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Updated November 6, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
Obama Seeks War Authorization for ISIS Conflict
  Senate Hawks Triumph, Will Push More Aggressive Policy
  Kuwaiti Leaves Gitmo as US Elections Cast Cloud Over the Prison
Iran General, Hezbollah Running Iraq's War on ISIS
  US Drone Strike in Syria May Have Killed French al-Qaeda Member
  Iraqi Troops Preparing Another Push Against Key Oil Refinery
  220 Killed, 63 Wounded Across Iraq Wednesday
  Think Helping to Fight ISIS Will Get You Off Terrorist List? Think Again
One Killed, 16 Injured in West Bank Car Attacks
  Jerusalem Mayor Vows 'Fierce' Crackdown on Arab Neighborhoods
Pentagon Courted Iran on Afghan Economic Aid
  US Commander: Casualties in Afghan Military Not Sustainable
  US Army Slow to Probe Losses of Key Encryption Gear in Afghanistan
Iran Hardliners Hope for Deal Without US Rapprochement
Ukraine to Halt Pension Payments to Easterners
Kuwaiti Leaves Gitmo as Elections Cast Cloud Over Prison
Foreign Policy Is Still on Autopilot  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Return of the Bush-Era GOP  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Mark Udall's Loss Is a Blow for Privacy, but He Can Go Out With a Bang: 'Leak' the CIA Torture Report  by Trevor Timm
Saudi Arabia's Oil Politics on Syria  by Andrés Cala
Relieving World Misery
 by Bruce Fein
Thirty-Five Years After Iranian Hostage Crisis, Aftershocks Remain  by Stephen Kinzer

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Seabees Deployed to West Africa Will Be Quarantined at Base in US
Radicalized at Home: Canadian Mother Details Her Son's Path to Extremism
Sen. Rubio Sees New Hope for Venezuela Sanctions
Global Court Says Will Not Investigate Israeli Raid on Turkish Flotilla
Norway: Terror Threat or Attack on Nation 'Likely'
220 Killed, 63 Wounded Across Iraq Wednesday
Iraq Doesn't Want Foreign Fighters Against ISIS
Australian Super Hornets Have Bombed 14 ISIS Targets in Iraq
Kurdistan PM Downplays Prospect of Independence Now
UK's Fallon on Iraq Troops: 'This Is a Limited Mission'
Mortar Fire on Syria School Kills 13 Children
CentCom: US Continues Strikes Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq
Turkey Warns of Syrian Threat to Aleppo, Fears New Refugee Influx
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Blames Qaeda for Anti-Shi'ite Attack, Sacks Minister for Shutting Sunni TV
Saudi Arabia Takes Action After Shi'ites Are Attacked
Saudi Arabia Shuts Office of TV Channel for Fomenting Sectarian Tension
Drone Strike 'Kills Yemen Al-Qaeda Officials'
Yemen's Shi'ite Rebels Take City South of Capital
Algerian Killed, Frenchman Wounded in Scuffle at Sanaa Houthi Checkpoint: Police Source
Yemen's Ex-President Says US Has Told Him to Leave or Face Sanctions
After Deadly Attack Netanyahu Vows 'Iron Fist' as Clashes and Closures Rock Jerusalem
Netanyahu Says Abbas Responsible for Jerusalem Attack
Jordan Recalls Envoy to Israel Over Jerusalem 'Violations'
Jordan-Israel Relations in Crisis Over Al-Aqsa Mosque Strife
Palestinian Anger Boils in the Heart of East Jerusalem
Palestinians: One Seriously Wounded in Temple Mount Clashes
Clashes in East Jerusalem After Terrorist Attack
Palestinians Urge UN to Press Israel on East Jerusalem
Czech FM: Settlements Suggest Israel Uninterested in Peace
Middle East
Obama Says P5+1 Gave Iran 'A Framework to Re-Enter the International Community'
Violence in Turkey's Kurdish Region Raises Questions About Peace Talks
Lebanese Parliament Extends Own Term Till 2017 Amid Protests
Mexico Missing Case: Students Go on Strike in Solidarity
Mexico Grants Protection for Army Slaying Witness
The War at Home
Ex-CIA Officer Grabs House Seat
Navy SEAL Who Shot bin Laden Revealed
Army Apache Helicopter Design Flaw Could Cause 'Catastrophic Failure'
Pentagon Tests Drone That Can Learn
Pakistan Takes Serious Exception to Comments in US Report
Taliban Group Threatens to Attack India Following Border Blast
Pakistan Arrests 43 Over 'Blasphemy' Killings
Polio Incidence Hits 15-Year High in Pakistan
Hong Kong Students Fine-Tune Plan to Take Democracy Call to Beijing
Mongolia's Parliament Votes to Dismiss Premier
Report Cites Evidence of War Crimes in Myanmar
Ukraine Crisis: Children Die in Donetsk Shelling
Ukraine to Freeze Payments in Separatist Areas
Putin Regrets Ukraine Ceasefire Is Not Working
Russia Told US It Will Not Attend 2016 Nuclear Security Summit
On Unity Day, Putin Divides Nationalists
Czech PM Says Sanctions Hurting Russia, Not Changing Putin's Behavior
Serbian PM Discusses Models of Gas Debt Repayment With Putin
Libya's El Sharara Oilfield Shut After Armed Group Seizure: Sources
Nearly 400 Killed in 3 Weeks of Libya Fighting
HRW: Land Mines Used by Rival Militias in Libya
Egypt Elevates an Official Hostile to US
Bomb on Train Kills Two Egypt Policemen: Officials
Egypt Defends Rights Record Against Critics at UN
Three Tunisian Soldiers Killed in Suspected Islamist Attack
Kenyan Muslim Cleric Salim Bakari Mwarangi Shot Dead in Mombasa
UN Investigating Mass Rapes in Sudan
Veteran Angolan Leader Warned of Burkina-Style Revolt
Burkina Faso Crisis: African Leaders in Army Handover Talks
9 Killed After Officer Slain in Northern Brazil
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