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Updated October 28, 2014 - 8:41 PM EDT
Syria Govt Providing Military Support to Kurds
  New ISIS Video Challenges Western Version of Battle for Kobani
  Turkey: Peshmerga Free to Cross into Kobani If They Want
  US Sees Syria Rebels in Political, Not Military Solution: Report
  Bombers Attack Civilian and Security Targets Across Iraq, 317 Killed
US Questions Netanyahu's Commitment to Peace
  Netanyahu Approves 1,060 New Settlement Units in East Jerusalem
Senate 'Roadmap' to Keep Afghan Billions Flowing
  Taliban Kills Prosecutors, Kidnaps Police in Latest Operations
  Green Berets: Afghan Troops Hide During Fights, Rely on US
Feds Identify Suspected 'Second NSA Leaker'
  The Nation Interviews Edward Snowden
Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in US
Pentagon: Quarantine Returning Ebola Troops
Tunisian Islamists Concede Election Defeat to Secular Party
250 Killed in 3-Day Battle Over Yemeni Town of Radda
How Congressional Hawks Plan to Kill Obama's Iran Deal  by Trita Parsi
Public Unease Over Remote Threats  by Ivan Eland
When Our Allies and Enemies Engage in the Same 'Evil'  by Marcy Wheeler
Terrorism and 'The True Believer'  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Time to Withdraw From NATO  by Bruce Fein
Are the Beheadings a Legitimate Casus Belli?  by Nick Gillespie

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Ex-CBS Reporter: Government Agency Bugged My Computer
Israeli Attorney-General to Ya'alon: Who Says You Can Order Separate Buses?
Air War on ISIS Costing $8.3 Million a Day: Pentagon
US Public Skeptical About Afghan War
The War at Home
NSA Surveillance Limits: the Focus Turns to Courts
Agency Chief Warns of 'Regulatory Regime' Watching the Internet
Economy Trumps ISIS for Voters in Key States
'Suicides Are a Problem in the Guard'
Pentagon Watchdogs Scrutinize States' Push Toward Online Voting
CIA, FBI Employed at Least 1,000 Ex-Nazis as Spies During the Cold War, Book Claims
Taliban Return to Afghan Town That Rose Up and Drove Out Its Leaders
Last British Troops Leave Helmand
China, Vietnam Say Want Lasting Solution to Sea Dispute
China Considers Ending Death Penalty for 9 Crimes
Pakistan PM: Protest Sit-In Will Die Out
North Korea, UN Investigator Meet on Possible Visit
Russia Says Ukraine Vote May Help Peace, Warns of 'Nationalists'
Russia to Recognize Ukraine Election Results: Lavrov
Explosions Heard in Donetsk After Ukraine Election: Mayor
Report Alleges Crimea Rights Abuses
OSCE Observers Give Ukraine Election a Clean Bill of Health
Chief MH17 Investigator on German Claims: 'We Will Need Evidence'
Poland to Move Thousands of Troops East in Historic Realignment of Cold War Structure
Czech Secret Service Sees 'Extremely High' Number of Russian Spies
Finland's Shopping Tourism Hit as Russians Stay at Home
Spain Central Government Moves to Block New Catalan Vote
'Security Breach' Alarm as Man Runs Into British PM
France Says Armenia, Azerbaijan to Hold More Talks on Nagorno-Karabakh
Sisi Gives Egypt Military New Powers After Sinai Attack
Egypt Court Detains Rights Activists at Start of Retrial
Libya Now Has Two State News Agencies as Disorder Deepens
Libya Requires $185 Crude Oil to Balance Its Budget: Goldman
Nigeria Says Violence Does Not Threaten Boko Haram Talks to Free Girls
Dozens More Girls Abducted by Nigerian Extremists
Nigeria's Boko Haram Sends Girls to Front Line
Nigeria Pledges Help After German Killed, Another Abducted
Fighting Erupts Again in South Sudan; Each Side Blames the Other
France Criticizes Slow Deployment of UN Peacekeepers in Mali
Burkina Braces for Protests Over Move to Extend Leader's Rule
Wrong to Expel Top Rights Expert, UN Envoy Tells Congo
Syrian Rebels Clash With Government Troops, 19 Die
US, Partners Conduct 11 More Strikes in Syria, Iraq Against ISIS: Centcom
Islamist Militants Storm Government Building in Idlib, Northwest Syria
ISIS Beheads Four Tribesmen in Eastern Syria: Monitor
Turkish Official Says Iraqi Kurdish Fighters Free to Cross to Kobani
Assad's Warnings Start to Ring True in Turkey
Bombers Attack Civilian and Security Targets Across Iraq, 317 Killed
Two Car Bombings in Iraq Kill at Least 38 People
Investigating Abandoned Chemical Weapons in Iraq
Kurdish Former MP Faces Court Case Over ISIS Funding Claim
Iraq Gets a White House as Kurdish Tycoon Builds Replica
Iraq War Now Being Fought by People Who Were Just Kids When It Started
Global ISIS Reaction
Islamabad: Pakistan Experts Expect More Defections to ISIS
Joint US-UAE Task Force to Choke Off ISIS Funding
1,800 Radical German Muslims Now in Syria, Iraq
Report: Britons Who Try to Leave ISIS Are Threatened With Death
US Official Urges Allies to Combat ISIS Ideology
British Teacher Admits Planning to Join ISIS in Syria
Rubber Bullets Hit AP Photographer and Freelancer in West Bank
US 'Unequivocally Opposed' to East Jerusalem Construction
Palestinians Warn of 'Explosion' Over Settler Homes
Netanyahu: Israel Will Build in All of Jerusalem
Palestinian PM Visits Temple Mount Amid Unrest
Israel's First New Non-Bedouin Arab Town Set for Approval
Jordan to Request Emergency UN Meeting on Israel
Gaza Power Plant Resumes Operations, Director Says
Jerusalem: Palestinian Car Attack Claims Second Victim
Suicide Bomber in Yemen Kills 20 Houthi Fighters: Sources
Yemen's Houthi Rebel Movement Gets Oil Ministry
South Yemen MPs Back Separatist Protests
Middle East
Guns Fall Silent in Lebanon's Tripoli After Deadly Clashes
Human Rights in Iran Worsen, UN Investigator Says
US Navy Officer Dies in Qatar in Non-Combat Incident
Suspicious Powder Sent to Consulates in Istanbul Shows No Signs of Biological Agent
Canada Police: Most of Radicalized People They Track Are Canadians
Canada Outlines 'Lone Wolf' Threat
Canada Must Do More to Thwart Radical Threat, Security Officials Say
Search for Missing Mexico Students Finds More Dead
Mexico Arrests 4 Gang Members in Students' Disappearance
Cuba Builds First New Church in 55 Years
Peru Families Receive Bodies of Dirty War Victims
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Public Unease Over Remote Threats

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Two Parades and a Drone

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The Drug War Doesn't Work Abroad Either

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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