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Updated September 26, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
Taliban Seizes Key Afghan District, Kill 100
'Moderate' Rebels: US Airstrikes Haven't Helped
  House Republicans Decide to Form Their Own Syrian Rebel Coalition
  Syrian Rebels Slam US: Strikes Hitting al-Qaeda, Not Assad
  Demise of Group Backing Moderate Syria Rebels Is a Warning for US
Britain, Belgium, Denmark to Join US Airstrikes
  Pentagon: ISIS Will Adapt to Airstrikes in Syria
  With Focus on Syria, US Escalation in Iraq Continues Apace
  1st US Stealth Attack on Syria Cost More Than Indian Mission to Mars
Iraqi PM Invents ISIS NYC Subway Plot
  US and Europe Fear Retaliation After Attacking ISIS
Palestinian Unity Govt to Take Control in Gaza
  IAEA Refuses to Urge Israel to Join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Woman Beheaded at Oklahoma Workplace
US 'Concerned' by Russian Bomber Flights
Attorney General Eric Holder to Step Down
Ex-Treasury Officials and UAE Manipulating US Journalists
4 Suspected Militants Killed in US Drone Strike in Yemen
How John McCain Wound Up Canoodling With Terrorists  by Justin Raimondo
Reluctant Warrior Bombs Yet Another Country  by Peter Hart
Syria Becomes the 7th Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate  by Glenn Greenwald
Welcome to Barack Obama's Syrian Gong Show  by David Stockman
American 'Success' and the Rise of West African Piracy  by Nick Turse
Hoping Bombs Will Fix Mess That Bombs Created in Iraq and Syria  by Paul R. Pillar

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Alabama High Schools Monitoring Students' Social Media After NSA Tip-Off
Apple Still Has Plenty of Your Data for the Feds
Mistrust Between Afghanistan and Pakistan Soars as US Forces Depart
Aussie Teen May Sue Over Terror Photo Bungle
Some Immigrants in US Illegally Now Allowed to Join Military
ISIS and the US
Girding for Counterattack, Administration Tightens Terrorist Watch
US Has Identified Masked Man in Beheading Videos
ISIS Revenue Sources Remain Crucial Target, US Says
Pentagon: US Averaging 5 Strikes Per Day on ISIS
Global ISIS Reaction
Iran's President Says West's Blunders Helped ISIS Rise
Europe Braces for Jihadist Backlash
Nine Arrested in UK in Terror Raids
Australia Shooting: Teen 'May Not Have Acted Alone'
Australian Defense Force Officer Attacked in Sydney: Police
Poroshenko Moves Forward With Peace, Saying Worst Is Over
Ukraine Prime Minister Says Russians 'Want Us to Freeze'
Russia Sanctions Strengthen Putin Says Former State Dept. Official
Poroshenko Says Won't Recognize November's Separatist Election
Ukraine Leader Sees Country Applying for EU Membership 'in 6 Years Time'
Russia Says Ukraine Should Settle Problems With Moscow Before Joining EU
Russian Draft Law Would Allow Seizure of Foreign Property
Russian Lawyer Wins Norwegian Human Rights Prize
Islamabad Schools Shuttered as Protests Roll On
MQM Brings Karachi to a Halt Over Crackdown by Rangers
US Offers Big Arms Contract, Tech to India
Hardline Indian Hindu Group Aim to Exclude Muslims From Festival
North Korea
American Begins Sentence of Farm Work, Isolation in North Korea: Reports
Japan, North Korea to Meet Next Week on Abductees
China Says Dozens Killed in Attacks in West on Sunday
Runner-Up in Afghan Vote Strikes a Conciliatory Tone
Oil Dispute Prompts East Timor PM to Stay
Myanmar Army Releases More Than 100 Child Soldiers
Mexico Detains 8 Soldiers in June Killing of 22
Bomb Explodes in Chile, Killing Man Handling It
Obama-Armed Syrian Rebels: Airstrikes on ISIS 'Attack on the Revolution'
Syria's Islamic Rebels Fear US Could Hit Them
Despite Questions Over Legality of US Strikes in Syria, World Stays Quiet
Kurdish Forces Claim to Push Back ISIS in Northern Syria
US Says Airstrikes Crippled Most of Small Oil Refineries Held by ISIS in Syria
At Least 14 Militants Dead in US-Led Strikes in Syria: Monitor
Syrian Army Extends Grip in Town Northeast of Damascus
Hours After Tourist Killed, France Says Does Not Rule Out Syria Strikes
UAE Female Pilot in Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria
164 Killed, 133 Wounded in Iraq Attacks and Battles
Car Bombs Explode Outside Baghdad Hospital, Killing 3
Iraqi Woman Rights Lawyer Killed by ISIS
US Army to Deploy Hundreds of Fort Riley Soldiers to Iraq
France Says Carried Out Air Strikes in Iraq on Thursday
Report: Islamists Destroy 7th Century Church, Mosque in Tikrit
Israel Criticized Over Blocking UNHRC Mission
Hamas Agrees to Cede Some Power in Gaza to Fatah for the First Time in Seven Years
Text of Fatah-Hamas Agreement
Yemen Frees Members of Iran Revolutionary Guards: Sources
US Pulls Some Embassy Staffers From Yemen
Watchdog Warns of Attacks on Journalists in Yemen
Middle East
Lebanese Army Tightens Grip on Border Town, Kills One Person
9 PKK Rebels Surrender to Turkish Military
Iran: Rouhani Sees More Cooperation With Neighbors After Nuclear Deal
Nigeria Says 135 Boko Haram Fighters Surrender, 'Fake Leader' Dead
Boko Haram Fighters Kill 18 in Northeast Nigeria: Witnesses
One of the Girls Abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria's Chibok Freed
Egypt Court Sentences 73 Brotherhood Members to 15 Years
Six Killed in Gunfight in Somalia Over Claimed Ransom Payment
China to Send 700 Troops to South Sudan to Assist UN Mission
Suspected Islamist Militants Charged in Ugandan Court
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