed
Gazans Dead in Shipwreck Driven Out by Poverty, War
Arab Bank Denies Hamas Support
Israeli Navy Fire Wounds Gaza Fisherman
Delay in Gaza Rebuilding Could Threaten Truce: Quartet
Saudi Arabia Promises $500 Million for Gaza Rebuilding
Yemen's Shi'ite Rebels Attack State TV Building
Foreign Airlines Suspend Flights to Yemeni Capital as Security Worsens
Middle East
Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume but 'Breakthrough Unlikely'
Bahrain Releases Prominent Human Rights Activist Awaiting Trial
China's Xi Jinping Signs Landmark Deals on India Visit
Xi Says Determined to Settle India Border Issue
As Xi Visits India, Dalai Lama Raises China Border Woes
Gunmen in Pakistan Kill Professor Who Faced Blasphemy Accusations
Witness: 21 Killed by Mexico Army Had Surrendered
Chile Police Arrest Three Over Santiago Subway Bomb
'Don't Make Children Fight Your War': Ex-Child Soldier to Colombia Rebels
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Anarchy in Washington: Is Anybody in Charge?

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If We Fix the Government, ISIS Wins

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