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Updated November 1, 2014 - 9:29 PM EDT
Hagel: New World Order Means Endless War
  UK Says Will Pay Off Part of World War One-Era Debt Next Year
White House: Syria Policy 'Clear' and 'Working'
  Report: Iranians Paying Afghans to Go Fight Against ISIS in Syria
Ukraine Militias Warn They'll Launch Coup in Six Months
  Breakaway East Ukraine Prepares for First Elections
Israel's Use of Human Shields and Targeting of Civilians
  Former Israeli Soldier: IDF Troops Don't View Palestinians as Humans
CBS Reporter Releases Video of Apparent Computer Hack
IG: Army Won't Stop Giving Contracts to Taliban Backers
Ray McGovern Arrested Trying to Attend NY Petraeus Event
Israeli Policy on Iran Is the Biggest Threat to Its 'Special Relationship' With America  by Ali Gharib
Big Brother's Liberal Friends  by Henry Farrell
Rick Perry Gives Hawks a Blank Slate  by James W. Carden
Revenge of the COIN Doctrine  by Kelley Vlahos
The Day Israel Attacked America  by Richard Belfield
America Cannot Kill Its Way Out of the ISIS War  by Zenon Evans

More Viewpoints

A Civil War Without End
by Patrick Cockburn
Tom Engelhardt Interview: Shadow Surveillance State Is Really a Secret Religion
US Military to Train More Ebola Response Teams
US Ambassador Power Self-Monitoring for Ebola
Eric Holder: Transparency for Thee, but Not for Me?
Possible ISIS Leaflets Found Near Marine Corps Base
Former US Envoy Says Russians Still Spying on Him
The Myth of the White Widow
The War at Home
Dated US Army Manual Tells Women to 'Guard Against Rape'
US Military Sexual Assault Survey Draws Complaints
The US Military's Long, Uncomfortable History With Prostitution Gets New Attention
Head of Joint Chiefs Asks Muslim Man, 'Are You Taliban?'
Pentagon Concerned About bin Laden Shooter Interview
Navy SEAL Who Wrote bin Laden Book Is Under Criminal Probe
Court Rules Police Can Force Users to Unlock Iphones With Fingerprints, but Not Passcodes
Czech Soldiers to Stay in Afghanistan
Afghan Leader Makes Rare Reference to Taliban
Afghan Army Asked to Check 'Suspicious' Border Activity
A Photographic Look Through the Gardens of War-Torn Afghanistan
Taliban Free Russian Pilot After 18 Months in Captivity
NATO Says a Service Member Has Died in Eastern Afghanistan From Non-Combat-Related Injury
US Blacklists Myanmar Official Ahead of Obama Visit
Suu Kyi Presidency Moves a Step Closer to Reality in Myanmar
Myanmar Key Players in Rare Roundtable Talks
Three 'TTP Militants' Killed in Karachi Police Encounter
China Postpones Junket for GOP Dignitaries After Flap
North Korea Said to Impose Ebola Quarantine on All Travelers
Russia May Resume Gas Supply Next Week if Ukraine Pays $2.2 Billion: Gazprom
Ukraine Will Guarantee Transit of Russian Gas to Europe: PM
Poroshenko's Bloc to Support Arseniy Yatsenyuk as PM
With Political Rift Still Deep, Russia-Ukraine Gas Deal Is Widely Seen as a Patch
Ukrainians in the Battered East Scramble in Darkness as Winter Nears
Europe Won't Recognize Vote in Eastern Ukraine, Merkel Tells Putin
EU Acts on 'Excessive Russian Import Duties'
US Chides Russia Over Military Flights in Europe
Spain Says Will Seek to Block Watered-Down Catalan Vote on Independence
Suspected ETA Member Arrested in Germany
Car Bomb Kills at Least 10 at Bus Stop in Northeast Nigeria
We Did Not Negotiate With Anyone, Says Boko Haram's Shekau
Fragile Hopes of Boko Haram Freeing Schoolgirls Are Dashed
Nigeria Violence Pushes Refugees and Cholera Across Borders
Weekend Reviews
Reading the Road Map to a Police State
Skewering the 'Shadow Government'
The Real Civil War
Citizenfour: Poitras' Documentary Is About NSA and GCHQ – Not Snowden
Stranger Than Fiction: Citizenfour Is a Dire Parable of Whistle-Blowers and Government Spying
The Syrian Labyrinth: Reese Erlich's New Book Combines On-the-Ground Reporting With an Encyclopedic Background in the Region's History
Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Enter Syria's Kobani After Further Air Strikes
Syria's Alawites Pay Heavy Price as They Bury Sons
Too Much Focus on Kobani in Anti-ISIS Campaign: Erdogan
Opposition: Turkey Does Not Intend Its Troops to Fight ISIS in Syria
US Says More Air Strikes Target ISIS Near Syria Border Town
Kurds' Battle for Kobani Unites a People Divided by Borders
More Tribal Fighters Executed in Iraq; 119 Killed, 77 Wounded
Australian Commandos Unable to Enter Iraq Due to Lack of Visas
Germany Ready to Train Iraq's Sunnis as Well as Kurds to Fight ISIS
'Treated Like Cattle': Yazidi Women Sold, Raped, Enslaved by ISIS
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Calls on Baghdad to Help Sunni Tribes After Killings
Global ISIS Reaction
Japanese Jihadists Recruited to Fight With ISIS
UN: ISIS Has 15,000 Fighters From 80 Countries; $45m in Funds
ISIS Fighter Testifies in Frankfurt: I Still Want to Die a Martyr
Foreign Office Issues Worldwide Terrorism Warning for British Tourists
Three Iraqis Arrested in Switzerland, Suspected of Planning Attack
Kerry Phones Netanyahu to Apologize Over 'Chickenshit' Slur
West Bank Clashes After Israel Allows Restricted Access to Al Aqsa
Muslim Men Over 50 Pray at Jerusalem's Aqsa Mosque Amid Tight Security
Tensions Aside, US DoD to Award Israeli Start-Up With $100k
Report: Kerry, Zarif to Hold Iran Nuclear Talks in Oman
Iran Hits Back After West Condemns Its Human Rights Record
Turkey's Erdogan Says Kurdish Peace Process Will Continue Despite Unrest
Turkish Leader, Using Conflicts, Cements Power
New Purge in Turkey? Government's Former Ally Branded a Security Threat
Middle East
Houthi Rebels Give Yemen's President 10 Days to Form Government
Americans in Bahrain Urged to Remain Vigilant After Threat on Jihadist Website
Libyan Army Says Recaptures Four Barracks in Benghazi
Amnesty: Libya Militias Committing War Crimes
Protest Is Muted as Egypt Levels Border Area in Sinai
7 Military Men Injured in Egypt's Sinai Blast
Army Chief Takes Over After Burkina Faso President Resigns
Congo Crowd Kills Man, Eats Him After Militant Massacres: Witnesses
Missing Students Force Mexico's Forgotten Crimes to Surface
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The Chickenshit Lobby Is Mad As Hell

Lucy Steigerwald
Federal Agencies Just Doing Whatever They Want Now

Ivan Eland
Public Unease Over Remote Threats

Nebojsa Malic
Two Parades and a Drone

David R. Henderson
Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

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