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Updated October 6, 2014 - 11:13 PM EDT
Heavy Fighting Outside Key Syrian Kurdish Town
  Female Kurdish Fighter Suicide Bombs ISIS, Killing Several
  Dozens Killed as Hezbollah Battles Nusra on Lebanon-Syria Border
FBI Director Warns of 'Khorasan' Threat
  ISIS' Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in US and China
  Biden Sorry to Turkey, UAE for Frank Assessment of Syria Conflict
Pakistani Taliban Clarifies Statement Backing ISIS
  Uzbek Commander Among Five Slain in US Drone Strike
New NATO Chief: We Can Put Troops Wherever We Want
Netanyahu: Obama Criticism of Settlements Is Un-American
The 'Bitter Truth': Empire and the Death of Liberalism  by Justin Raimondo
A Momentous Victory for Justice and Transparency at Guantanamo  by Alka Pradhan
Even if We Defeat ISIS, We'll Still Lose the Bigger War  by Andrew Bacevich
The Real Status of Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq  by Ron Paul
Gapple and Oogle, Our Defenders  by Fred Reed
Why War? It's a Question Americans Should Be Asking  by Gregory A. Daddis

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The Jihadi Hunters
Philippines on High Alert to Stop ISIS Operatives
Tripoli Is So Dangerous That Even Libya's Parliament Has Moved Out
Kim Jong-UN Not Ill North Korea Forced to Comment After Health Speculation
Supreme Leader's Health Raises Questions About Iranian Succession
Suicide Bomber Kills Five Police, Wounds 12 in Russia's Chechnya: Agencies
Russian Fighter Jet Passes 'Within Feet' of Swedish Surveillance Plane Over Baltic Sea
Ukraine Military Says Separatists Violate Month-Old Ceasefire
France Expects to Monitor Ukraine Ceasefire in Coming Days
Britain Investigates Whether Spanish Jets Breached Gibraltar Airspace
Latvia's Center-Right Ruling Coalition Wins Vote
Germany Can Play Part in Foreign Missions Despite Equipment Problems: Defense Minister
Hong Kong Democracy Protesters Start to Pull Back
Cops Among Fourteen Hurt in Karachi Blast
Afghanistan Reverses Expulsion of NY Times Reporter
Sinai Militants Execute Four for Collaborating With Israel
Egypt Jihadist Group Releases Video of Beheadings
Egyptian Police Arrest Militants Accused of Recruiting for ISIS
Tripoli Is So Dangerous That Even Libya's Parliament Has Moved Out
Somali Troops 'Capture Key Port Town' From Al-Shabab
Famine Threatens South Sudan if Conflict Deepens
Hitmen Admit Killing 17 Mexican Students: Prosecutor
Mexico Prosecutor Says Mass Grave Held 28 Bodies
Peru Vote Marred by Violence, Drugs
Honduras Detains Leaders of Central American Drug Gang
US Helicopters Join Iraq Strikes; 197 Killed Across Country
Ghost Villages of Northern Iraq Ripped Apart by ISIS Jihadists
Defense Minister Cagey About Extending Canada's Combat Commitment in Iraq
Sources: US Air Strikes in Syria Targeted French Agent Who Defected to al-Qaeda
Five Wounded When Turkish House Hit in Syria Fighting: Witnesses
Report: Jihadi John Tracked by UK Forces but Security Chiefs Fear 'Kill or Capture' Mission Would End in Failure
Israeli Troops Open Fire on Lebanon Army Position, Wounding One
UNIFIL Condemns Firefight on Northern Israeli Border
Lebanese Army Briefly Clashes With Militants Near Arsal
Israel to Summon Swedish Envoy Over Palestine Recognition
US: Sweden's Recognition of Palestine Is 'Premature'
'High Court Scares Me More Than ISIS,' Says Tel Aviv Protester
Task Ahead of Palestinians After Gaza War
Israel Permits Hundreds of Gazans to Pray at Jerusalem Mosque During Eid Al-Adha Holiday
Middle East
Rebel Gains Threaten US Campaign Against al-Qaeda Affiliate in Yemen
Rights Group Demands UAE Reveal Whereabouts of Libyans, Emiratis
Iran Boosts Steel Output, Exports in Bid to Buffer Impact of Sanctions
Loyal Depositors Shoulder Turkey's Bank Asya While Political War Rages
US Military
Typhoon Washes 3 US Airmen Out to Sea in Japan; 1 Dead, 2 Missing
US Navy to Deploy Armed, Robotic Patrol Boats
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The 'Bitter Truth': Empire and the Death of Liberalism

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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