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Updated October 17, 2014 - 8:10 PM EDT
Report: ISIS Flying Its Own Warplanes in Syria
  General: ISIS Recruitment in Europe Accelerating
  Kurdish Fighters Stall ISIS Advance Into Kobani
  State Dept Meets With Syrian Kurds Tied to Terror Group
Gen. Allen: ISIS Making Substantial Gains in Iraq
  Bombs and Mortars: ISIS Increasingly Targeting Baghdad
  Iraq PM Poised to Grant Interior Ministry to Powerful Shi'ite Militia
Senate Torture Report Sidesteps Blaming Bush
  Judge Grants 30-Day Delay in Release of Gitmo Force-Feeding Videos
  FBI Director: Require Tech Firms To Make Devices Wiretap-Friendly
Obama Sending National Guard to Fight Ebola
Nigeria and Boko Haram 'Agree Ceasefire and Girls' Release'
Al-Qaeda Overruns Town, Seizes Military Base in SW Yemen
Egypt's US-Backed Regime Is Brutalizing Student Protesters
CIA Admits That Funding Rebels Doesn't Work  by Lucy Steigerwald
Seven Bad Endings to the New War in the Middle East  by Peter Van Buren
UN Report Finds Mass Surveillance Violates International Treaties and Privacy Rights  by Glenn Greenwald
Ebola, 'Epistemic Closure,' and the Political Class  by Justin Raimondo
George W. Bush Was Still Wrong About Iraq's WMDs  by Matt Purple
The War on iPhone Privacy  by Philip Giraldi

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Black Op Turns to Bedlam as Navy Silencer Scandal Unfolds
New Zealand Cops Raided Home of Reporter Working on Snowden Documents
Judge Rejects Anonymous Jury for Arab-American
Obama Promises Ebola 'SWAT' Teams
US Government Sanitizes Vietnam War History
Global ISIS Reaction
Britain Warns of 'Exceptionally High' Level of Anti-Terrorism Activity
Russia Plays Down Cooperation With US Against ISIS Militants
US Seeks More From China, Asian Muslim Nations, on ISIS
Australians Urged to Leave Iraq
Canada to Boost Powers of Spy Agency to Address Terrorist Threat
New Afghan Government Calls on Taliban to Join Peace Process
Two Haqqani Militant Leaders Arrested, Afghan Officials Say
Hong Kong Police Clear Protesters, Barricades in Surprise Raid in Mong Kok
Pakistani Christian Loses Appeal Against Death Sentence for Blasphemy
Philippines Steps Up Army Patrols on Island Where Germans Held
In Japan, Former American Prisoners of War Close a Dark Chapter
EU Court Overturns Tamil Tiger Sanctions but Maintains Asset Freeze
Libya's Government Holed Up in a 1970s Hotel
Egypt's Foray Into Libya Underlines Its Concerns
Libyan Red Crescent Calls for Benghazi Ceasefire as Fighting Rages
Egypt Court Hands Life Terms to 25 Morsi Backers
Bombs Go Off at Muslim Festival in Egypt, Wound 11
Rebels Kill 30 People in Eastern Congo, Official Says
At Least Seven Dead in North Mali Clashes
Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Kenyan Bus Attack That Leaves Seven Dead
Soldiers End Protest by Algerian Police
Uganda to Supply South Sudan Arms
UN: 3 Peacekeepers Killed in Darfur
Nigerian Soldiers Charged With Mutiny Over Boko Haram
Moscow Says US Working on Military 'Scenarios' at Russia's Borders
2 US Journalists Detained Over Russia Investigative Journalism Workshop
Russia's Putin Warns of Repeat of 2008 Gas Crisis
Majority of Russians Say Western Sanctions Will Help Economy: Poll
2 Children Hurt in Petrol Bomb Attack in Ireland
In Other News
Obama Annoyed by Weak Ebola Response From France, Italy, and Others
Venezuela, Malaysia, Angola, NZ, Spain Win UN Council Seats
As Bombers Strike Baghdad, Bodies Pile-Up in Tikrit; 121 Killed, 157 Wounded
US Says Baghdad Is Not Under 'Imminent Threat' From ISIS
Renewed Iraqi Kurdish Political Alliance May Quell Inter-Party Spats
Britain Sends Drones to Iraq to Join Fight Against ISIS
Kurdish Oil Exports Surge Despite Security Concerns
Chilcot: Hague Hopes for 2015 Date for Iraq Inquiry
US Says It Conducts 14 Air Strikes Against ISIS Near Kobani
Syrian Kurdish Official Calls for Arms for Kobani
Kurds Stuck Between Foes Once Again
Up to 30 British Jihadists Now Dead in Syria but Toll Will Rise With ISIS Lure
Syria Sends Relief Aid to 2,000 Displaced Kurdish Families
Kosovo 'Jihad' Boy Home From Syria After Secret Operation
Austria Arrests Jihadist Suspect Returning From Syria With Young Son
After Repelling ISIS, PKK Fighters Are the New Heroes of Kurdistan
With Syria at War, Can Turkey and Ocalan Still Bring Kurds Peace?
Kurdish Militants Warn of 'Violent Conflict' if Turkish Police Given More Powers
Turkey Fails in Bid to Join UN Security Council
Denmark Wants Answers on Wanted Man Missing in Turkish Custody: Foreign Minister
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Boy During West Bank Crackdown
UN Chief Questions 'Proportionality' of Gaza War
Hamas Leader Urges Muslims to Defend Temple Mount Mosque From Israeli Takeover
Red Cross Delivers First Medical Aid in a Year to Palestinians in Syria
Over 80% of Palestinian Reporters Self-Censor, Study Finds
Gaza Reconstruction Facing Obstacles Despite Aid
Does PM's Bid for Early Likud Primaries Mean Elections Are Near?
Iran, US Say Some Headway Made in 'Difficult' Nuclear Talks
EU Says Iran Nuclear Talks in 'Critical Phase'
Mexico Probes Kidnapping of Drug-Violence Blogger
New Graves Found in Mexico in Hunt for Missing Students
Paraguayan Journalist Shot to Death in Drug Hotbed
The War at Home
TSA Director Who Tightened Airport Security Is Stepping Down
FBI Release Files of Russell Means
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Justin Raimondo
Ebola, 'Epistemic Closure,' and the Political Class

Lucy Steigerwald
CIA Admits That Funding Rebels Doesn't Work

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Presidents and the War Power

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The Grim and the Funny of Bosnian Elections

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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