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Updated October 2, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Turkish Lawmakers Vote To Join War Against ISIS
ISIS Seizes 350 North Syrian Villages in 16 Days
  41 Children Slain in Suicide Attack Outside Syrian School
  ISIS Beheads Nine Kurdish Fighters as Battle Rages for Town
  Philippines Troops Won't Return to Golan
Intel Gaps in US War as Targeting Rules Loosened
  Spy Agency Officials: Obama Scapegoating Us Over ISIS
  State Dept Approves $1.75 Billion Arms Sale to Saudis
  Costs of Obama's New War in Iraq and Syria Set to Explode
Iraq PM Warns Arab States Not to Join US Strikes
  Shi'ite Militias Pose Threat to Kurds, Sunnis
Ukraine Shells Donetsk Playground, Killing 10
  New NATO Chief Open to Russian Rapprochement
Israel Plans 2,600 More Settler Homes in East Jerusalem
The Imponderable Will To Fight in Iraq  by Robert Bruce Ware
Iran Nuclear Talks: Ironies, Observations, and a Bottom Line  by Chas Freeman
Why Stop at ISIS When We Could Bomb the Whole Muslim World?  by George Monbiot
Clapper Under the Bus  by Andrew P. Napolitano
What if ISIS Didn't Exist?  by Ramzy Baroud
Lessons for Today From the Shenandoah's Civil War Flames  by James Bovard

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Secret Service Director Resigns
Pro-ISIS Sympathies Simmer in Jordanian City
US Army Drops Murder Charges Over Iraqi Boys' Deaths
Nancy Pelosi Wants War Vote After Midterms
Pamela Geller Files Lawsuit After 'Killing Jews' Ads Rejected
Jurors' Note Hints at Lesser Conviction for Blackwater
Baghdad Bombed as Forces Retake More Towns; 175 Killed Across Iraq
Stephen Harper Confirms 26 Canadian Soldiers Now in Iraq
Canadian Pilots Could Soon Bomb Rebels They Supported in Libya
Australia Sends 2 Unarmed Support Planes Over Iraq
5 Spanish Soldiers to Stand Trial for Allegedly Beating Prisoners While in Iraq
Philippines Won't Send Troops to Unclear Golan Mission
UN Says Syria Vaccine Deaths Was an NGO 'Mistake'
Weed-Smoking French Clubber Becomes US-Wanted Jihadist
British Girls Aged 15 and 17 Run Off to Join ISIS After Being Radicalized Online
Destruction of Syria Weapons Facilities to Begin
Turkey to Approve a Bigger Military Role in Iraq and Syria — but Not on American Terms
Turkey's Role in ISIS Fight May Hinge on Ancient Tomb
Palestinians Ask UN: Set 2016 as Deadline for Ending Israeli Occupation
US: East Jerusalem Settlement Expansion Will 'Poison Atmosphere'
Abbas Threatens to Reevaluate Palestinian Authority's Security Ties With Israel
Obama Welcomes Netanyahu Amid Tensions
Gaza Portraits: The One Thing I Saved From the Rubble
In First Since 2007, 500 Gazans to Visit Jerusalem for Holiday
Poll: 24% of Jewish Israelis Boycotting Arab Businesses
Netanyahu's Right-Wing Coalition Partners Slam Premier for Backing Two-State Solution
Unstable Yemen a Threat: Gulf Ministers
Egypt Seizes Newspapers to Censor an Article
Egypt Offers Military Training to Libya
US Military
Study Finds Troops Aren't Ready for Civilian Life
US Navy Sailors Harbor Widespread Distrust of Senior Leadership: Report
Navy Crew Member Missing After Osprey Mishap in Persian Gulf
Pentagon to Target Its Hospitals Providing Poor Care Following Review
Troops Not Eligible for Campaign Medal in Fight Against ISIS
Twin Suicide Attacks on Army Buses in Kabul Kill Seven
German Soldiers 'Stranded' in Afghanistan as More Planes Breakdown
3 Afghan Soldiers Who Fled for Canada Fear Torture, Death if They Return Home
Afghan Interpreters Demand Promised US Visas
In Third Day on Job, Afghan President Digs Into Bank Fraud Case
Hong Kong
China Tells Foreign Countries Not to Meddle in Hong Kong
Detentions of Hong Kong Protest Sympathizers Reported in Mainland
Hong Kong Leader Plays Waiting Game, Protesters Demand He Resigns
Hong Kong Government's Strategy on Protesters: Wait Them Out
South Korea
Official: THAAD Missile Defense System Being Considered for South Korea
Putin: Russia Won't Limit Access to Internet
Russia Halts Student Exchange Program With US
Lithuania Accuses Russia Over Fishing Boat Seizure
Slovakia Sees 50 Pct Drop in Russian Gas Supplies
New Allegations Against German Intelligence Over NSU Murders
Karadzic Takes 'Moral Responsibility' for Bosnia Crimes
Profile: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg
Guardian Wins an Emmy for Coverage of NSA Revelations
3 Soldiers Are Charged With Homicide in Mexico Killings
Mexico Arrests Drug Lord Hector Beltran Leyva
Argentina President Claims US Plotting to Oust Her
Soldiers, Drug Gang Battle in Rio De Janeiro Slum
Greenland in Political Chaos as Three Ministers Step Down
Somalia Battles Al-Shabab for Galgala Mountains
Two Algerians Investigated Over Frenchman's Kidnapping: Sources
More Than 100 Ex-Rebels, Family Members Die in Congo Camp in Past Year: HRW
Australian Premier Moves Swiftly Against ISIS, but Analysts Question Benefits
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