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Updated October 15, 2014 - 8:09 PM EDT
White House: Strategy Against ISIS 'Succeeding'
  Kerry Says Russia Will Help Fight Jihadists
  Serious Disagreements Remain in US-Led Coalition Battling ISIS
  CIA Study of Covert Aid Fueled Skepticism About Helping Rebels
  DHS: No Credible Evidence ISIS Is Planning Ebola Attack
More Complications: Turkey Bombs Kurd Militants
  Students Fret Growing ISIS Influence in Istanbul
  Kurdish Anger Soars as Turkey Won't Open Iraq Arms Corridor
ISIS Surrounds Key Iraqi Air Base in Anbar
  Iraq Descends Into Savage Sectarian Warfare
  How Mosul Fell – an Iraqi General Disputes Baghdad's Story
Pakistani Taliban Leaders Declare Fealty to ISIS
  Pakistani Government Seen Cooperating in US Drone Strikes
How One Man Refused to Spy on Fellow Muslims for the FBI
Panetta Sparks Debate Over US Nuke Strike on North Korea
Houthis Expand Yemen Control, Seize Key Port City
American Foreign Policy: Still Crazy After All These Years  by Justin Raimondo
Fighting Extremism With Extremism  by James Bovard
Images and Interests at War  by Adam Gopnik
America's Hollow Foreign Legions  by William Astore & Tom Engelhardt
Stopping Cyber Hate  by Philip Giraldi
Don't Trust Wesley Clark, Generals on Foreign Policy  by Bruce Fein

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In a First, TSA Removes 7 Americans From No-Fly List
Egypt Sentences Al Jazeera Journalist
US Government Tried to Kill James Risen's Last Book
Who Benefits From US War on ISIS? Al-Qaeda, Analysts Fear
Probe of Bergdahl Capture by Taliban Complete, Under Army Review
Global ISIS Reaction
Obama, Foreign Military Chiefs, to Thrash Out ISIS Plans
Iran Touts 'Experience' Fighting Terrorists, Says Airstrikes Not Enough Against ISIS
Iran Hits Back at Saudi Claims of 'Occupying' Syria
Netherlands Says OK for Dutch Biker Gangs to Fight ISIS
Islamic Extremist Flees Germany Despite Ankle Tag
UK Anti-Terrorism Police Arrest Six in Syria-Linked Operation
Russian Troops Withdraw From Ukrainian Border as Kerry, Lavrov Meet in Paris
Clashes Erupt Outside Ukraine's Parliament in Kiev
Europe's 'Ghost People'
Europe Urged to End Plight of 600,000 Ghost People
How Does Someone End Up Stateless in Europe?
'Like Tumbleweed, I Can Never Put Down Roots': Stateless Woman
Soccer Match in Serbia Erupts in Riot Set Off by Pro-Albania Drone
With a Parade for Putin, Serbia Walks a Tightrope
Romania President Says PM Was an Undercover Spy
Marijuana to Be Grown by Italian Army – in Order to Bring the Price Down
Russian Hackers Used Windows Bug to Target NATO
Norway's Military Conscription Becomes Gender Neutral
After Scottish Vote, Separatists Say Britain Reneging on Pledges
Taliban Kill Six More Afghan Police as Attacks Stepped Up
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Civilians in Afghanistan
UN Agency to Cut Food Rations for 1 Million Afghans Over Funding
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Vow Minimum Force to Remove Protest Road Barriers
Hong Kong Police Use Sledgehammers, Chainsaws to Clear Protest Barriers, Open Road
North and South Korea Military Officials Hold Secret Talks: Lawmaker
As Kim Returns, North Korea Becomes Slightly More Open
US to Keep Custody of Marine Suspect in Philippines Transgender Murder Case
Protesters Demand US Hand Over Marine Accused in Death of Transgender Filipina
Central African Republic
Polish Missionary Kidnapped in Central African Republic
UN Condemns Use of Children in Latest Central African Republic Violence
White House: US Working to Dismantle 'Murderous' Boko Haram
Somalia's President Linked to Arms Trafficking to Al-Shabaab Terror Group
12 Injured in Explosion in Downtown Cairo
Burundi Says 40 Corpses Found in Lake Were Rwandans
Algerian Police March in Rare Protest in Capital
Ankara Bombs PKK Rebels Inside Turkey While Kurds in Kobani Face ISIS
US-Led Air Strikes Intensify as Syria Conflict Destabilizes Turkey
Kurdish PKK Militants Say Turkey Violated Ceasefire With Air Strikes
Turkey Won't Open Corridor to Syria for Iraq Arms
Anger as Wounded Syria Kurds Die Stranded at Turkish Border
Kerry: 'No Discrepancy' Between US and Turkey
Turkish President Declares Lawrence of Arabia a Bigger Enemy Than ISIS
Kurds Claim to Recapture Key Kobani Hill
Syria Security Chiefs Fired After Protests by Assad Loyalists
US-Led Forces Conduct 21 Airstrikes Near Kobani, Syria: US Military
Iraq Bombs and Mass Grave Drive Casualties to 279 Dead, 103 Wounded
Iraqi Member of Parliament Killed in Car Bomb Blast in Western Baghdad
The Secret US Victims of Iraq's Chemical Arms
ISIS Militants Kill Two Iraq Journalists
Australian Troops to Iraq Held Up by Legal Matters
Australian Military Role Unclear as Iraq Minister Rejects Idea of Foreign Troops
Israeli Chief of Staff: Hamas Acted With 'Courage' in Some Cases
UN Chief Calls for End to Rocket Fire, Probe Into UN School Shelling
UN's Ban: Being Born in Gaza Is Not a Crime
UN Chief Reaches Out to Family of Gaza War Victim
EU Considers Banning Violent Jewish Settlers
French FM: If Peace Talks Prove Impossible, We'll Recognize Palestinian State
First Trucks With Reconstruction Supplies Enter Gaza
Palestinian Mosque in West Bank Torched in Suspected Arson
British MPs' Palestinian Vote Sends Troubling Message, Says Israel
Middle East
Militias Rule the Day in Strife-Torn Middle East
Privacy Group Targets British Spyware Company Over Bahrain Surveillance
US Worker Killed by Ex-Colleague in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia and Iran Swap Accusations as Tensions Persist
Yemen on the Brink as Rebels Oust the Old Guard
Officer Killed, 4 Injured in Attack in SE Yemen
Group That Seized Tripoli Takes Libya Govt, Oil Company Websites
New Charges Brought Against Suspect in 2012 Benghazi Attacks
Mexico Says Missing Students Not Among Remains Found in Mass Grave
US Military
US Military's Robot Space Plane Due to Land This Week
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