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Updated October 23, 2014 - 8:41 PM EDT
Blowback: Ottawa Attack Leaves Canada Stunned
  NORAD Hikes Alert Over Attack on Canadian Parliament
More Troops, Arms: Iraq Pushes US to Expand War
  US: Syrians to Be Trained to Defend Territory, Not Take Ground
  Report: 25 ISIS Killed in US Airstrikes in Central Iraq
  Turkey's Erdogan Slams US Arms Airdrops in Kobani
  Battles Rage Not Far From Baghdad; 282 Killed, 116 Wounded
  Blackwater Mercs Found Guilty Over 2007 Baghdad Massacre
Palestinian Kills Israeli Infant, Wounds 8 Others
  Livni, Lapid Combine Blocs to Push Israel Back Into Peace Talks
Libyan Parliament Pairs Up With Gen. Hifter to Attack Tripoli
Canada, at War for 13 Years, Shocked That 'A Terrorist' Attacked Its Soldiers  by Glenn Greenwald
Don't Ask the Pentagon Where Its Money Goes  by Medea Benjamin
In War Against ISIS, a Fine Line Between Facts and Artifacts  by Jessica Holland
The Drug War Doesn't Work Abroad Either  by Lucy Steigerwald
Resisting US Bases in Okinawa  by Ayano Ginoza, Michiko Hase, & Gwyn Kirk
A 'Worthless and Whiny' Attack on a Genuine Journalistic Hero  by Peter Hart

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The Torture Architects
Fighting Simultaneously in Iraq, Afghanistan Created 'Perfect Storm' for UK Army
Air Force Fires Controller Who Called in 'Friendly Fire' Airstrike in Afghanistan
Filming in Fear: Edward Snowden as Citizenfour
Syria Claims It Destroyed Two Jets Seized by ISIS
Iraqi Kurds Approve Sending Fighters to Aid Syrian Town
Syria's Assad Replaces Provincial Governors in Conflict Zones
ISIS Video Shows Jihadis on Patrol in Kobani as US Warplanes Circle Overhead
Battles Rage Not Far From Baghdad; 282 Killed, 116 Wounded Across Iraq
Air Strikes Kill Around 25 ISIS Fighters in Iraq: Residents
Strikes Hit ISIS Near Syrian Border Town, Iraqi Dam: US
Iraq Asks for Air Strikes on ISIS in Kirkuk
US Airdrop Aided Militants, Turkish President Says
Power Workers Seized in Southeast Turkey Released
From Campus to Kobani: A Turkish Scholar Dies Fighting ISIS
Global ISIS Reaction
Mississippi Man Travels to Syria to Fight ISIS
3 Girls Skipped School to Sneak Off and Join ISIS
Oldest Teen Egged Others on to Fly to Syria
Two Arrested on Terror Charges in UK
Netanyahu Blames Abbas Incitement for Jerusalem Terror Attack
Violence Erupts in Jerusalem After Deadly Attack
Israel to Vote on Partitioning Al-Aqsa Mosque Between Muslims and Jews
Israeli Navy Arrests Seven Fishermen Off Coast of Gaza
Israeli Military Industries Up for Sale
Egypt Border Attack, Injuring 2 Israeli Soldiers, Launched by Drug Smugglers
Prominent Palestinian Peace Activist Convicted of Obstructing Israeli Military
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Kills 30 Shi'ite Rebels in Central Yemen: Tribal Sources
Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women
Bahrain Denies Local Haqqani Arrest
Mexican Military Kills 19 Suspects, Suffers No Casualties
Mexican Military Tried to Cover Up Murders of Up to 15 People, Report Says
Mexico Says Mayor, Wife Were Behind Student-Teacher Disappearances
Protesters Burn City Hall in Mexico Town Where 43 Students Vanished
New Zealand
New Zealand Military Growing Again After Funding Woes
Blowback Comes to Canada
Suspected Shooter Identified in Canada Attack
Attack on Ottawa: PM Harper Cites Terrorist Motive
Quebec Soldiers Ordered to Avoid 'Public Places in Military Uniform' After Ottawa Shooting
After Shooting, Fear and Anxiety Take Over Ottawa
White House: No Change in US Terror Threat Level After Canada Shooting
ISIS Ascent in Syria and Iraq Weakening Pakistani Taliban
Scion of Pakistan's Bhutto Dynasty Throws Down Gauntlet to PM
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protesters March After Fruitless Talks With Government
UK Says Likely to Review Tear Gas Sales to Hong Kong After Protests
Arrest of US Marine in Killing of Filipino May Test Military Ties
UN Inquiry Head Rejects North Korea's 'Honeyed Words'
NATO, Swedish Fighters Scrambled to Intercept Russian Plane
Estonia: Russian Military Plane Violated Air Space
EU to Call on Russia to Help Stabilize Ukraine: Statement
Catalans: Independence Drive Will Intensify Unless Madrid Negotiates
Libyan Army Troops Advance Into Benghazi
Violence Kills at Least 11 in Libya's Benghazi
Libya OPEC Governor Says Group Must Cut Daily Oil Output
Nigeria Talks With Boko Haram but No Sign of Girls' Release
Bomb Outside Cairo University Wounds Nine: Police
Central African Republic to Create Rapid Intervention Unit, Reform Army
Chinese Peacekeepers Expected in South Sudan at Start of 2015: UN
Niger Buys 'Spy Plane' to Combat Sahel Militants
An African Voice Against Conflict Rape, Honored by Europe
Burkina Faso Opposition Rejects Referendum Plan, Calls for Protests
The War at Home
Sen. Ron Wyden Blasts CIA for Censoring Torture Report
Senator Takes Aim at Military Programs for Wasteful Spending
Intel Chairman: Charge Snowden With Murder
NOAA Employee Charged With Stealing US Dam Information
1,000-Pound Pod Falls Off Marine Corps Prowler Mid-Flight
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