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Updated September 28, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Mulls 'No-Fly' Zone Against Assad in Syria
  Erdogan: Turkey Could Take Future Military Role Against ISIS
  Defying Air Strikes, ISIS Shells Syrian Kurdish Town
  In Syria, Al Nusra Goes Into Hiding After Coalition Airstrikes
UK Warplanes Return From Iraq Without Bombing
  One Cost of War: US Blowing Up Its Own Humvees
  Red Cross: US Strikes Add to Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq, Syria
  Friendly Fire Casualties Among 94 Killed, 93 Wounded Across Iraq
Khorasan: Syrian Factions Never Heard of It
  Europeans Say US Never Briefed Them on Plot by al-Qaeda Group
  US Airstrikes Boost ISIS Recruitment in Syria's Aleppo
Iran Gives Qualified Support for Airstrikes on ISIS
  Iran Says It Will Strike if ISIS Nears Border With Iraq
Al-Qaeda Fires Rocket at US Embassy in Yemen
'As Bad as a Crime, a Blunder'  by Eric Margolis
Will American Ground Troops Be Sent to Fight ISIS?  by Sheldon Richman
Britain's Involvement in New Iraq War Is Doomed and Dangerous  by Simon Jenkins
The Unspoken Consequences of Bombing Syria  by Shamus Cooke
Militarizing the Ebola Crisis  by Joeva Rock
But This Threatiness Goes to 11…  by Rosa Brooks

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Tunisian Islamists Hire Top US Lobbyist Group
Lockheed to Buy European Satellite for South Korea in F-35 Deal
New Marine Unit to Be Based in Central America
White House Intruder Seen as Victim of Iraq War
California Protesters Block Israeli-Owned Ship
Afghan Villagers Hang Four Taliban Fighters as Battle for District Rages
Blast Wounds 4 Afghans, 17 Militants Killed
Cash-Poor Afghanistan Will Delay Paying Civil Servants: Finance Ministry Official
4 US Governors Visit Afghanistan for Terror Briefings
India Rejects 'Untenable Comments' by Pakistan PM on Kashmir
Kashmiri Leaders Welcome Pakistan PM's UN Speech
Modi Wants Pakistan Talks Without 'Terrorism' Shadow
Two Killed, 15 Injured in Balochistan Explosion
250 Policemen Killed During Year-Long Karachi Operation Against Criminals
Occupy Hong Kong Protest Kicks Off Early After Clashes
China, India Vow to Further Bilateral Ties
Rohingya Could Face Detention Under Myanmar Draft Plan
Egypt Army Kills 18 Sinai Militants
Leaders Call for Release of Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists
Libya: Send Us More Arms or Face Wider Terrorism Threat
At Least 22 Killed in Guinea-Bissau After Vehicle Hits Landmine
Some 2,000 Protest DR Congo Leader's Bid to Extend Rule
Weekend Reviews
Return of the Messenger: How New Film Vindicates Investigative Journalist Gary Webb
The Great and Unholy War
Ted Rall's Uncomfortable Truths: How Exiting Afghanistan Risks 'Tremendous National Trauma'
The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals
Night of Violence in Mexico Town Leaves 6 Dead
Army Unit in Mexico Killings Has Past Controversy
Police Posted at Home of Former Haiti President
Friendly Fire Casualties Among 94 Killed, 93 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Army Says Retook Dam From Jihadists
France Starts Overflights Over Fallujah and Qarma as a Prelude to the Bombing
ISIS: Chechen Militants Outnumber Other Foreign Fighters, Experts Say
Third Batch of Russian-Made Aircraft Arrive in Iraq
UAE: We Fight Terror in All Its Forms
Senior ISIS Commander Raised $2 Million From Qatari Nationals, Says US Treasury
3 Suspected Syria Jihadis Face Charges in France
Members of the Anti-ISIS Coalition
UAE Pilot Disowned by Family for Bombing 'Sunni Heroes of Iraq and the Levant'
Nuclear Power Play? Iran Signals Interest in Trade-Off for ISIS Help
Rouhani: Courage Needed to Clinch Nuclear Deal
Yemen's Shi'ite Rebels Agree to Disarm, Withdraw Forces
Houthi Rebels Attack Yemen Security Chief's Home
Middle East
Kurdish Militants Claim Deadly Ambush Against Turkish Troops in Southeast
Syrian Refugees Must Be Transferred Outside of Arsal: Lebanon Minister
Islamic Nations Lobbying Palestinians to Go to ICC
Russia at UN Accuses US, Allies of Bossing World Around
Russia Fights to Keep Veto Right in UN Security Council
Catalonian Leader Orders Referendum on Independence From Spain
Poland Sells Military Drones to Ukraine
Armenian Forces Kill Azerbaijani Soldier: Baku
Green. Left Parties in Germany Want Court to Consider Bringing Snowden to Berlin for NSA Inquiry
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Soldiers Were Reported Killed This Week
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