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Updated November 7, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
US to Double Number of Ground Troops in Iraq
  Battle for Baiji Heating Up; 345 Killed, 48 Hurt Thursday Across Iraq
Incoming Hawkish Senate Drawing Up War Plans
  Obama Seeks War Authorization for ISIS Conflict
US Spies Warned Obama: Don't Hit Qaeda in Syria
  In Blow to US Strategy, Syria Surrounds Aleppo
  US Drone Strike in Syria May Have Killed French al-Qaeda Member
  US: 'Khorasan' Targets Were Planning Attack in West

US Coalition Kills Civilians in Northwest Syria Airstrikes

  Syrian Government Forces Retake Gas Field From ISIS: Monitor
Libyan Supreme Court Invalidates Parliament
  US Mulls Sanctions on Libya Factions as Proxy War Looms
Obama Won't Discuss Letter to Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei
Pentagon to Copy Israeli Tactics on Civilian Deaths in War
Thursday in Iraq: 345 Killed, 48 Wounded
Pentagon: 600 Troops Exposed to Chemical Agents in Iraq
State Dept Pakistan Expert Under Counterintel Investigation
An Electronic Archipelago of Domestic Surveillance  by Hina Shamsi & Matthew Harwood
The War Against Austerity  by Winslow T. Wheeler
How Many Muslim Countries Has the US Bombed or Occupied Since 1980?  by Glenn Greenwald
Lessons of the Midterm Elections  by Justin Raimondo
Israel's Annexation Plan for Palestine  by John V. Whitbeck
US vs. Islamic Fundamentalist States and an Islamic Caliphate  by Michael S. Rozeff

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Brazil Begins Laying Its Own Internet Cables to Avoid US Surveillance
Going Against Netanyahu, 84 Percent of US Jews Favor Iran Nuclear Deal
Two Ex-Commandos Claim To Be bin Laden Shooter
Kuwaiti Released From Guantanamo Arrives Home
The Battle for Baiji Heating Up; 345 Killed, 48 Wounded Across Iraq
Fearing US Air Strikes, Syria Asks for Russian S300 Missiles
Coalition Strike Killed Six Nusra Fighters in Syria: Monitoring Group
Kurdish Footballer Leaves Turkey After Attack Over Support for Syrian Kurds
Global ISIS Recruitment
Interpol: Jihadists 'Using Cruise Ships' to Reach Middle East War Zones
The Lost Children: France Takes Stock of Growing Jihadist Problem
Germany Seizes Suspected ISIS Assets as Terror Trial Begins
When Terrorists Need Rehab: Inside the World of Jihadist Deradicalization
In Southeast Iran, Mourning the Cost of a Sunni Insurgency
House Speaker Boehner Says Does Not Trust Iranian Leaders
Lebanese Army Arrests Five Suspects Over Clashes in North
Lebanon Starts Exporting Produce to Russia
NATO Chief Vows No Loss of Gains in Afghanistan
China's Uighur Unrest Is Opportunity for Afghans
Pakistan Rejects US Charges It Supports Militants
Pakistan: US, Afghanistan Not Cooperating on Counterterrorism
Pakistani Policeman Kills 'Blasphemer' Shi'ite With Axe
As Myanmar Advances Resettlement Plan, Rohingya Flee
Senior Myanmar Officials Guilty of War Crimes, Harvard Report Says
Thai PM Considering Lifting Martial Law in Some Areas
End of an Era: US Iron Brigade to Deactivate in Korea
Ukraine Payment Sets Stage for a Winter Recovery at Gazprom
Shelling of Donetsk School Sparks Probe in Ukraine
In Ukraine Crisis, US Businesses Face Tit-for-Tat Response to Sanctions
Putin Discusses 'Deterioration' in East Ukraine, Kiev Denies Fresh Offensive
Stagnation and Infighting Take Hold in Eastern Ukraine
Portugal Navy Escorts Russian Ship Away From Coast
Putin Blames Politics for Falling Energy Prices
Gennady Timchenko: Kremlin Dismisses US Allegations
Kosovo EU Bribe Claims Face Independent Inquiry
'Don't Screw Up': US Envoy Losing Patience With Kosovo Political Impasse
Brussels, Washington Back German-UK Plan to Help Bosnia Join EU
Romania Hunger Strike Prompts Inquiry Into Dissident's Death
'Terror Attack' in West Bank Probably Hit-And-Run Accident
Hague Prosecutor Cites Possible Israeli War Crimes but Declines to Seek Inquiry in Gaza Flotilla Raid
Coordinated Blasts Target Fatah Officials in Gaza
Palestinians Clash With Police as Jerusalem Seethes
US Sent 'Lessons Learned' Team to Model Israel Tactics in Gaza Operation
Israel Bonds Sales Surged During Gaza War
Netanyahu Orders House Demolitions for Jerusalem Terrorists
Israel Won't Change Prayer Rules at Temple Mount, Netanyahu Assures
McDonough: Obama 'Quite Angry' Over 'Chickenshit' Remark
Palestinian Who Ran Over 3 Soldiers 'Turns Himself In'
Bennett Calls for Military Crackdown in Jerusalem
Right-Wing Israelis March to Temple Mount to Protest Glick Shooting
Jerusalem Tension Leaves Jordan More Exposed to Mideast Turmoil
Washington Denies a Role in Yemeni Unrest
Tribesmen Blow Up Main Yemen Oil Export Pipeline
15 Seize Saudi Woman From Yemen Care Home
Middle East
Uncurbed Sectarianism Prompted Village Attack Say Saudi Shi'ites
Muslim Nations to Attend Israeli Weapons Expo
Israel Agrees to Allow More Egyptian Forces in Sinai
Bomb Blast Aboard Egyptian Train Kills 4
Boko Haram Attack in NE Nigeria Kills 21: Senator
Nigeria's Boko Haram Renames Seized Town in Adamawa State
Nigeria Reveals Wave of Jailbreaks
Boko Haram Suspects Found Dead After Arrest by Nigerian Army
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Leaders Agree Power Transition Plan
African Mediators Fail to Name Civilian to Lead Burkina Faso After Unrest
Burkina's Army-Named Leader 'Not Afraid of Sanctions'
Paris Has Info That Suggests Mali Al-Qaeda Hostage Alive
Ruling of Libyan Court Declaring Parliament Invalid Chance for Dialogue: Rival Parliament
Mexican Army Accepts Rights Criticism in Slayings
Venezuela Welcomes 119 Palestinian Students
Colombia's FARC Kill Two Indigenous People for Removing Memorial to Fallen Leader
The War at Home
Obama Aide Named New Anti-Defamation League Chief
Guard Crew Suspended in Phoenix Candy Drop From Black Hawk
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