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Updated September 20, 2014 - 10:56 PM EDT
ISIS Seizes 60 North Syria Villages in 48 Hours
  White House: No Timetable for US Strikes in Syria
  Source: US-Syrian Accord on Air Strikes
US Intel Chief: We Underestimated ISIS Capability
  Kerry Says Iran Can Help Defeat ISIS
  House Bans War Powers Resolution Actions Until After Election
Army Chief: More Ground Troops Headed to Iraq
  Top Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Warns of Western Interference
  General: Iraq Airstrikes Tougher as Militants Blend In
Ukraine, Rebels Agree to Create East Buffer Zone
  Risk of NATO-Russia War Grows on 'Joint Military Force' With Ukraine
Reports of Ceasefire After 120 Killed in Yemen
CIA Says It Halts Spying on European Allies
White House Fence Jumper Sparks Evacuation
US Plan: Iran Could Keep Centrifuges But Not Use Them
Heading Toward Failure: Coalition of the 'Reluctantly Willing'  by Ehsan Ahrari
Obama Is Defying the Constitution on War  by George F. Will
Convenient Genocide: Another Failed War to Rearrange Mideast  by Ramzy Baroud
Fighting ISIS and the Morning After  by Emile Nakhleh
The True Axis of Evil
 by Bruce Fein
I Despised Saddam's Police State, but ISIS Would Not Exist Under His Rule  by Saif Al-Azzawi

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Obama Signs $1 Trillion Stopgap Spending Bill With Syria Measure
ISIS Uploads Full Length English Propaganda Video
Journalists Criticize White House for 'Secrecy'
Anti-Islam Ad Campaign to Run on New York City Buses and Subways
America and ISIS
Democratic Congressman Says FBI Watching 40 Who Returned From ISIS Fight
Some House Members Call for New Vote on Authorizing Military Force
Obama Not Due to Meet Iran's Rouhani but Open to It: US Official
Bill Clinton: US Has Proven It Can't Win an Iraq Land War
Pakistani Woman Embraced by ISIS Seeks to Drop US Legal Appeal
US: $10 Million Bounty on Killers of Foley, Sotloff
New York Man Pleads Not Guilty to Trying to Support ISIS
Global ISIS Reaction
UN Urges Global Support for Iraq to Fight Terror
German Muslims Condemn ISIS in Nationwide Day of Prayer
Russia Critical of MH17 Inquiry, Wants Bigger UN Role
Yamal, Russia's Gas Megaplan, Becomes Symbol of Sanctions Defiance
US, Canadian Jets Intercept 8 Russian Aircraft
Sweden Protests Airspace Violation by Russian Planes

Pabst Is Sold to Russian Beverage Company

Facing US Sanctions, Exxon Winds Down Drilling in Russian Arctic
Putin Considers Plan to Unplug Russia From the Internet 'in an Emergency'
Catalonia Call Independence Vote Despite Scottish 'No'
Russian Vote Monitor Denounces London Pressure in Scottish 'No' Vote
IMF to Halt Aid to Bosnia Until Agreed Policies Implemented
The War at Home
Angry With Washington, 1 in 4 Americans Open to Secession
Important Victory in Case of Ray McGovern's Brutal Arrest
Pentagon to Review Its Relationship With NFL After Flurry of Domestic Abuse Cases
Father of 'Jihadi John' Suspect Extradited, Admits Terrorism Charges in New York
Adel Abdul Bary Pleads Guilty in US Embassy Bombings
6 Dead in Cartel-Style Killings in Western Mexico
Mexico Drug Suspect Aquiles Gomez Killed
Paraguay: 3 Guerrillas Die in Clash With Troops
At Least 15 Police Hurt as Thousands Rally in Ecuador
Philippine Peacekeepers Pull Out Early From Golan
PKK Appeals to Kurds in Turkey to Fight for Kobane, Syria
Syrian Heritage Destruction Revealed in Satellite Images
OPCW Document: Syria Says They Had Ricin Program
From Gangsta Rapper to Islamist Militant
Russia Fails to Remove Syria Nuclear Probe From IAEA Agenda
71 Killed, 86 Wounded Across Iraq as Bombers Hit Baghdad Again
Senior Kurdistan Official: ISIS Was at Erbil's Gates; Turkey Did Not Help
British Ambassador: We're Not Going to Get Involved in Another Iraq War
France Promises More Attacks After First Iraq Airstrikes
Army Chief: US Must Avoid Civilian Deaths in Iraq
Iraqi Neighborhood Holds Out Against Jihadists
Syria Militants Kill Captive Lebanese Soldier
Bomb Attack Kills 2 Troops on Syria Border: Lebanon Army
Israel Mulling Fee at Palestinian Crossings
Hundreds of Gaza Children Permanently Disabled by This Summer's Conflict
France: Israel-Palestinian Solution to Be Presented to UNSC
Bahrain Says Parties Find Common Ground but Shi'ites Say Demands Not Met
Egypt Militants Behead Man in Restive Sinai
Seven Killed as Ugandans, South Sudanese Clash at Border
Six Killed in Boko Haram Attacks in Cameroon
Nigeria Sent $9.3 Million Cash for Arms in South Africa
Kenya Detains Two Iranians on Suspicion of Planning Attacks
Liberian Female Rebel Martina Johnson Held for War Crimes
US Seeks to Keep Artillery Brigade Near Korean DMZ
PM Says al-Qaeda Holds No Appeal for India Muslims
Imran Khan Burns Electricity Bill at Islamabad Sit-In
Uighur Terrorism Thwarting China's Push to Draw Tourists to Country's Wild West
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