Unless you're the US government, and you're invading Iraq for the third time. In that case you'll get as many strikes as necessary.

Yes, Iraq War III is upon us – and it's looking just like the last time, only worse.

They say insanity is defined by repeating the same behavior over and over again, while expecting a different result. Our foreign policy surely qualifies as pathological.

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Updated November 10, 2014 - 11:11 PM EST
Obama: Deployments Signal 'New Phase' in Iraq War
  ISIS Leader Baghdadi's Fate Unclear After US Strike
  Sunni Tribes, Shi'ite Militias Fight ISIS Together Over Anbar Town
  More Albu Nimr Tribe Members Executed; 202 Killed Across Iraq
  The Brutal Reality of Life in Mosul Under Islamic State
Lack of Intel Limits Effectiveness of US Airstrikes
  Al-Qaeda, 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Capture Key Southern Town
Two Dead, Several Stabbed by 2 Palestinians
  Israel to Seize Over 3,000 Acres From West Bank Palestinians
Ukraine Launches Intense Shelling of Rebel Area
  Hard Ukraine Bargaining Leaves Sour Taste for Some in EU
Report on 'Military Encounters' Raises Fears of New Cold War
  25 Years Later: How the Fall of the Berlin Wall Changed the World
Senate Hawks Eye Veto Power Over Iran Deal
48 People Killed in Bombing Outside Nigerian School
Yemen's New Govt Immediately Spurned by Ruling Party
Iraq and the Battle of the Potomac  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Israel, a Bulwark Against World War: The Tar Baby and China  by John V. Walsh
Neocon Max Boot's Post-Election Demand: 'Start a War Now!'  by Daniel McAdams
Who Leaked the Obama-Khamenei Letter?  by Justin Raimondo
You Don't Protect My Freedom  by David Masciotra
Will Republican Senate Mean More US Wars?  by Jack Kenny

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Catalonia Vote: 80% Back Independence: Organizers
Bush Says Rise of ISIS the Only 'Regret' for 2003 Iraq Invasion
Rep. Issa: Iraqi Government 'Delusional'
Map: The Countries That Recognize Palestine as a State
More Albu Nimr Tribe Members Executed; 202 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Troops 'Seize Baiji Oil Refinery Town Center' From ISIS
Britain's Defense Chief Says ISIS Will Recover After Air Strikes
Iraq Area Retaken, but Destruction and Anger Remain
ISIS Militants Blow Up the Tomb of Saddam Hussein's Father in Tikrit
Briton Kabir Ahmed 'Among Iraq Suicide Bombing Dead'
ISIS Seeking to 'Delete' Entire Cultures, UNESCO Chief Warns in Iraq
Syria Activists Say Government Air Raids Kill at Least 21 in ISIS-Held Town
Self-Ruling Region in Syria Issues Women's Rights Decree: Monitor
Aleppo Girl Is Star of YouTube Show on Syria War
Army Arrests Two Syrians in South Lebanon
Lebanon's Druze Community Fearful as Syria's War Moves Closer
Report: Iran, Russia to Sign Nuclear Plants Deal Tuesday
Iran, US, EU Tackle Nuclear Differences in Oman, Two Weeks to Deadline
Middle East
In the UAE, the United States Has a Quiet, Potent Ally Nicknamed 'Little Sparta'
Bahrain Meeting Focuses on Terrorist Financing
Yemen Kidnappers Free UN Water Engineer, Says World Body
Kuwait Says Stateless to Be Offered Comoros Citizenship
Bomb Explodes in Libyan Town as UN Envoy Meets PM Thinni
How a Libyan City Joined ISIS
'Hot Zone' Ebola Experts Say US Is Prepared
South Sudan Rebels Say 'Not Confident' About Peace Deal
Sudan Army Denies Darfur 'Mass Rape' Report
New Video Shows Scenes Inside 'Boko Haram-Controlled Town'
Mysterious Killings in East Congo Prompt Anger at UN and Army
One Dead in Kenya's Mombasa After Riots Over Killing
Burkina Faso Talks Edge Forward as Compaore Blasts 'Plot'
The War at Home
Conflict Kitchen Restaurant Closes After Death Threat
Soldier Back From Afghanistan Fatally Shot at Homecoming Celebration
Palestinians Remind World of Their Own Wall
Netanyahu Turns Right at Likud Central Committee Meeting
Fatah Cancels Arafat Memorial in Gaza Over Security
Israeli Ministers Approve Applying Israel Law to West Bank Settlers
Security Officials Concerned That East Jerusalem Violence Will Spread to West Bank, Israeli Arabs
Protests Persist in Arab Towns as Anger Over Killing Simmers
Fresh Scar in Feuds Amid Row Between Palestinian Rivals
Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept Deal That Leaves Iran a Nuclear Threshold State
Fed Up With Netanyahu, Some Look to Lieberman
10 Years After Death, Arafat Still Palestinian Icon
Sheldon Adelson: Palestinians Are Made-Up Nation That Exists Only to Destroy Israel
3 Explosions Rock Afghan Capital After Months of Calm
Afghanistan Suicide Bomber Infiltrates Kabul Police HQ
Powerful Afghan Police Chief Puts Fear in Taliban and Their Enemies
'Good Taliban' and 'Bad Taliban.' New Dynamic Inside Pakistan?
Pakistan Air Strikes Kill 13 Militants
China/Hong Kong
Xi Calls for China, Taiwan to Set Aside Differences
China, Russia Sign Accord on Second Gas Route
Hong Kong's Post-Handover Leader Says China Won't Change Mind on Democracy: Paper
Indian Army Admits 'Mistake' in Killing Two Teenagers
India's Modi Expands Cabinet, Expected to Name New Defense Minister
India's Defense Minister Says Needs 440 Helicopters for Armed Forces
Philippines Liberty for US Sailors Canceled Amid Rising Tensions
White House: No Diplomatic Outreach in Clapper's Visit to North Korea
White House Eyes Fighting in Ukraine
US and Russia Talk Ukraine, Iran
Security Framework Eyed as Way Out of Ukraine Crisis
British Police Get Week to Quiz 'Islamist Terror' Four
UK 'Streets Safer' After Afghan Mission, Says General
UK Falklands Veteran Tries to Trace Family of Soldier He Killed
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