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Updated October 4, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama Envoy: Long War Still in 'Early Stages'
  Pentagon: ISIS Tactics Shift Makes Targeting Them More Difficult
  Iraq-Syria War Likely to Sidestep Mandatory Budget Cuts
  ISIS War a Financial Windfall for US Arms Makers
  Biden Accuses Saudis, Turkey of Starting Syria Proxy War
Syria: Turkish Operations an Act of Aggression
  US, Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria at Odds Over Role of Nusra Front
  Turkey Vows Support for Sieged Kurdish Border Town
  Video Purports to Show ISIS Beheading of Another British Hostage
North and South Korea Agree to High-Level Talks
Ceasefire at Risk as Fighting Over Donetsk Airport Escalates
US Says May Deploy 4,000 Troops for Ebola Response
Judge Orders Gitmo Force-Feeding Videos to Be Released
Did America Fake Imminent Terror Threats To Justify Bombing Syria?  by Ted Snider
Who Will Profit From Wars in Iraq & Syria?  by William Hartung & Stephen Miles
President of Anti-Iran Group Dismisses Threat of Iranian Nukes  by Eli Clifton
Keeping Gaza in a Stranglehold  by Noam Chomsky
ISIS Isn't Hamas, or Iran  by Scott McConnell
Confronting Barbarism: ISIS, the US, and the Consequences of Torture  by Michael Meurer

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First US Military Death in War Against ISIS
Iran Says UN Nuclear Officials Coming to Tehran
David Cameron: Troops in Afghanistan Face 'Generational Struggle'
The FBI and the Shattering of SDS
Why the Islamic State Is Not Really Islamic
Iraq Town Celebrates Victory, but 34 Killed Elsewhere
Officials: ISIS Group Downs Iraqi Chopper
Iraqi Army Recaptures Town North of Baghdad: Eyewitnesses
In Rare Alliance, Shi'ites Join Sunnis to Defend Iraqi Towns
Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Calls on Premier to Avoid Promoting Sectarianism in New National Guard
Kurds Tripling Oil Output While Renewing Baghdad Talks
Iraqi PM Calls on Political Forces to Unite: State TV
Global ISIS Reaction
Australia Joins Anti-ISIS War Nervously

Canada to Launch Airstrikes in Iraq

Sentiment Divided at Hajj Pilgrimage Over Role of Islamist Militants
Hong Kong
Tensions Surge in Hong Kong Protests Amid Scuffles, Signs of Backlash
Hong Kong Residents Clash With Activists on Street
Hong Kong Police Arrest 19 After Protesters Clash With Mobs
Hong Kong Protests: Student Leaders Postpone Talks
Pakistan Army Chief Seen Keeping Premier Sharif on Edge
In Historic Homeland, Pakistan's Sikhs Live Under Constant Threat
Top North Korea Officials Make Rare Visit to South
Vietnam Welcomes US Partial Lift of Arms Sales Ban
Catalonia Defies Madrid in Move Towards Referendum
Putin: Sanctions Bringing Russia and China Closer Together
Albania PM to Visit Serbia After 68 Years
UK Man Jailed for Fake Bomb Detectors Scam
12 Libya Soldiers Killed in New Benghazi Battle With Islamists: Medic
UN Warns of Military Action Against Congo Rebels
Nine UN Troops Killed in Worst Attack Yet on Mali Force
Somalia FGM Activist Safia Abdi Haase Gets Norway Medal
Kurds Call to Arms as ISIS Closes in on Syrian Town
Syria's 'Free Police' Outgunned by All Its Foes
ISIS Militants Fire 80 Rocket Shells on Syria's Kobane
American Reportedly Fighting Against ISIS in Syria Served in the US Army
UN: Women Herded, Sold to Teens as Prize for Fighting With Islamist Terrorists
A Chronicler of Syria's Conflict Returns to the Spotlight, Minus a Disguise
British Troops Likely to Train Syrian Rebels Nearly Three Years After Similar Plan Failed
Thousands of Turks Protest Against War Mandate
Turkey Vows Support for Besieged Syrian Town, but No Military Pledge
Biden Says Turkish President Erdogan Admitted ISIS Mistake
Erdogan Tells Conference: 'I Am Increasingly Against the Internet Every Day'
Curfews on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Fuel Hostility: Rights Group
Lebanon DM: Iran's Military Aid Unconditional
Sweden to Recognize State of Palestine
New Settlements Plan Threatens Ties With Israel, EU Says
Israel Shuts Down, Police on Alert Ahead of Yom Kippur
Council Builds West Bank Bypass on Palestinian-Owned Land, for Israelis Only
IDF Chief: Gaza War Could Buy Years of Quiet if Israel Boosts Strip's Economy
In Ancient Israeli City, an Arab-Jewish Drive to Keep Yom Kippur Peace
Yemen's Saleh Seeks Refuge in Ethiopia
Mystery Continues to Surround American Held in Yemen
Protesters Demand Answers on Missing Mexico Students
2 Police Killed in Pre-Election Peru Attack
Spain Court Asserts Jurisdiction to Investigate 1989 Jesuit Massacre in El Salvador
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