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Updated October 18, 2014 - 9:13 PM EDT
Pentagon Readying for Long War in Iraq, Syria
  Despite Public's War Weariness, US Defense Budget May Rise
Al-Qaeda Endorses ISIS, Suggesting Shift
  US-Led Air Strikes in Syria Kill 10 Civilians
  US Struggles in Hunt for Syrian Allies
  Report: ISIS Flying Its Own Warplanes in Syria
  ISIS 'Retreats' From Kobani, But US Says Town May Yet Fall
Iraq Approves New Defense, Interior Ministers
  Gen. Austin Claims Iraq Taking Back Lost Ground
Israel Officials Hit Kerry for Push to Resume Talks
  History of Key Document in IAEA Probe Suggests Israeli Forgery
US Soldiers Get Just 4 Hours of Ebola Training
Yemen's Houthis Overrun al-Qaeda Stronghold
Russia, Ukraine Nearing Winter Natural Gas Deal
Nigeria and Boko Haram 'Agree Ceasefire and Girls' Release'
What ‘Democracy’ Really Means in US Jargon: Latin America Edition  by Glenn Greenwald
History of Key Document in IAEA Probe Suggests Israeli Forgery  by Gareth Porter
Squinting at Vietnam War  by Bruce Fein
Recognizing Palestine  by John Feffer
Flying Blind: The USAF's Friendly Fire Machine  by Andrew Cockburn
James Risen Won't Let the US Fear-Mongering Machine Win in Secret  by Trevor Timm

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Obama to Name Ron Klain as Ebola 'Czar'
Joe Biden's Son Kicked Out of Navy for Cocaine
Facebook Unfriends Federal Drug Agency
Iran Border Guards Kill 1 From Pakistani Patrol
Fallen Marine's Family Sues Corps Over Insider Attack Secrecy
Spying and Secrets
Top NSA Official Under Ethics Cloud for Work With Former Boss
Blowing the Whistle on CIA Torture From Beyond the Grave
Mysterious US Spaceplane Returns to Earth
Russia to Bolster Military Presence in Former Soviet States
Putin in Italy to Get EU Sanctions Lifted, but No Progress on Ukraine
Putin Says Deal Agreed to Use Reconnaissance Drones in Ukraine
Sweden's Military Investigates 'Suspicious Underwater Activity'
Ex-Yugoslav Spy Chiefs on Trial for Dissident Murder in Germany
Philippine Prosecutors Issue Summons for US Marine in Murder Case
Anti-US Sentiment Following Slaying Could Threaten US-Philippine Security Pact Plans
Philippine Militants Free Two German Hostages
Hong Kong
Activists Regroup to Force Police Retreat in Protest Hotspot
Hong Kong Police Arrest 26 Amid Street Clashes
In Hong Kong, No Endgame for Chaotic Protests
Japan PM Sends Offering to War Dead Shrine, Angering China
After Border Row, India, China Plan Counter-Terror Drills to Build Trust
Modi Asks Indian Military to Prepare for Less Predictable Security Challenges
India to Pay Iran $900 Million in Oil Dues
US Fleet to Shift Three Destroyers to Japan
China Names New Envoy to Iceland After Japan Spying Report
At Least Nine Militants Killed in Pakistani Army Offensive
Myanmar Rebels Say Military Operations Could End Peace Talks
No Halt in Baghdad Bombings; 142 Killed, 122 Wounded Across Iraq
Air Campaign Against ISIS Is Just Getting Off the Ground
Iraq Imposes Curfew in Ramadi, Fearing Militants
ISIS Fighters 'Crucify' 17-Year-Old Boy in Syria
'Saddam Hussein Planned to Kidnap Menachem Begin,' Former Lawyer Says
Global ISIS Reaction
Jihadis Take Their Kids to War; Moms Fight Back
Britain May Use Mediaeval Treason Law to Tackle ISIS
UK Terror Plot Suspects Planned to Kill Police, Court Hears
Spanish Lawmakers Reportedly to Vote on Palestinian State
Gazans Dig in Removing Debris From War Ruins
US Accuses Bennett of Distorting Kerry's Words for Political Gain
World Health Organization Declares Senegal Ebola-Free
Libya Says Week of Violence Kills Nearly 100
Carter Center Shuts Egypt Office Over Rights Concerns
Thousands March in Acapulco Over Feared Mexican Student Massacre
Weekend Reviews: Citizenfour
Gripping Snowden Documentary Offers Portrait of Power, Paranoia, and One Remarkable Man
Citizenfour: Laura Poitras' Secret Snowden Documentary Is Electric
A Portrait of the Whistleblower as a Young Man
Edward Snowden Tells His Side of the Story in the Real-Life Thriller Citizenfour
Citizenfour Review: 'Everybody Needs to See It'
The Snowden Documentary Shows That Only Government Transparency Can Stop Leaks
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Presidents and the War Power

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