So you thought the neocons were yesterday's darlings. You thought they were discredited and run out of town after the disaster in Iraq. Well, think again, because they're all over the media as if nothing had happened. They're back in the driver's seat – driving us right back into Iraq.

Americans don't want endless war; they don't want an empire. They want to live in peace – but their voices are being drowned out by the Washington insiders who are clamoring for blood.

We've defeated them before – and we can do it again. But we can't do it without your help. They've got plenty of money, and they've got the national media behind them – but we've got a secret weapon: You.

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Updated November 12, 2014 - 11:13 PM EST
US Will Focus on Ousting Assad 'to Defeat ISIS'
  Escalation, But Obama's War Still Lacks Clarity
  Shi'ite Militia Revenge Killings Raise Sectarian Tensions in Iraq
  ISIS Announces Plans to Introduce New Gold-Backed Currency
  PKK Commander Defending Syria Kurds Claims 'We Will Save Kobani'
Poll: Israelis Back Resumption of Peace Talks
  New Israeli-Palestinian Violence Threatens Netanyahu's Grip on Power
  What Happens When Freshman Lawmaker Misses Israel Lobby Memo
US Drone Strike, Clashes Kill 40 in Yemen
  Houthi Advance in Yemen Threatens Saudi Border
  After Errant Yemen Drone Strike, Trail of Secret Meetings and US Cash
Russian Planes to Patrol Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico
China, US Agree on Military Notification Deals
US Drone Strikes Kill Six in North Waziristan
Russia, Iran Sign Major New Nuclear Power Plant Deal
Black Tuesday – the War Party Won  by David Stockman
War-Making and Class Conflict  by Joseph T. Salerno
Military Commissions for Terrorism Suspects Are a Proven Failure  by Morris Davis
Oligarchs for Israel  by Justin Raimondo
How Obama Took the Brakes Off the War Machine  by Conor Friedersdorf
Mark Udall's Lame-Duck Opportunity  by W. James Antle III

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CNN to Suspend Service in Russia
EU Scrutinizes Spyware Exports to Sketchy Regimes
United Nations Asks US for Position on Torture
Americans Divided Over Prospect of Sending More Troops to Iraq
Bombers Strike Across Iraq; 150 Killed, 69 Wounded
Iraqi Forces Retake Most of Strategic Oil Town
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight in Northern Iraqi City Baiji
Iraqi President in Talks With 'Brother' Saudi King
Canadian Jets Hit ISIS Artillery Position in Iraq
Qatar Emir: Airstrikes Against ISIS Group Not Enough
US Delays Delivery of Eight F-16 Fighter Planes to Iraq, Re-Routes Them to Arizona
Kurds Gain Ground but Not Control in Struggle for Syrian Border Town
UN Syria Envoy Says Damascus Gave Positive Signals on Local Truce Push
Syria Says 11,000 Freed in Prisoner Amnesty
Merkel Aide Rules Out Working With Assad Despite Rise of ISIS
Global ISIS Reaction
UN Says 13.6 Million Displaced by Wars in Iraq and Syria
McCain: 'Immoral' to Ask Iran's Help Against ISIS
Quebec Muslims Warn of Heightened Islamophobia After October Attacks
Palestinian Rift Reopens as Abbas Blames Hamas for Bombings
Netanyahu to Israeli Arabs: You Are Equal Citizens Until You Start Criticizing Govt
Thousands of Palestinians Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Arafat's Death
Politics Mingles With Art at a Palestinian Cultural Festival
Police Urge Jewish Drivers to Stay Out of Arab Villages
Arab-Israeli Violence: Is Netanyahu's Rhetoric Fanning the Flames?
Abbas Accuses Israel of Igniting 'Religious War' Over Jerusalem Holy Site
Soldier Hurt in West Bank Clashes; 2,000 More Troops Secure Settlements
US May Evacuate Yemen Embassy Amid Violence
Two Killed at Sanaa Airport as Houthis, Yemen Security Men Clash
Saudi Arabia
2 Policemen Injured in Shooting in Saudi City Qatif
Germany to Launch Social Network Spy Program
Berlin's Digital Exiles: Where Tech Activists Go to Escape the NSA
Ukraine Says Rebels Get Reinforcements, Shelling Batters Truce
Merkel Says EU Not Planning New Sanctions Against Russia
Russia Balks at UN Support for Bosnia Amid Ukraine Rift
'Secret' Terror Trial Jury Discharged at Old Bailey
Poland's Independence March Turns Violent
Catalonia Calls for 'Permanent Dialogue' on Independence, Economy
The War at Home
Missouri Governor Says He's Prepared to Use National Guard in Ferguson Again
Libyan Former CIA Detainees Say US Torture Inquiry Never Interviewed Them
An Innocent Man, Tortured by the US, Asks: Where's the Accountability?
Secret War Crimes Indictments of Nazis Released After Seven-Year Fight
Inside the Fake City Where US Trains Its Recruits Following Benghazi Tragedy
NY Soldier Missing Since Korean War Identified
Turmoil Continues in Agencies Searching for America's MIAs
China & Her Neighbors
Hong Kong Protesters Told to Clear Streets or Risk Arrest
US, China Reach Understanding on Lucrative Tariff Deal
US Says Will Take Tough Line With China if Norms Violated
China Targets 'Wild Imams' in Mass Public Sentencing
Beijing, Philippines Move to Calm South China Sea Tensions
China Unveils Sophisticated Stealth Fighter Aircraft
South Korean Troops Fire Warning Shots at North Korean Soldiers
After Bae Release, Christian Groups Tread Carefully in North Korea
North Korea Halts Talks With EU Over UN Draft on International Court Referral
Troops From Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy Leave Afghanistan
China Seeks Greater Role in Afghanistan With Peace Talk Push
Ten Indian Women Die, Dozens Sick After Mass Sterilization
13 Militants Killed in Khyber Agency Air Strikes
Egypt Signals Parliament Election to Be Held by March
Why George Orwell Is Trending in Egypt
Libya Activists Beheaded in Derna
Struggle for Libyan Oilfield Reflects Fractured Nation's Conflict
UN Envoy Meets Head of Libya's Rival Parliament
Is Nigeria's Boko Haram Moving Toward Governing?
Boko Haram Crisis: Nigeria Fury Over US Arms Refusal
South Sudan: Fresh Fighting Despite Ceasefire
Deadly DR Congo Protests After UN Troops Accused of Killing
Shouting Match, Whistles Halt Debate on Sacking Somali PM
Fury Over Mexico Student 'Massacre' Boils Over
Mexican Police Injured in Acapulco During Protests Over Student Massacre
Mexico Investigates Police in Shooting of Pregnant US Teen
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