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Updated November 13, 2014 - 9:58 PM EST
US Will Focus on Ousting Assad 'to Defeat ISIS'
  ISIS Chief Returns, Vows 'Volcanoes of Jihad Everywhere'
  US Air War on ISIS Killing Civilians, But How Many?
  Western Militaries Complain of Strained Budgets After Busy Year
US 'Actively Considering' Combat Troops in Iraq
  Back in Anbar, US Troops Face an Uphill Battle
  Iraq PM Fires 26 Army Commanders for Corruption and Incompetence
  322 Killed in Bombs, Airstrikes Across Iraq on Wednesday
Senate Hawks Vow to Kill 'Unacceptable' Iran Deal
  Iran President: US Must Stop 'Excessive Demands' in Nuclear Talks
Son of Stuxnet: A Dangerous US-Israeli Spy Virus
  'We Crossed the Line', US Admits to UN Anti-Torture Body
  Obama Reverses Bush Policy, Says US Torture Ban Applies Abroad
  Doubt Cast Over Torture Probe as More CIA Detainees Come Forward
Israel Bars UN Gaza Investigators From Country
US Drone Strike, Clashes Kill 40 in Yemen
Russia to Expand Bomber Patrols Into Gulf of Mexico
Pakistan Terror Court Issues Warrants for Protest Leaders
The Neocon Plan for War and More War  by Robert Parry
The One-State Reality  by David Remnick
Obama Is Doubling Down on an ISIS War With No End in Sight  by Trevor Timm
Time to Talk With North Korea  by Doug Bandow
Hillary's Sheldon Adelson  by Scott McConnell
Burying the Hatchet With Iran  by Chris Toensing

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Secret Cash Pays for US Drone Mistakes
Visit of Bernard Henry Levy Triggers Storm of Protests in Tunisia
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Azerbaijan Downs Armenian Helicopter, 3 Killed
US-Led Strikes Have Killed 865 People in Syria, 50 Civilians: Monitor
Kurds Block an ISIS Supply Route to Syria's Kobani
Truce in Damascus District Allows in Aid: Monitor
Local 'Truces' in Syria Offer Hope, Generate Criticism
US, Allies Conduct 23 Air Strikes in Syria, Iraq: Military
Fleeing Syrians Face 'New Level of Hopelessness'
In the Shadow of Death, a Few Thousand Syrian Christians Remain to Defy the Militants
322 Killed in Bombs, Airstrikes Across Iraq on Wednesday
Seven Civilians Killed, Wounded in Coalition Strikes Near Mosul
The Fighters of Iraq Who Answer to Iran
US Faces Uphill Battle in Iraq's Anbar
Why It Matters That US Troops Are in Iraq's Troubled Anbar Province – Again
Iraq's Kurds Appeal for New US Arms to Combat ISIS
Kurdish Town Hopes Americans Will Return to Abandoned Air Base
Global ISIS Reaction
Islamic Extremist Network Busted in Germany in Large-Scale Raid
India Sends Diplomats to Track Nationals Held by ISIS
Syria War Empowers Lebanon Military
Lebanon Hopes Iran Deal Would Unlock Political Crisis: PM
Iran Says It Responded to Several Letters by Obama
Iran Says Centrifuge Testing, but No Violation of Atom Deal With Powers
Iran Denies Nuclear Scientist Killed in Syria: IRNA
Iran Cites Nationality for Refusing to Let in UN Nuclear Expert
Moscow: Hope, but No Breakthrough So Far in Nuclear Talks With Iran
Israeli Police Arrested Over Murder, Coverup Allegations in Death of Palestinian Teen
Initial Approval Granted for 200 New Housing Units in East Jerusalem
The Jews and Arabs Who Want to Step Back From the Brink
West Bank Mosque Torched in Suspected Revenge Attack
French Parliament to Vote on Palestinian State
Netanyahu Scolds Top Security Officials Over War Warning Spat
In Letter to PM, IDF Chief Warns of 'Crisis of Trust' With Shin Bet
Barghouti Given Seven Days in Solitary for Call to Renew Intifada
Groups Funded by Sheldon Adelson Silent on His Dismissal of Israeli Democracy
Israel Fires at Palestinian Fishing Boat Off Gaza
Turkish Nationalists Assault US Sailors in Istanbul
The War at Home
Twitter Sues for Right to Reveal Scope of Government Surveillance
Drone Sightings Up Dramatically
Frosted Glass Falcons and Other Gifts for Your Favorite CIA Employee
Fearing Bombs That Can Pick Whom to Kill
You Probably Had No Idea the US Military Is Obsessed With Giant Cakes
Army Worker Pleads Guilty to Stealing $85k in Military Equipment
Afghan Elections Cited as Factor in Record Levels of Opium Production
At Afghan Border, Graft Is Part of the Bargain
RAF Tornados Complete Afghan Combat Mission
Man Protesting Japan Defense Policy Self-Immolates
Cuba Wants to Weaken UN Resolution on North Korea
Indian PM's Party Shakes Up Election Race in Disputed Kashmir
Ukraine Redeploys Troops, Fearing New Rebel Offensive
Shelling Rocks Rebel Stronghold Donetsk in East Ukraine
EU Foreign Ministers Unlikely to Step Up Russia Sanctions on Monday
Russian Defense Ministry Says Army Not Involved in East Ukraine
Russia's Lavrov Tells Kerry: Ukraine Ceasefire Must Be Observed
Hungary to Stand by EU's Russia Sanctions, Wants Help on Gas
Ukraine Must Buy Coal From Russia to Get Through Winter: Energy Ministry
Spain Urges Catalonia to Seek Constitution Reform, Not Independence
Meet ISIS's Newest Best Friend
Journalists Detained for Talking Politics in Cairo Cafe
Sisi Decrees Egyptian Law on Repatriating Foreign Prisoners
Egypt Navy Seizes 20 Gunmen Near Damietta Seaport
Pentagon: US to Cut Number of Planned Ebola-Mission Troops in Liberia to 3k, Down From 4k
Libya Bombings: Tobruk and Al-Bayda Attacked
Female Suicide Bomber Kills at Least One at Nigerian College
Liberia Urges UN Not to Reduce Peacekeeping Force
South Sudan: Govt Rejects Proposal to Scrap Vice-President Post
Colombia FARC Rebels 'Sorry' Over Tribal Leaders' Murder
Unexploded Landmines on the Chilean Border
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