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Updated October 9, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama Warns Against 'Draconian' Military Cuts
  Obama Claims ISIS 'Progress,' But Nothing to Back it Up
  DHS: ISIS Fighters Not Coming in From Mexico
  How ISIS Grooms Chechen Fighters Against Putin
Kerry: Stopping Kobani Takeover 'Not a Priority'
  ISIS on the Verge of Seizing Kurdish Town of Kobani
  Obama: Air Strikes Can't Stop ISIS Without Viable Syria Rebel Force
  Fall of Kobani May Mark Turkey's Irrevocable Breach With Kurds
  Over 200 Killed Across Iraq in Airstrikes and Bombings
67 Killed in Suicide Bombings in Yemen
  New Yemen PM Resigns After Opposition From Rebels
US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill 23 Over 4 Days
  At Least 18 Civilians Killed in India-Pakistan Fighting
CIA Claims It Didn't Know It Had Senate Torture Report
Netanyahu Moves Suggest Israeli Election Within Next Year
What Was the Most Damaging Conspiracy Theory in US History?  by Jack Hunter
Bitcoin Rises in the Death Throes of Empire  by Nozomi Hayase
Will Court Rein in National Security Letter Abuses?  by Trevor Timm
Parallel Reconstruction  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Notice That ISIS Isn't Beheading Swiss Citizens  by Jacob G. Hornberger
'Ethnic Cleansing for a Better World'  by Philip Weiss

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Guantanamo Hearing Ends Behind Closed Doors
IMF: China Just Overtook the US as the World's Largest Economy
Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Panel Mulls Changes
US Official Downplays Cuba's Invitation to Summit
VA Braces for a New Front in the Agent Orange Battle
Global ISIS Reaction
Kurds, Radical Islamists Clash in Germany, 14 Injured
US Steps Up Fight to Block ISIS Volunteers
French Family of 11 Believed to Have Left for Syria Jihad
FBI in Plea to Identify Masked Is Man in Video
Canadian Police Investigating Extremists
Australia Anti-Terrorism Bill: Police to Get Power to Secretly Search Suspect's House
Pentagon: 100 US Marines Heading to Liberia
Ebola Outbreak: UK Sending 750 Troops to Sierra Leone
Egyptian-American Detainee on Hunger Strike Moved to Cairo Hospital
Five Killed in Fresh Central African Republic Violence
Mali to UN: Consider a Rapid Intervention Force
In Tunisia, Old Regime Figures Make a Comeback
Moroccan Diplomat Found Dead in South Africa
Nigeria Says Cash for Arms Seized in South Africa Was 'Legitimate'
UN: More Than 330 Killed in Ukraine Since Truce
One Killed, Three Wounded in Shelling in East Ukraine
US Air Force F-15 Fighter Jet Crashes in England
EU Chastises Turkey Over Interference in Courts, Freedom of Speech
Bulgaria Rejects Russian Accusation of Betrayal Over Warplanes
Talks Stall, Fighting Resumes in Myanmar
Myanmar Blockades Rohingya, Tries to Erase Name
Only Three Political Prisoners Among Thousands Released in Myanmar
In Kim Jong-Un's Absence, Rumors About Him Swirl in North Korea
South Korea Prosecutors Indict Japanese Reporter for 'Defaming' President
Afghan Executions: Five Hanged for Paghman Gang-Rape
Vietnam Tanker: Piracy 'Very Likely' Cause of Disappearance Near Indonesia
US Focus on ISIS Frees Syria to Battle Rebels
Pentagon: Airstrikes Probably Not Enough to Save Kobani From ISIS
Suicide Bombing Rocks Syria's Kobane: Activists
UK Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria 'Not Ruled Out'
A Western Jihadi Explains Why He Fights in Syria
Digital Jihad: Inside ISIS's Savvy PR War
Over 200 Killed Across Iraq in Airstrikes and Bombings
ISIS Shoots Down an Iraqi Military Helicopter, Killing Two
Rudaw Condemns Violent Attack on Its Reporters in Erbil, Rojava
Canada Votes to Join Anti-ISIS Air Strikes in Iraq
Australia Launches First Airstrike in Iraq
Dutch F-16s Carry Out First Airstrikes in Defense of Kurds
21 Dead in Turkey as Kurds Protest
Turkey Faces Two Front Terror Threats by ISIS and PKK Militants
US, UK Diplomats Consider Buffer Zone for Turkey
France Says Backs Idea of Creating Syria Buffer Zone
Hezbollah Says Border Attack Was Message to Israel
France Says $3 Billion Lebanon Arms Deal to Go Ahead
Families of Hostages Move Protest to Beirut
US: Israel Must Play Role in Rebuilding Gaza
Group Calling Itself 'Islamic State in Gaza' Says It Blew Up French Cultural Center
Clashes at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Ahead of Jewish Holiday
Clarification: Israel-Lebanon Story
Al-Qaeda Attacks Kill at Least 10 Yemen Police: Officials
Swift Ascent of Houthis in Yemen Brings Relief and Trepidation
Tens of Thousands March for 43 Missing Mexican Students
Mexico Missing: Vigilantes Join Search for Students
Uruguay's Leader to Ask Successor About Gitmo Plan
Peace Will Cost Colombia $44 Billion Over 10 Years, Senator Says
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