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Updated November 4, 2014 - 11:13 PM EST
Pentagon Downplays Growing Losses in Iraq, Syria
  With ISIS Massacre of Tribals, Another US Plan Crumbles
  US Officials Consider Striking Another Syria Group, Al-Nusra
  ISIS Seizes Another Key Syrian Gas Field
Egypt's Sinai Militants Swear Loyalty to ISIS
  Egypt, Saudis Discussing New Sunni Arab Military Alliance
Israel Sets 500 Settlement Units for E. Jerusalem
  Israeli Army Told Gaza-Bound Soldiers to Write Farewell Letters
NYT Gets Iran-Russia Negotiations Facts Wrong
UK Spy Chief: US Tech Firms Aiding Terrorism With Privacy
Ukraine Threatens to End Truce After Eastern Elections
US Navy Cancels Port Calls Amid Philippine Anger
Coup Leader in Burkina Faso Received US Military Training
Can Congress Even Touch Out-of-Control Spies and Feds?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Is Barack Obama the Worst President in American History?  by Ivan Eland
Reclaiming the Jewish Soul  by Mark LeVine
The Leading Terrorist State  by Noam Chomsky
Obama's ISIS Strategy: Doomed for Failure  by Robert W. Merry
Does the CIA Want Republicans to Win the Midterms?  by Trevor Timm

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Provincial Deputy Governor Shot Dead at South Afghanistan University
Egyptian Cleric Defends Forced Evacuation of Families From Sinai
Erik Prince Sees a Contractor Future on Fronts of Fighting Ebola, Terrorists
Hagel Defends Gen. James Amos Over Whistleblower Retaliation, Other Charges
Kurds Pay 'Ransom' for Yazidis; 174 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq on 'High Alert' Amid ISIS Attacks, Mass Killings
ISIS Kills 36 More Members of Embattled Iraqi Tribe
Life Under ISIS in Iraq's Fallujah: Danger, Rage, and Profit
Iraq Inquiry Set to Cost UK Taxpayers 10m
France's Hollande Says Iraq Army Must Do More; Bombing Won't End ISIS Crisis
ISIS Beheads 8 Syria Rebels Who Surrendered: Monitor
Robert Fisk Interviews Syrian Govt Advisor
Most Turks Disapprove of Helping Syria's Kobani, Poll Shows
Biden: I Never Apologized to Turkey
Kurdish Rebel Leader Says US Could Mediate in Turkey Talks
Middle East
Gunmen Shoot Dead Five People in Saudi Arabia: State News
Iran Activist Ghoncheh Ghavami On Hunger Strike
Burkina Faso
US Not Ready to Determine Whether Burkina Faso Takeover Is a Coup
Under Pressure, Burkina Faso's Military Promises to Cede Power
African Union Tells Burkina Faso Army to Hand Over Power or Face Sanctions
Libyan Navy Ship Hit During Fighting in Benghazi Port, Smoke Rising
Libya Needs New Elections, Says Rival Prime Minister Al Hassi
Libyan Cadets Training in UK Sent Home Early After Sex Assaults
Suicide Blast Kills 29 in Nigeria, Prison Attack Frees 144
Somalia Donors Warn Spat Between President and PM Risks Recovery
Israel Ex-Officers Urge PM to Make Peace With Palestinians
Israeli Settlements Spreading Into Once Exclusively Arab Neighborhood of Silwan
Gaza Isn't Just a Physical Wreck. the Psychological Damage Is Even Worse
Israeli Arab Sentenced to 22 Months for Fighting With ISIS
US: Kerry Won't Unveil Peace Plan in Talks With Palestinians
For a Packed Part of Jerusalem, Expansion Plans Have Built Mostly Outrage
Erekat: Approval of 500 East Jerusalem Homes a 'Slap in the Face'
Dozens of Israeli Soldiers Who Fought in Gaza War Now Suffering From PTSD
Israeli Minister: We Have 'Fantastic Partners' in Arab World, if Only We'd Utilize Them
Knesset Passes Law: Palestinian Murderers Won't Be Freed in Future Political Deals
Undeterred by Attack, Even Bigger Crowd Turn Up at Pakistan Border Crossing Today
India, Pakistan Lower Flag at Border Ceremony Day After Deadly Attack
12,000 Personnel Guard Pakistan's Twin Cities During Ashura
Thailand Promises Peace 'Within a Year' in Insurgency-Hit South
Thai Media 'Told to Stop Showing Ex-PMs'
China Unveils Laser Drone Defense System
Myanmar Orders Body of Slain Journalist to Be Exhumed
White House Condemns Elections Held by Separatists in Ukraine
Bulgarian Woman Sets Herself on Fire in Central Sofia
Unidentified Drones Are Seen Above French Nuclear Plants
With Eyes on EU, Albania Hopes to Draw Line Under Serbia Drone Row
Security Chief Killed in Mexican Border State
Corrupt Fighting the Corrupt in Bolivia? Majority of Prosecutors Linked to Crimes
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