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Updated November 8, 2014 - 10:35 PM EST
US to Double Number of Ground Troops in Iraq
  Report: US Airstrikes Target Top ISIS Leaders
  New US Troops Headed to Iraq Front Line in ISIS-Controlled Anbar
  No US-Iran Military Coordination Against ISIS: Rice
Four Children Killed by US Airstrike in Syria
  Nusra Front Seizes More Villages From Moderate Syria Rebels
  As Kobani Fight Rages, Syrian Kurds Warn of 'Another Kobani'
  US Spies Warned Obama: Don't Hit Qaeda in Syria
FBI Defends Impersonating AP Reporter in Arrest
  Justice Department Wants Wider Hacking Authorities for the FBI
  Malware Spreads Through Key US Infrastructure; DHS Blames Russia
Bin Laden 'Shooter' Story Is FUBAR: Special Ops Sources
US Ebola Deployments to Last at Least 18 Months
Why US Anti-ISIS Recruitment Videos Don't Work  by Peter Van Buren
Another Dumb War in the Middle East – Hitting ISIS Will Just Make Matters Worse  by Steve Chapman
Obama Must End Gitmo's Cover-Up Court  by Anthony D. Romero
The Dying Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace Process'  by Lawrence Davidson
Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, and More Putin  by Murray Polner
The FBI: America's Secret Police  by John W. Whitehead

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US and Five 'Terrorist Groups' Are on the Same Side in War Against ISIS
Pentagon: Leaked Special Forces Mission Details Could Endanger National Security
US Urges Europe, Asia to Do More for UN Peacekeeping
Gitmo's Incommunicado Captives May Soon Video Chat With Family
US Military
Pentagon Names 5 US Bases for Ebola Mission Troops
Hagel Approval Rating Just 26 Percent Among National Security Workers, Troops
Army Axes Word 'Negro' From Policy Guidelines
Body of F-16 Pilot Recovered in Gulf of Mexico After Training Crash
Two Killed in National Guard Helicopter Crash in Idaho
The War at Home
FBI Director Defends Using Fake News Report
Obama to Nominate Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
GOP Blasts Obama's Iran Letter
Bush: One Regret About Iraq
Snowden: Congress Needs to Encrypt Emails
Peace Memorial Arrives in Raleigh Ahead of Veterans Day
Russian Charged in Afghan Attack Pleads Not Guilty in US Court
Jihadists Threaten to Fight Egypt Army 'Until Judgment Day'
Egypt Crackdown Angers People in Sinai Border Town
Four Killed in Clashes and Attacks Across Egypt
South Sudan
Mediator Says South Sudan Rivals Agree to End War
United Nations Says South Sudan Impounds Peacekeeping Cargo
Nigerians Flee as Islamic Extremists Dig In
Nigerians Killed in Bauchi State Cash Machine Blast
North Korea Strengthens Ties in East Africa
Torture Investigators Denied Access in Gambia, Says UN
Burkina Faso's Isaac Zida Dismisses African Union Intervention
Journalist in Limbo Fears Returning to Botswana
Rwanda Musician Admits Opposition Contact At Start Of Terrorism Trial
Ukraine Accuses Russia of Major Cross-Border Incursion to Aid Separatists
NATO Sees Increase in Russian Troops Along Ukraine Border
Putin Ally Denies Knowledge of US Money Laundering Investigation
Britain Says Halves EU Budget Bill, Critics Cry Foul
British Spies Are Free to Target Lawyers and Journalists
UK Counter-Terror Police Arrest Four Men Over Alleged Plot
Belgium Chocolate-Maker ISIS Changes Its Name After Drop in Sales
Son of Late Romanian Dissident Ends Hunger Strike
96 Killed, 50 Wounded in Prayer Day Attacks, Battles Across Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills Iraqi Commander
Iraq's Top Cleric Says Graft in Army Helped ISIS
Iraq Returns to Risk of Splitting Along Sectarian Lines
US, Allies Hit ISIS With 14 Air Strikes in Iraq, Syria
Peshmergas Blunt, Don't Break, ISIS Siege of Syria's Kobani
ISIS Shuts Down Schools in Eastern Syria
US Leaders Speak
Hamas Creates 'People's Army' in Wake of Al-Aqsa Clashes
Palestinian PM Cancels Gaza Visit After Coordinated Blasts Target Fatah
Gaza Bombings Throw Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation in Doubt
Palestinians Clash With Israeli Troops Again Over Holy Site
Jordanians Protest Against Israel, Urge End to Peace Treaty
Teen Wounded in Jerusalem Terror Attack Succumbs to Wounds
Israeli DM: Jewish Visitors to Temple Mount 'Fueling Fire' of Incitement
Israel to Destroy Homes of Palestinian Jerusalem Attackers
Pakistan Urges UN to Establish 'Independent Palestine'
Lawmaker Says Israeli Arab MKs Could Quit Parliament En Masse to Protest 'Harm to Al-Aqsa'
Israel Secretly Bans Citizens of Ebola-Stricken West Africa From Visiting Country
Yemen Houthi Shi'ite Rebels Join New Cabinet
New Yemen Government Raises Hopes of End to Crisis
Senior al-Qaeda Leader Killed in South Yemen: Officials
Yemen Announces Lineup of Its New Cabinet
UN Sanctions Yemen's Ex-President Saleh, Two Rebel Leaders
Demolition Derby at Huge US Base as Afghan Exit Quickens
NATO Chief Hails 'New Chapter' in Afghanistan
China and Japan Move to Smooth Over East China Sea Island Row
US Eyes China Partnership on Africa Power
White House Blasts China on Human Rights Ahead of APEC Summit
UN Women's Rights Panel Accuses China of Harassing Activists
Official: Men Confess to Killing Mexican Students
Mexico: Bodies of Missing Students Likely Burned, Ashes Tossed in River
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