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Updated September 23, 2014 - 11:17 PM EDT
US Airstrikes on Syria Mark Start of a Long War
  US Attacks Khorasan in North Syria, Killing 30 Fighters, 8 Civilians
  Damascus Says US Informed Syrian UN Envoy Before Striking ISIS
  Israel Says Shot Down Syrian Plane Over Israeli-Controlled Golan
  Syria Is Sticking Point Between Russia and US on Defeating ISIS
  Sotloff Family at Odds With White House Over Kidnap Blame
6 Weeks of US Strikes Haven't Budged ISIS in Iraq
  ISIS Overruns Iraq Base: 40 Troops Killed, 70 Captured
  Iranian, Saudi FMs Meet as ISIS War Looms Large
White House: No Estimate on Costs of War on ISIS
  Panic Over Americans Back From ISIS, But Few Details
  Video of Frenchman Abducted by ISIS in Algeria Says Stay Out of Iraq
Yemen's Houthis Tighten Grip as Death Toll Estimates Mount
  Triumph of Yemen Rebels Raises Doubts About Obama Success Claims
US Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms
Congress Should Vote and Say No to Obama's New War  by Ivan Eland
The Folly of the Expatriate Terrorists Act  by David Cole
Another War Won't End Terror in Iraq or Syria. It Will Only Spread It  by Seumas Milne
US and Saudis: Playing with Fanatic Fire  by Dan Sanchez
The War on ISIS Has No Legal Basis  by W. James Antle III
Obama Echoes LBJ on Vietnam  by Bruce Fein

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Los Angeles Chosen for Pilot Program on Dissuading Militant Recruits
White House Intruder 'Had Ammo, Machete in His Car'
Rand Paul's NSA Lawsuit Put on Hold
Dead or Alive? Rumors Swirl Over Boko Haram Leader
ISIS Urges Attacks on US, French Citizens, Taunts Obama
Syrian Air Strikes in Northwest Kill More Than 40: Monitoring Group
France Rules Out Air Strikes in Syria
Turkish President Hints That Prisoner Exchange Won Release of Hostages Held by ISIS
Turkey Struggles With Spillover as Syrian Kurds Battle Islamic State
As US Bombs Fall, ISIS's British Hostage Warns of Another Vietnam
Riots on Turkey's Border With Syria as Up to 200,000 Kurds Are Blocked From Fleeing ISIS
Turkey Accused of Colluding With ISIS to Oppose Syrian Kurds and Assad Following Surprise Release of 49 Hostages
109 Killed as Bombers Strike in Baghdad and Iraq Army Base
Iraq VP Claims 300 Soldiers Killed in Gas Attack
Iraqi Soldiers Describe Heavy Losses as ISIS Overruns Camp
Obama to Meet Iraqi Leader in New York
ISIS and the World
Russia's Putin Looking at Cooperation to Fight ISIS: Agency
ISIS Urges More Attacks on Egyptian Security Forces
Chinese Militants Get ISIS 'Terrorist Training': State Media
Fears Mount That the Islamic State Is Plotting Terror Strike in Jordan
US, France Propose UN Sanctions on Foreign Islamist Fighters
Australian PM: 'Security May Come Before Some Freedoms'
Australia Says Jets to Help With Air Strikes Against ISIS
ISIS Calls Secretary of State John Kerry an 'Old Uncircumcised Geezer' in Latest Audio Release
Israeli Probes Into Possible Gaza War Crimes Draw Criticism
Arab Bank Found Liable Over Hamas Attacks, US Jury Says
Israeli Minister: Exports to Russia Will Continue, Regardless of Sanctions
Abbas: Will Demand UN Resolution to End Occupation
Israeli Protesters Demand Peaceful Negotiations, Lifting of Blockade to End Gaza Crisis
Hamas: Israel to Blame for Sinking of Gaza Refugee Ship
Israeli High Court Orders Closure of Detention Center for African Migrants
Palestinian Reconciliation Talks Begin in Egypt
Obama to Host Netanyahu for White House Meeting
Lapid Tests Water on Potential Bid for Opposition Chairman
Danish FM Threatens Sanctions Against Israel
Found! Missing Afghan Soldiers Caught Trying to Enter Canada
Afghans Ask if It Was Worth Risk After Election Results Suppressed
Afghan President-Elect Promises Unity After Disputed Vote
Afghan Inauguration Next Week; No Word on Security Pact With US
Doubts Cloud Sense of Relief as New Afghan Government Takes Shape
New Afghan Leader Promises Equal Rights for Women
Taliban Slams Afghanistan's Unity Government as President-Elect Steps Forth
Pakistan Developing Sea-Based Nuclear-Arms
Militants Kill Four in Northwest Pakistan
US Releases 14 Pakistani Prisoners From Bagram
Pakistan Army Appoints New ISI Spy Chief
Murdered Pakistani Hardliner Buried
Blasts in China's Xinjiang Kill Two, Injure 'Many'
Fiji Coup Leader Sworn in as PM
West Papua: A No-Go Zone for Foreign Journalists
Ukraine Military to Pull Back Artillery in East
US Worked With Russia to Remove High-Enriched Uranium From Poland
Libya Rival Backers Reject Outside Interference
UN Seeks Libya Peace Talks as More Than 140,000 Flee Conflict
Libya's Parliament Approves New Government
Accidental Blast at Libya Army Base Kills 11
South Sudan
South Sudan's Warring Sides Told to Stop Stalling
South Sudan Rebel Delegation Heads to China
Dead or Alive? Rumors Swirl Again Over Boko Haram Leader
Central African Republic: President Bozize Flees Bangui
Shots Fired at Nairobi Mall Rattle Kenyans a Year After Westgate
The War at Home
After Ferguson, Police Get Media Training With Session Titled 'Feeding the Animals'
Airlines, Not Travelers, Dodge TSA Security Fees
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