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Updated October 8, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Afghaniversary: The US Occupation Turns 13
US Airstrikes Kill 22 Civilians in Iraqi Market
  Mt. Sinjar 'Could've Been Largest Evacuation Ever' for Marines
  ISIS Guide Explains How to Shoot Down US Apache Helicopters
  169 Killed Across Iraq as Bombs Return to Baghdad
US Won't Shift ISIS Campaign Over Kurdish Town
  US Airstrikes on ISIS Not Slowing Advance on Kurdish Town
  Al-Qaeda Kidnaps Priest, 20 Christians in NW Syria
  14 Killed as Kurdish Protesters Clash With Police in Eastern Turkey
FBI's Secret Surveillance Program to Go on Trial
  Twitter Sues US Govt Over Ability to Disclose Surveillance Orders
  NSA Report Casts Little Light on Civil Liberties
Pentagon: US Troops to Have Contact With Ebola
Guantanamo's Force-Feeding Policies Go on Trial
New Yemen PM Resigns After Opposition From Rebels
EU Court Orders End to Sanctions on Iran Oil Shipping Firm
The Hermit Kingdom in Crisis  by Justin Raimondo
Key Dems Leave No Doubt That Endless War Is Official US Doctrine  by Glenn Greenwald
Where Is the Antiwar Movement?  by Alex Kane
ISIS in Washington  by Tom Engelhardt
Foreign Policy by Ted Cruz  by Philip Giraldi
Documenting the Next Generation of Drone Pilots  by Tom Breakwell

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ISIS Militants' Key Weapon Is Water. Here's Why
Panetta Says Rahm Emanuel Cussed Him for Cooperating With Torture Inquiry
The Congressman Who Spied for Russia
Doctor Calls Gitmo Force-Feeding Video 'Disturbing'
How Crazy Are Argentina President's Hints of a US Plot to Remove Her?
Turkey Says Syrian Town About to Fall as ISIS Moves In
Airstrikes Hit ISIS Members Near Embattled Kobani
French Discussing Kobani Action With Turks: Minister
'Too Late' for Syrian Border Town as Air Strikes Fail: Analysts
UN's Syria Envoy Calls for International Action to Defend Kobane
At Least 400 People Killed in Battle for Syria's Kobani: Monitoring Group
11 Rules for Journalists Covering ISIS, Issued by ISIS
UN: Syria Declares Four More Chemical Weapons Facilities, but No New Chemicals
169 Killed Across Iraq as Bombs Return to Baghdad
Fighting Blurs Tribal, Sectarian Lines in Holdout Iraqi Town
Iraq Army Troops Prevent Dozens of Displaced Families From Returning to Their Homes
America and ISIS
Former CIA Officer Says US Policies Helped Create ISIS
FBI to Public: Help Us Identify Foreign Fighters
American Fighter Joins Kurds in Battle Against Islamic State
Global ISIS Reaction
Anti-Terror Police Arrest Four Men in London Raids
Canadian Parliament Authorizes Air Strikes in Iraq
Holes Appear in Terror Allegations Against Two Australian Muslims
Kurds Burst Into EU Parliament to Protest ISIS
The Boy From Kosovo Who Grew Up to Be a Suicide Bomber
Poland Warns Russia It Could Face Tougher EU Sanctions Over Ukraine
Floods of Ukrainian Refugees Seek New Life in Russia
Ukrainian Students to Take Russians' Places in US Exchange Program
Russian Hacking Attack Takes Aim at Leadership in Moscow
Cyprus President Suspends Peace Talks
Report Slams Wasteful German Defense Projects
Survivor of Mexico Student Massacre Tells of His Narrow Escape From Police Death Squad
Violence Highlights Power of Gang in Mexican Town
Another Sentence for Argentine Ex-Dictator
The War at Home
Report Says Air Force Overspending by Billions
Spotted on Campus: Up-Armored Mine-Resistant Monster Trucks
Netanyahu Orders Clampdown on Jerusalem Unrest
EU Set to Reassess Ties if Israel Doesn't Move on Peace
Is a New Gaza Prisoner-Exchange Deal in the Works?
Netanyahu Stalling Security Barrier Construction, Settler Leader Claims
In Gaza's Rubble, Shelters Symbolize the Challenge Ahead
Gaza Farming and Livestock Devastated by Recent War With Israel
US Drawdowns in Iraq, Afghanistan Dents Israeli Arms Exports
Hezbollah Bomb Wounds Two Israeli Soldiers, Israel Shells South Lebanon
Border Blast Linked to Killing of Hezbollah Expert
Two ISIS-Affiliated Lebanese Killed in Iraq and Syria
Middle East
Rouhani Urges Iran Universities to Open Up, Dismisses Spy Fears
UK Court Lifts Torture Claim Immunity for Bahraini Prince
As Kobane Makes Last Stand, Ocalan Gives Turkey Deadline for Peace Process
Kashmir: Civilians Wounded as India-Pakistan Border Firing Continues
2 IED Blasts May Have Triggered Current India-Pakistan Clashes
Thousands Flee Homes Amid India-Pakistan Clashes
US Concerned Over Pakistan, India Border Skirmishes
US Won't Back Any Extra Constitutional Move in Pakistan: Olson
US Watchdog: UN Misspent More Than $200 Million in Afghanistan
Afghan Rapist Executions: Ashraf Ghani Urged to Intervene
North Korea Acknowledges Reform Camps for 1st Time
Myanmar to Release 3,000 Prisoners to Aid 'Stability'
Polio Becomes 'Public Health Emergency' in Pakistan
Thai Martial Law to Stay Until Sweeping Reforms in Place: PM
Boko Haram 'Beheads' Seven in Nigeria Attack
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Rocket Attack on Northern Mali Base
Central African Republic Militias Call for President, PM to Step Down
DoD to Set Up 7 Mobile Ebola Testing Labs Throughout Liberia
International Prosecutors Accuse Kenya of Withholding Evidence Against President
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