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Updated October 5, 2014 - 11:11 PM EDT
ISIS on Baghdad's Outskirts After Week of Victories
  Town Falls to ISIS in Iraq's Anbar Province
  Battle for Mosul Could Be a Year Away: US Envoy
  Baghdad Surburb of Abu Ghraib Falls to Isis; 228 Killed Across Iraq
Kurds Clash With Turkish Troops on Syria Border
  Syrian Border Town Still Under Siege by ISIS Despite Allied Air Strikes
  Syrians in Aleppo Struggle to Fight ISIS, Remain Wary of US Strikes
Pakistani Taliban Pledges Support for ISIS
  Saudis Reveal Their True Feelings About ISIS on Twitter
North and South Korea Agree to High-Level Talks
Did America Fake Imminent Terror Threats To Justify Bombing Syria?  by Ted Snider
Who Will Profit From Wars in Iraq & Syria?  by William Hartung & Stephen Miles
President of Anti-Iran Group Dismisses Threat of Iranian Nukes  by Eli Clifton
Keeping Gaza in a Stranglehold  by Noam Chomsky
ISIS Isn't Hamas, or Iran  by Scott McConnell
Confronting Barbarism: ISIS, the US, and the Consequences of Torture  by Michael Meurer

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US to Bill France for Military Aid in Africa
Military Brass Promise Troops Will Be Protected From Ebola
Spanish PM Urges Dialogue Over Catalonia Independence Bid
DHS Chief: Reporter on Terror List Should 'Come and See Me'
Kurds Accused of Executing Two British ISIS Fighters
Kurds Scrutinise Refugees at Camps to Keep ISIS Out
Mortar Shells Kill 6 People in Syria's Idlib
Assad Makes Rare Appearance as US Strikes ISIS in Syria
From Schoolbooks to Syria: How Four British Youths Turned to Jihad
Baghdad Surburb of Abu Ghraib Falls to Isis; 228 Killed Across Iraq
Baghdad Delays Australian Special Forces Support in Iraq
Global ISIS Reaction
Biden Apologizes to Turkish Leader
UAE Astonished at US Vice President's Statement
Several Hundred March in London Against Iraq Air Strikes
Muslims Celebrate Eid as Hajj Pilgrimage Nears End
US: Sweden's Recognition of Palestine Is 'Premature'
Israel on High Alert as Yom Kippur, Eid Coincide
500 Mideast Scholars Call for Academic Embargo of Israeli Institutions
Middle East
Hezbollah: Lebanon Needs Iran's Assistance
A Look at Zaydi Shiites and Houthi Rebels in Yemen
Niger to Stay in Mali After Peacekeepers Killed
Briton Held Hostage in Libya Freed
Shabab Fighters Pull Out of a Somali Stronghold as Government Troops Advance
In New York's Little Liberia, Expats Warily Eye Travelers From Ebola-Hit Africa
Mass Grave Found Near Mexico Town Hit by Violence
Arrest of Mexican Drug Boss Has Politicians Scrambling Once Again
Venezuela Leader Implicates Colombia Ex-President in Killing
Former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier Dies at 63
Russia Overtakes US in Nuclear Warhead Deployment
Germany Considers Sending Soldiers to Eastern Ukraine: Source
Ukraine Says Its Forces Killed 12 Rebels at Donetsk Airport
Ukraine Has Saved $500 Million on Reverse Gas Supplies From EU
Russia Says South Stream Gas Pipeline Is Going Ahead: Interfax
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protests Swell After Official Warnings
Rival Protesters Face Off in Gritty Hong Kong Neighborhood
Hong Kong Protesters Must Be Cleared by Monday, Chief Executive Says
South Korea Confirms North Leader Kim Jong-Un's Health Is Fine
South Korea Builds DNA Database to Find Relatives in North After Unification
Bagram Tears Down Old Structures as It Builds Up Long-Term Mission
Britain's David Cameron Makes Surprise Stop in Afghanistan
Bagram Tears Down Old Structures as It Builds Up Long-Term Mission
Afghan Taliban Spokesman's Tweet 'Sent From Pakistan'
Shi'ites Targeted in Quetta, Kohat Bombings; 11 Dead
Four Killed, Six Injured in Karachi
Reporter Shot Dead in Pakistan
Pakistan Polio Outbreak Hits Record High
Photographer Gang-Raped in Mumbai
Once a Draw, Restive Region in China Suffers After Unrest
Cambodia's Ethnic Khmer Krom Activists Burn Vietnamese Flags for 2nd Time in Protest
Americans Still Dying
Crestview (FL) Green Beret With Louisiana Ties Dies From Afghanistan Combat Wounds
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