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Updated October 25, 2014 - 8:25 PM EDT
US: Bombing Oil Pipelines a 'Viable Option'
  Rebels Urge US Intervention as Syrian Forces Near Aleppo
  In Kobani, Kurds See War of Attrition
  Kurds Hype ISIS Threats With Eye on US Escalation
  Turkey Smugglers Offer $20 Passage to Syria
Pentagon: Iraq Won't Try to Retake Mosul for a Year
  Iraq's Abu Ghraib Is Back in the News, Now as a Front-Line Town
  Marine Death in Baghdad Is First in Campaign Against ISIS
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian-American Teen
  US Officials: Administration Denied Meetings to Unwelcome Israel DM
Car Bomb Kills 31 Soldiers in Egypt's Sinai
ISIS Allies Carving Out Territory in Eastern Libya
US Spent Millions Upgrading Afghan TV Sports Coverage
US Drone Strike Kills Three Suspected Militants in Yemen
Are We Ready for the Fall of Baghdad?  by Ron Holland
Two Parades and a Drone: Autumn in Serbia  by Nebojsa Malic
America's Perpetual State of Emergency  by Gregory Korte
Bury the Bomb Before It Buries Us  by Jack A. Smith
Arming Ukraine Is a Very Bad Idea  by James Carden
One My Lai a Month   by Robert C. Koehler

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One Easy Way to Blow $7.6 Billion
Swedish Military Calls Off Hunt for Suspected Sub
Cameron: UK Won't Pay £1.7bn EU Bill Next Month
Frank Serpico: The Police Are Still Out of Control
Mexico's Missing Students Expose Nexus of Crime and Politics
Blowback Hits Canada
Canada PM Vows Crackdown After Capital Shocked by Fatal Attacks
Man Who Attacked Canada's Parliament Had Troubled, Transient Past
Gunman in Canada Attack Complained About Mosque
Canada's Financial Intelligence Agency Gets 'Useful' Data After Attacks
Pakistan and Iran Exchange Mortar Fire on Border
Suspect in Beheading of US Journalist Daniel Pearl Released in Pakistan
Imran Vows to Continue Sit-In Till His Death if Pakistan PM Won't Resign
No US Troop Cuts Without Credible North Korea Nuclear Deal, Says Kerry
Japan Could Deploy Minesweepers Off South Korea in War With North, US Admiral Says
US General Says He Believes North Korea Can Build Nuclear Warhead
China/Hong Kong
Protesters in Hong Kong to Vote on Government Proposals
Hong Kong Protesters Set for the Long Haul at Self-Sustaining Village
China Punishes 17 Officials After Deadly Village Clash
China Says UN Rights Covenant No Measure for Hong Kong Reform
Canadian Couple Accused of Spying in China Held in Near Isolation, Son Says
Detained Myanmar Reporter Aung Naing Shot Dead
Hindu Activists Attack India Cafe Over 'Immoral Activity'
French Journalists Jailed in Indonesia's Papua
US to Compensate Philippines for Coral Reef Damage by Navy Ship
Egypt Declares Emergency in Northern Sinai
Masked Men Burn Two Saudi Arabia Consulate Cars in Egypt: Sources
Tunisian Forces Kill Six After Standoff With Militants Outside Tunis
Political Islam Tries to Adapt to Tunisia Election Landscape
Chad Says Nigeria Deal With Boko Haram to Free Girls Still On
Gunmen Kidnap Nigeria Oil Minister's Sister: Police
Nigeria Reps Approve $1 Billion Loan to Fight Boko Haram
Rwanda Suspends BBC's Local Radio Service Over Genocide Documentary
UN Authorizes Ship Inspections Near Somalia for Arms, Charcoal
Top Rebel Commanders Join Colombian Peace Talks in Cuba
US Judge Gives Ex-Colombian Rebel 27 Years Prison for Taking Hostages
The War at Home
Rand Paul Tries to Peel Away Isolationist Label
New York Police Brand Hatchet Attack 'Terrorist' Act
Hatchet-Wielding Man Who Attacked NY Cops 'Just an Angry Guy'
Shakeup at NSA After Buzzfeed News Reports on Potential Conflict of Interest
Syria Air Strikes Kill 10 Children, 5 Women in Aleppo: Monitor
Kurds Reject Erdogan Report of Deal With Syrian Rebels to Aid Besieged Kobani
Islamic State Siege of Kobane: Did Turkey Shoot Itself in the Foot?
Kurdish Defenders Retake Kobane Hill; Peshmerga Reinforcements Reduced
ISIS Family Members Among Refugees, Kurdish Official Says
Kurds Fear ISIS Use of Chemical Weapon in Kobani
US Marine, 286 Others Killed Across Iraq
Yazidi Commander Killed on Iraq's Mount Sinjar
Sunni Militants Draw Iraqi Forces Into Intense Battles on Several Fronts
ISIS Targets Town as Iraq Army Musters for Defense of Baghdad
ISIS Death Threats and Child Beheadings Force Vicar of Baghdad to Flee Iraq
France Says Air Strikes Take Out Weapons Arsenal in Iraq
In Iraq, Blackwater Verdict Provides No Relief From Bitterness
Global ISIS Reaction
One British Jihadi Killed in Syria and Iraq Every Three Weeks, Study Finds
France's Hollande Says Anti-ISIS Campaign Will Be Stepped Up
Riots Resume in Jerusalem After Palestinian Teen Killed in West Bank
Surveillance Cameras to Monitor Gaza Reconstruction Under Hamas
Israeli TV: Right-Wing Minister Mulls Relocating to Sensitive East Jerusalem Neighborhood
US Negotiator: Some Want Talks With Iran to Fail
Iranian Photojournalist Reportedly Detained After Covering Protest Against Acid Attacks
Yemen at Risk of Civil War, Says Ambassador to UK
Tribesmen Blow Up Yemeni Oil Export Pipeline, Halting Flows
Yemen Presidency 'Frustrated' by Houthi Advances: Source
Three Kurdish Militants Killed in Attack on Turkish Power Plant
Suspicious Yellow Powder Sent to Canadian, Belgian, German, US Consulates in Istanbul
Seven Lebanon Troops, 3 Civilians Wounded in Tripoli Clash
US Diplomat Criticizes Hungary PM's Russia Policies
Putin Says Russia Helped Ukraine's Yanukovich Flee
Russia's Putin Blames Kiev for Use of Force in East Ukraine
With Stunts and Vigilante Escapades, a Populist Gains Ground in Ukraine
In Eastern Ukraine, Parliamentary Election Deepens Divide
Putin Urges West to Help Ukraine With Funds for Russian Gas
Ukraine FM Interested in Israeli Drones Following Visit
15 Jailed for Life in Argentina 'Dirty War' Trial
Weekend Reviews
Bombshell Documentary Brings Edward Snowden Into Sharper Focus
Rise of the Warrior Cop: the Militarization of America's Police Forces
Reality of National Security State Trumps 'Delusions' of US Democracy
Shadow Facts About Shadow Government
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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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