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Updated October 13, 2014 - 9:27 PM EDT
Turkey Denies US Claims of Air Bases Deal
US Strategy in Tatters as ISIS Marches On
  ISIS Adds Reinforcements as Kobani Offensive Continues
  Syrian Kurdish Militia Forces Youths Into ISIS Fight
  Report: American ISIS Fighter Killed in Kobani
Gen. Dempsey: Ground Troops in Iraq Likely
  ISIS Bombings Target Peshmerga, Iraqi Police
  Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Billions Ended in Lebanon Bunker
British Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestine
  Israel Sidelined as Nations Pledge $5.4 Billion to Rebuild Gaza
NATO Airstrike Kills Seven Afghan Civilians
  Taliban Kills 22 Afghan Troops in Northern Convoy Ambush
India PM Orders 'Heavy Losses' in Pakistan
Taliban Ambush Kills 22 Afghan Soliders, Police in North
'Obama Took Netanyahu's Threats to Attack Iran Seriously'
Yemen's Crisis Reflects Arc of Arab Spring Revolts
Probe of Silencers Leads to Web of Pentagon Secrets
Ebola, 'Scaremongering,' and the Epidemiology of Interventionism  by Justin Raimondo
Liberty, Not Government, Is Key to Containing Ebola  by Ron Paul
Left and Right Agree: War Is Popular  by Andrew Syrios
US Strategy Against ISIS in Tatters  by Patrick Cockburn
Fallujah Fallout: Who Pays the Price?  by Abigail Hall
Let Go of Grudges Against Cuba, Iran  by Stephen Kinzer

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Military Base Dependency
by Jacob G. Hornberger
War Reporters Lament News 'Black Holes' in ISIS-Held Zones
Militia Fighting in Libya's West Kills 23
Ex-NSA Head Says Govt Shouldn't Pursue Reporter
War Weariness Hits US Military Town
Edward Snowden: It Was Worth It
Foreign Suicide Bombers Stike in Kurdish Town; 138 Killed, 153 Wounded Across Iraq
Peshmerga Among 50 Dead in Triple Suicide Bomb Blast
Police Chief of Iraq's Anbar Province Killed by Bomb
Obama's Top Military Adviser Warns of Possible ISIS Attacks in Baghdad
American Military Advisers, 200 Armored Vehicles Arrive Near Tikrit
US Military Drops Military Equipment to Support the Security Forces in Anbar
Baghdad Reported Banning Tankers for Carrying Kurdish Crude
Australia Won't Release Iraq Bomb Camera Images
America and ISIS
Panetta: Obama Needs 'The Heart of a Warrior'
McCain: ISIS 'Is Winning'
Rice: ISIS Fight Will Have Good Days and Bad Days
Joining ISIS
Police: Three More Israeli Arabs Join ISIS
Trinidadian Mother Confirms Her Son With ISIS: Newspaper
Edward Snowden: State Surveillance in Britain Has No Limits
Ukrainian President Accepts Defense Minister's Resignation
Thousands March in Barcelona Against Catalonia Independence
West Alarmed at Hungarian Leader's Power Tactics
Divided Bosnians Vote With Little Hope of Change
Northern Ireland Weapons Haul Included Pipe Bombs, Gun and Fertilizer
10 Dead in Mogadishu Car Bomb Blast
Gunmen Attack Somali Journalist in Mogadishu
Egypt Police Storm 2 Universities Over Protests
Algerian Troops Kill Eight in Search for Group Behind Tourist Beheading: State Media
Amid Ebola Crisis, Liberian Army Sees Its Chance at Rebranding
Bolivia Votes in Presidential Poll; Morales Seen Cruising to Win
WWII-Era Balloon Bomb in British Columbia Blown to Smithereens
German Journalists Arrested in Turkey for Covering Kurdish Protests
German Deputy Speaker: NATO Must Stop Turkey Support for ISIS
Turkish Foreign Minister Says Kobani Corridor for Weapons, Fighters Unrealistic
Hagel Cites 'Considerable Progress' in Talks With Turkey Over Syria
UN Chief Ban: Israeli Occupation Led to Gaza War
Facing Extinction, Israel's Arab Parties Move Toward Unity… and Growth
Lieberman: US Will Not Make Demands of Israel on Gaza Reconstruction
Israeli Minister: World May Be Wasting Its Money on Gaza
Qatar to Provide $1 Billion for Gaza Reconstruction
Kerry Pledges More US Aid to Rebuild Gaza
Suspected al-Qaeda Attack Kills Two Yemen Soldiers
Taliban in Uniform Storm Police Headquarters in North Afghan City
Multiple Attacks Kill at Least 14 in Afghanistan
Germany Regrets 'Mistakes' in Afghanistan Mission
Pakistan Says 12 Dead in Border Clashes With India, Appeals to UN
Modi's Bravado Ups the Ante in India-Pakistan Fighting
Indian General Says Fewer Militants Entering Kashmir
Hong Kong/China
Police Move on Barricades; Hong Kong Leader Rejects Protesters' Appeal
China Military Training Inadequate for Winning a War: Army Paper
No Firm Indication of Transfer of Power in North Korea: US Official
Four Civilians Killed in Explosion in Troubled Myanmar Region
The War at Home
The US Soldier Who Killed Herself After Refusing to Take Part in Torture
FBI Director Wants Cyber Criminals 'Looking Over Their Shoulders'
Crime-Fighting Surveillance Planes Provoke Privacy Controversy
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Justin Raimondo
Ebola, 'Scaremongering,' and the Epidemiology of Interventionism

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The Grim and the Funny of Bosnian Elections

Lucy Steigerwald
Better Isn't Good Enough When it Comes to War

Ivan Eland
Legal Basis for US War in Iraq and Syria Is Thin

David R. Henderson
Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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