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Veterans Day is traditionally a time to honor the fallen and those who have served in the US military. We're breaking with tradition, this year, to honor those who have yet to fight, but will almost certainly make the ultimate sacrifice – unless we can stop the next war before it starts.

But we can't do that without your help. For 18 years we've been debunking the War Party's lies – with the invaluable assistance of our loyal readers and supporters. We couldn't have done it without you – and we still can't. That's why we're making this appeal for your financial help to keep this web site going.

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Updated November 11, 2014 - 11:27 PM EST
First US Troops Arrive in ISIS-Held Anbar Province
  ISIS Leader Fate Unknown, But How Much Does it Matter?
  Iraq Airstrikes and Clashes Leave 215 Dead
Syrian Rebel Leader: US Strikes Harm Rebellion
  Hezbollah Blames Israel in Death of 5 Nuclear Technicians in Syria
Sen. Rand Paul: Obama's ISIS War Is Illegal
  Confusion as Sinai Faction Again Pledges Loyalty to ISIS
Two Dead, Several Stabbed by 2 Palestinians
  As Attacks Spread, Israel Sees the Perfect Scapegoat in Abbas
No Breakthrough as Iran Nuclear Talks End
Obama Vows Broad Regulations to Ensure 'Free Internet'
Nigeria School Suicide Bombing: Shift in Boko Haram Tactics?
Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk – and Washington Knows It  by Adil E. Shamoo & Peter Certo
Revealed US Strategy to Battle ISIS Is Wanting  by Ivan Eland
ISIS Will Remain Until the Region's Sunnis Feel Safe  by Patrick Cockburn
Reclaim Armistice Day and Honor the Real Heroes  by Arnold Oliver

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Worship the Veterans Day
by Laurence M. Vance
Major Democratic Donor: Israel Should 'Bomb the Daylights' Out of Iran
Revealed: Reagan's Apology to Thatcher Over Grenada
'Hungary Is Not Gitmo,' Ruling Party Tells US
Order Halts Use of Female Guards for Gitmo Detainee
Sheldon Adelson Wants to Buy the NY Times
2,100 US Troops Now in West Africa to Fight Ebola
Iraq Airstrikes and Clashes Leave 215 Dead
Australian Special Forces Get Iraq Clearance
UK Drone Carries Out First Strike in Iraq
Jordan Airlifts Aid to Iraq's Anbar Province
US to Deliver Iraqi F-16s to Arizona, Where Pilots Training
Iraqi President to Visit Saudi Arabia Amid Hopes of Diplomatic Thaw
Syria's Assad: UN's Aleppo Ceasefire Proposal Is Worth Studying
Local Ceasefires Best Way to Ease Syrians' Suffering: Researchers
US, Allies Launch Barrage of Airstrikes Against ISIS
Al-Nusra Blows Up Armenian Church in Syria's Deir El-Zour
Global ISIS Reaction
'Ideology Wouldn't Die' for ISIS, Even if Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Did
British Suicide Fighter Highlights Large Number of Europeans With ISIS
Canadian-Israeli Woman Joins Kurds Fighting ISIS: Radio
US Says Iran Has Ceased Controversial Nuclear Practice
Iran Touts Successful Test of US Drone Replica
Dozens Killed in Clashes in Southern Yemen
US Blacklists Yemen's Saleh, Houthi Leaders
Comoros Offer Highlights Plight of Kuwait Stateless
Rival Libyan Govt Makes Move for Oil Power, Captures Field
Sudanese Minister Meets Rival Libyan Factions in Mediation Bid
Libya's El Feel Oil Field Shut Down, Third Site Within Days
Egypt Considers Tighter Curbs on Media Coverage of Military
Egyptian Student Arrested for Carrying 1984
South Sudan Crisis: Conflicts Hits Three States
Sudan Military Role During Mass Rape Investigation Raises Doubts
Three Generals Escape Death as Boko Haram Intensifies Attacks on Adamawa Villages
African Union Chief Holds Urgent Talks on Burkina Faso Transition
Eight Members of Rwandan Sect Jailed for Inciting Revolt Against Kagame
Gunmen Kill Reporter for Leading Peruvian Magazine
Peru Police to Press Charges Against Alleged Hezbollah Detainee
Austrian Forensic Experts May Shed Light on Mexico Massacre
More Protests as Mexico President Also Faces Ethics Questions
Brazil Reporter Attacked by Suspected Gang Members
Arab Israeli Anger Simmers in Galilee After Deadly Shooting
The Video of an Israeli Cop Shooting Arab Citizen That Has Rocked the Country
Netanyahu Invites Israeli-Arab Protesters to Leave Israel
Opposition Blasts Israel Increase in Settlement Budget
Israel Allows Gaza Fish Exports to Resume
UN Chief Names Retired Dutch General to Head Gaza War Inquiry
Netanyahu Warns P5+1 Away From Deal With 'Unreformed' Iran
Israel's UN Envoy: Ignoring Terrorism Is Similar to Supporting It
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protesters Carry Out 'Yellow Ribbon' March
China and Japan Leaders Break Ice With First Meeting, but No Sign of Warmth
China, Vietnam Willing to Handle Maritime Issues Through Dialogue
Obama Urges China to Be Partner in Ensuring World Order
North Korea
Obama Rejects Notion of Breakthrough With North Korea
US: Envoy Did Not Apologize to North Korea
North Korea Halts UN Charm Offensive Over Human Rights Record
Pakistan Attacks Kill Four Policemen: Officials
Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Laureate, Is Assailed by Schools Group in Pakistan
Afghan Blasts Kill at Least 10 Police Officials
Thailand to Push Back More Than 200 Boat People: Police
Nearly Third of Indian Cabinet Charged With Crimes, Despite Modi Pledge
Russia Launches Foreign News Service to Fight West's 'Propaganda'
UK Doesn't Want New Cold War With Russia but Can't Ignore Ukraine: Cameron
No Justice in Sight for Iraqi Victims of Alleged Murder, Rape, and Torture by British Troops
Moldova: Veterans and Separatists Fight at Airport
Lithuania Charges State Employee With Spying for Belarus
Spain, Catalonia to Try Dialogue After Acrimonious Independence Vote
OSCE Urges Azerbaijan to Stop Repression of Free Media
Albania, Serbia Leaders Clash Over Kosovo During Historic Visit
Skeletons, Graffiti, Fear: How Provincial East Germans Defied Authorities
The War at Home
US Veterans Sue Banks, Claim They Should Pay for Iraq Attacks
Palestinian Activist Guilty in US Immigration Case
TSA Eases Airport Screening for Cadets
The Cold War Movie Classics: Dr. Strangelove, The Deer Hunter, and More
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