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Updated November 9, 2014 - 9:20 PM EST
Gorbachev Warns World On Brink of New Cold War
ISIS Leader Baghdadi Reported Injured, but 'Well'
  Obama's Escalation Plans Won't Satisfy Senate Hawks
  US Strategy Is to Train Sunni Tribes in Anbar
  Liberated Iraqi Kurd Town Says It Does Not Want Arabs Back
  Bombers Return to Baghdad as 279 Are Killed Across Iraq
Qaeda Kills 'Dozens' in Yemen as Government Formed
North Korea Releases US Prisoners Bae and Miller
Military Again Seeking $69m for New Terror Prison at Gitmo
Why US Anti-ISIS Recruitment Videos Don't Work  by Peter Van Buren
Another Dumb War in the Middle East – Hitting ISIS Will Just Make Matters Worse  by Steve Chapman
Obama Must End Gitmo's Cover-Up Court  by Anthony D. Romero
The Dying Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace Process'  by Lawrence Davidson
Putin, Putin, Putin, Putin, and More Putin  by Murray Polner
The FBI: America's Secret Police  by John W. Whitehead

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Foundation of US Nuclear System Showing Cracks
In Asia Exercises, US Army Searches for Relevance
Judge Upholds Gitmo's Treatment of Hunger-Striker
Navy Intel Chief's Security Clearance Suspended, Can't View Classified Info
Did the Government Hack a CBS Journalist? Maybe
Bombers Return to Baghdad as 279 Are Killed Across Iraq
49 Unidentified Bodies Buried in Kirkuk Belonging to Militants Killed During Last Ten Months
Iraq Says Foreign Military Trainers Welcome but 'A Little Late'
Kurdistan Oil Sales Reach Almost $3 Billion This Year
Fall in Oil Prices Costs Iraq 27% of Expected Revenues
Ex-Syrian Opposition Chief Discussed Conflict With Moscow
Syria State Newspaper Criticizes Visiting UN Envoy
Northern Ireland Man Faces Syria Terror Charges
Global ISIS Reaction
Former ISIS Member Reveals Turkish Army Cooperation
Sectarian Tensions Running High, Say Australian Muslim Leaders
Third Australian Killed While Fighting With ISIS Militants
Lebanon General: Negotiations With ISIS Require More Time
Friends of US Aid Worker Call on ISIS to Free Him
Kerry Says No Link Between Iran Talks, Other Middle East Issues
Iran Says Nuclear Deal Within Reach by November 24, No Alternatives
NY Port Authority Officer Kept Sources With Ties to Iran Attacks
Houthi Expansion Puts Yemen on Edge of Civil War
Yemen's President Hadi Forced From Leadership of Party
UN Security Council Urges Unity in New Yemen Government
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Royal Council Recommends Women Over 30 Be Allowed to Drive During Day, With No Makeup
Pakistan Says Will Help China Fight Xinjiang Militants
China Hopes Japan Can Create Favorable Atmosphere for Talks
Judge Orders Obama to Explain Rejection of Chinese Bid to Buy Oregon Wind Farms on National Security Grounds
17 Militants Killed in Khyber Agency Clashes
Pakistan Wins China Investment Worth $42 Billion
Musharraf Summoned Over Lal Masjid Cleric's Murder
Kashmir: India Army Says Sorry Over Teenager Deaths
'Enough, I'm Tired' Comment Rallies Mexico Protest
Brazil Military Drills to Defend Amazon
Venezuela: Mastermind of Lawmaker Killing Captured
89 Families Killed in Gaza Since Hostilities Began, Palestinians Say
Riots, Marches in Israeli Arab After 'Cold-Blooded' Killing by Cops
EU Calls for Two States in Jerusalem as Tensions Soar
Tens of Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv to Honor Rabin
From Berlin to Palestine: Palestinian Activists Blast Hole in Separation Fence
European States Threaten to Recognize Palestinian Statehood
Israeli Arabs Declare Strike After Police Kill Man During Arrest Raid
Majority of Palestinians Still Support 2-State Solution, New Poll Says
Four Men Arrested for Allegedly Plotting a Terror Attack to Kill Queen Elizabeth
UK Condemned Over Arms Sales to Repressive States
Britain Poised to Muzzle 'Extremist' Speech
UK Rights Groups Reject Official Inquiry Into Post-September 11 Rendition
Ukrainians Hunker Down for Long War Despite Win for 'Party of Peace'
Kerry Says US, Russia to Exchange Info on Ukraine Crisis
Anti-Catalan Secession Protests Held Across Spain
Catalans Hope for Big Turnout in Symbolic Independence Vote
Yes We Catalan? Barcelona Braces for an Independence Vote
Catalan Independence Rivals Plan to Skip Referendum
US Lawmakers Again Urge NATO to Buy French Warships Slated for Russia
Cyprus Accuses Turkey of 'Provocative Actions'
Boko Haram Said to Seize Another Town in Northern Nigeria
Nigeria Military Clears and Releases 125 'Boko Haram Detainees'
French Military Says 24 Jihadists Killed in Mali
Rebels Accuse South Sudan Army of Breaking Truce Deal Hours After Signing
West African Bloc Urges No Sanctions Against Burkina Faso
Militant Leader Explains Targeting Egypt Soldiers
Sudan Presidential Palace Gunman, 2 Guards Killed
Libyan Protesters Stop Oil Exports From Eastern Hariga Port
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