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Updated September 30, 2014 - 11:23 PM EDT
US Loosens Standards on Killing Civilians
  America's Allies Almost Bombed in Syrian Airstrikes
  US Killed Syria Civilians After Mistaking Grain Silo for 'Jihadist Base'
3,790 Killed Across Iraq in September
  As ISIS Nears Baghdad, Iraqi Army Seems Unable to Stop Them
  Iraq Accidentally Drops Food, Ammo on ISIS Fighters
  US to Send 2,100 Marines to Kuwait for 'Regional Missions'
  At Least 256 Killed Across Iraq as Battles Rage Near Baghdad
US Expands Syria Strikes: Not Just a War on ISIS
  FM: Syria 'Satisfied' With US on ISIS Airstrikes
  Syrian Protesters Slam US Airstrikes for Aiding Assad
  Turkish Tanks Sent to Border Near ISIS-Contested Kurdish Town
NATO Airstrike Kills 4 Afghan Civilians
  Afghans Sign Deal to Let US Keep 10,000 Troops
Hillary Clinton Admits Role in Honduran Coup
Netanyahu: Iran Worse Than ISIS, ISIS Equal to Hamas
Ukraine Ceasefire Tested as Nine Soldiers Killed in Donetsk
New Documents Show Legal Basis for NSA Surveillance
US Bid for Secret Gitmo Hearings Prompts Cover-Up Fears
Japan as a Vassal State in the US World Empire  by Karel van Wolferen
7 Awful Reasons for Bypassing Congress on ISIS  by W. James Antle III
Is the Foreign-Policy Elite Clueless?  by Sheldon Richman
Most Americans Say US Gives Too Much Aid to Israel  by Grant Smith
DHS Is a Mess  by Ivan Eland
Defense Contractors Are Making a Killing  by Dan Froomkin

More Viewpoints

Does NATO's Outgoing Head Have Kurdish Skeletons in His Closet?
Spanish Court Suspends Catalonia Referendum
Philippines, US Begin Military Exercises Near Disputed Seas
Mexico Seeks 57 Missing After Weekend Violence
US Govt to Americans: Stay Away From These Countries
The War at Home
Armed Intruder at White House Made It as Far as East Room
California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Limiting Drone Surveillance
Jim Webb, Former Senator From Va., Takes on His Party's Hawks. and Maybe Clinton.
Study Examines Cancer Risk From 1st Atom-Bomb Test
Once Targeted, Global Hawk Drone Now Hidden Weapon in US Airstrikes
Pentagon: US Underestimated Speed, Development of ISIS
Cost of Air War Against ISIS Already Near $1 Billion as Strategy Shifts
Poll: Americans Back Airstrikes, but Oppose Use of US Troops in Iraq, Syria
Rogers: Sequestration 'Not Compatible' With ISIS War
Global ISIS Reaction
Iran's President Calls Airstrikes on ISIS 'Theater,' Says Broader Campaign Needed
Report: Saudi Pilot Arrested for Refusing to Bomb ISIS in Syria
Bangladesh Arrests Briton for Suspected ISIS Recruitment
Belgium Tries 46 Over Syria Jihadist Links
Australian Police Charge Man Over Funding 'Terrorist Organization' After Raids
Stockholm Sewer Sensors to Sniff Out Bomb Ingredients
UK Antiwar Protesters Call for Mass March on Downing Street
New Afghan President Ghani Proposes Talks With Taliban
US May Keep Secret Prisoners in Custody After Afghan War Exit
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protesters Defy Officials' Call to Disperse
Hong Kong Protests: Instagram Appears Blocked in China
Beijing Warns Against Foreign Intervention, as Hong Kong Protesters Block Roads
Myanmar Wants Country Off UN Human Rights Agenda
Radical Myanmar Monk Joins Hands With Sri Lankan Buddhists

Indian Cops Hold 140 After Sectarian Clash

German Captives Plead to Be Set Free in Southern Philippines
Spanish Diplomat Stabbed to Death at Home in Sudanese Capital
Somalis 'Feeling Safer' in Mogadishu, Survey Says
Central African Republic Asks UN to Tweak Arms Embargo to Aid Troops
Activists Cite Civilian Casualties as US Airstrikes in Syria Heat Up
At UN, Syria Closes the Door on Peace Talks
Syrian FM: US Should Hit All Militants in Syria
Syria: US Dual Policy Is Recipe for More Violence
Report: ISIS Moves Forces to Syria From Northern Iraq
Militant Group Al-Nusra Claims US Air Strikes Are a 'War Against Islam'
Supplies in Syrian City Drying Up After ISIS Attack
ISIS Fighter Says US Airstrikes Aren't Effective
Syrian Minister: We Could Not Defend Kobane Because of Turkey
At Least 256 Killed Across Iraq as Battles Rage Near Baghdad
Fifth RAF Iraq Mission Ends With 'No Reports' of Bombing
Australian Jets on Practice Flights Ahead of Iraq Strikes
Shi'ites in a Battered Neighborhood of Baghdad Fault One of Their Own
ISIS Pillaging Iraqi Artifacts, UNESCO Warns
Peshmerga Claim to Kill Local Kurdish ISIS Leader
Israel's Shadowy Mossad Looks to Recruit Online
Poll: 80% of Palestinians Back Rocket Fire if Gaza Blockade Stays
Questions Linger Over Hamas' Role in West Bank Kidnapping That Led to Gaza War
PLO Official Says Netanyahu Speech Full of 'Hate Language and Slander'
Transcript of Benjamin Netanyahu's Address to the 2014 UN General Assembly
Kuwait Revokes Citizenship of Opposition Activist
Ukraine Army Sees Worst Day Since Truce as Battles Flare
Ukrainians Say Russian Troops Captured Them in East Ukraine
Russia Opens Criminal Case on Kiev for 'Genocide' in East
Firebomb Thrown at Kiev's Oldest Synagogue
German Military's Problems Prompt Talk of More Defense Spending
Young EU Farmers Struggle as Russian Sanctions Bite
For Sale in Belarus: Art From Yanukovych's Home?
Mexico Manhunt After Politician Slain in Acapulco
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