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Updated November 5, 2014 - 11:27 PM EST
Obama Seeks War Authorization for ISIS Conflict
Hawks Triumph; Will Push More Aggressive Policy
One Killed, 16 Injured in West Bank Car Attacks
  Amnesty: Israel Showed 'Callous Indifference' to Gaza Civilian Deaths
ISIS Makes New Gains in N. Iraq, Nearing Irbil
  Pentagon Denies US Strategy to Defeat ISIS Is Unravelling
  How ISIS Evolved in an American Prison
  Coalition Airstrike Killed 7 Civilians, Wound 27 in Iraq's Qaim
US-Iran Bank Channel Could Cement Nuclear Deal
  NYT Gets Iran-Russia Negotations Facts Wrong
Appellate Judges Seen Hostile to Anti-NSA Ruling
  Verizon and AT&T Snooping on Customers' Web Activity
Nusra Leader Vows Major War in Lebanon
US Drone Strikes Kill 20 Near Contested Yemeni Town
Ukraine President Orders Army East, Ready to Resume War
Do We Have a Foreign Policy?  by Justin Raimondo
Is the Justice Department Shielding an Anti-Iran Smear Campaign?  by Ali Gharib & Eli Clifton
Just Say 'No': Time to End the War on Drugs in Afghanistan  by Ted Galen Carpenter & Christopher Preble
Exceptionalism Rules in Tel Aviv and Washington  by Philip Giraldi
The Economics of Foreign Policy  by John Glaser
ISIS and the US Versus You: The Use of Terror in Politics  by Will Porter

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Georgia's Premier Sacks Pro-Western Defense Minister
US Veto at Security Council May No Longer Be a Given for Israel
Catalonia Presses Ahead With Independence Vote Despite Spanish Court
South Koreans' Support for Reunification Grows Despite Attack Concerns
The War at Home
For 1st Time, Military Detainee Held in Afghanistan Brought to US for Trial in Terror Case
Former NSA Lawyer: The Cyberwar Is Between Tech Firms and the US Government
Former CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Claims Existence of Obama Enemies' List
US Navy SEALs Told to Stop Spilling Secrets
Nutty Plaintiff Nearly Derails Case Against NSA Bulk Collection
Hacking Team Responds in Defense of Its Spyware
Air Force Fires 2 More Nuclear Missile Corps Commanders, Disciplines Another
Military Service Members Complain About Sex Assault Survey
Global ISIS Reaction
Egyptian Militant Group Denies Pledging Loyalty to ISIS: Twitter
NATO: ISIS Fighters Pose 'Lone Wolf' Threat to Europe
New Zealand Won't Send Troops to Fight ISIS in Iraq
New Zealand Vows to Stop Citizens Joining ISIS
Senior Iran Official: Israel's Mossad Created ISIS
Shi'ite Muslims Stand Against ISIS at Annual Ashura March in Sydney
Plan to Train Libyan Troops in Britain Falls Apart After Spate of Sexual Assaults
Libyan Soldiers at Cambridgeshire Barracks 'Seek UK Asylum'
Libya Closes Benghazi's Commercial Port Due to Clashes: Port Official
Two Weeks of Clashes in West of Libya's Tripoli Kill 142
Libya's Italian-Era Gazelle Statue Disappears in Tripoli
Britain, France, US Ask UN to Blacklist Libya's Ansar Al-Sharia
Burkina Faso
Burkina Military Leader Pledges to Step Aside as World Watches
African Union Gives Burkina Faso Army Ultimatum
Boko Haram Attack Town, French-Owned Factory in NE Nigeria
Sudan, South Sudan to Resume Work on Disputed Border
As Power of Shabab Declines, Once Feared Fighters Leave Terror Group Behind
Ukraine's Naftogaz Repays $1.45 Billion Tranche of Gazprom Debt
Ukraine Rebel Leaders Sworn In, Kiev Says Peace Plan Violated
Fugitive Mexican Mayor Suspected in Abduction of 43 Students Captured
Mexican Judge Gets Army Slayings Case
Dominican Republic Quits OAS's Human Rights Court
Cuba Seeks Over $8 Billion in Foreign Investment
Peshmerga, Syrian Rebels Battle ISIS in Besieged Kobani
Kurdish Kids From Kobani Tortured by ISIS
ISIS Releases 93 Syrian Kurds: Monitor
Kuwaiti Man Brings Comic Relief to Syrian Refugees
Battles Continue in Iraq During Ashura; 141 Killed, 69 Wounded
British Troops Are Heading Back to Iraq
Careless Spending on ISIS Campaign Harms Iraq: Finance Minister
We Are Not Slaughterers: An Iraqi Village Rejects Islamic Militants
Baghdad: in Rarity for Iraq, Shiite Holiday Passes With No Attacks on Pilgrims
Bloody and Belittled Shi'ite Ritual Draws Historic Parallels
Saudis Foot Bill as Lebanon Buys French Weapons
Hezbollah Chief Says Ultra Hardline Sunni Militants Will Be Defeated
Hezbollah Rockets Can Reach All of Israel, Nasrallah Warns
Israeli Transport Minister Threatens to Raze Lebanon to the Ground
Palestinians to Submit UN Resolution 'This Month'
Israel Demolishes 3 Palestinian Homes Near Nablus
New Israeli Law Limits Palestinian Prisoner Releases
Thousands of Gaza Civil Servants Strike
Gaza Violence Will Erupt Again Unless Stability Achieved, UN Warns
Netanyahu Ally Gilad Erdan Accepts Interior Ministry, Gives Up Offered UN Post
Israeli Defense Minister: I Wasn't Snubbed During Recent Visit in US
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Shi'ite-Linked Gun Battles Leave Nine Dead
Pro-Kurdish Politician Stabbed in Turkish Capital
A Lower Key as Iran Marks US Embassy Takeover
Bahrain Slams 'Provocative' Iranian Statements
Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani 'Vows Rape Justice'
Major US Army Division Ends Operations in Afghanistan 13 Years After It Arrived
Protests Erupt in Kashmir After Army Shooting
New North Korea Nuclear Facility Could Boost Weapons Fuel
Thai Military Distributes Rifles to Fight Insurgents in South
Pakistan Mob Kills Christian Couple Over 'Blasphemy'
India Moves Two Warships Away From Port After Terror Alert
China Warns Tibet Party Members Not to Harbor Separatist 'Fantasies' About Dalai Lama
US Takes Hands-Off Stance on Future of Myanmar's Suu Kyi
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