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Updated November 14, 2014 - 11:27 PM EST
US 'Actively Considering' Combat Troops in Iraq
  House Armed Services Chief: War Authorization Can't Limit Troops
Obama to Shift Focus to Attacking Syria's Assad
  Syria 'Moderates' Say US Strikes Fueled Backlash Against Them
  Southern Tip of Syria Last Holdout for Pro-West 'Moderate' Rebels
  Inside the CIA's Syrian Rebels Vetting Machine
ISIS Chief Alive, Vows 'Volcanoes of Jihad'
  ISIS, al-Qaeda Sign Cooperation Deal in Northern Syria
  Airstrikes Blunt ISIS in Raqqa, but Many Syrians There Aren't Grateful
Justice Dept Planes Spy on Most US Cellphones
  Senate to Vote on Watered Down NSA 'Overhaul' Bill
  Mark Udall to Consider All Options to Reveal CIA Torture Report
Putin Is the Biggest Gold Bug
GOP Senators Fail on Iran Sanctions Aimed at Killing Talks
A Permanent Infrastructure for Permanent War  by David Vine & Nick Turse
Inside the CIA's Syrian Rebels Vetting Machine  by Jeff Stein
Obama Must Abandon Failed Strategies in Syria and Ukraine  by Musa al-Gharbi
Iraq's Slippery Slope  by Justin Raimondo
Why Oppose the USA Freedom Act  by Marcy Wheeler
The New American Jewish Struggle Over Israel: Hawks Versus Ultra-Hawks  by Peter Beinart

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No, You Can't Seize Country Top Level Domains, US Court Rules
Inside the Mind of a British Suicide Bomber
Drones Patrol Half of US-Mexico Border
Psychologists to Review Role in Detainee Interrogations
Utah Federal Judge May Hold FBI in Contempt in OKC Bombing Videos Trial
Ukraine OSCE Envoy Says Ceasefire All but Dead
More Casualties Amid Fears of an Escalation in Eastern Ukraine Conflict
Moscow and Kiev Trade Accusations; US Warns Russia Against Escalation
Nowhere to Run in Eastern Ukraine
Russia Gas Flows Still Frozen; Ukraine Banks on Mild Weather to Hold Out
Dutch Fighters Intercept Russian Plane Over Baltic Sea
EU Irks Russia, Ratifies Moldova Trade Pact
Russian Supreme Court Delays Hearing on Rights Group's Closure
Pakistan Touts Successful Test Fire of Mid-Range Nuclear Missile
PM: Protest Leaders Tried to Derail Pakistan, Not Govt
Pakistan, Afghanistan Agree to Take Bilateral Trade to $5 Billion
With New Team in Place, India's Modi Tightens Grip on Power
Kashmir Soldiers Sentenced to Life for Killings
Under Modi's Watch, India Edges Closer to Israel
Afghanistan Militants Attack Coalition Convoy
US Says Myanmar Should Draft New Plan to Give Rohingya Citizenship
Vietnam Confidence Vote Offers More Than Political Theater
UN Official: Enough Evidence to Hold North Korea's Kim Accountable
Indonesia to Create New Coastguard, Boost Defense Spending
Five Egyptian Security Officials Killed in Sinai Militant Attacks
7 Wounded in Bomb Attack on Cairo Metro
Egypt Sailors Missing After Navy Ship Attacked in Med
Bombs Explode Near Egyptian and UAE Embassies in Libyan Capital
Kidnapped Italian Engineer Freed in Libya
Nigerian Army, Hunters, and Vigilantes Retake Towns From Boko Haram
Boko Haram Invades Two Towns in NE Nigeria
Central African Republic Rebels Block Roads in Capital
Burkina Factions, Army Agree on Makeup of Transitional Authority
Niger Capital Fires Entire Municipal Police Force Over Strike
Sudan and Rebels Under Pressure to Find Path to Peace
Danger Zone: Chasing West Africa's Pirates
Mexico Missing Student Protesters Burn State Buildings
Mexico Captures Son of Cartel Leader 'El Mayo' Zambada
Dumped Bodies and Executions Drive Iraq Casualties to 181 Killed
US General: Iraq Needs 80,000 Good Troops to Retake Lost Territory
Kurdistan Region, Baghdad Reach Deal on Oil Exports and Payments
US Bombs al-Qaeda Offshoot Khorasan for Third Time
France Mulls Military Deployment in Jordan for Iraq ISIS Fight
At Iraq Refinery, Sniper Trained in Syria Awaits ISIS Fighters
The Story of Iraq Is Told in One Woman's Life and 3 Sons' Deaths
Global ISIS Reaction
Exclusion Order Plan to Target Jihadists Returning to UK
ISIS Leader Urges Attacks in Saudi Arabia
85 Per Cent of Arabs Hold Negative Views of ISIS
Aussie Fighters Slipped Dragnet to Join ISIS Fight, AFP Says
Dutch Mayor Urges Action on Returning Jihadis After Arrests
Bosnia Detains 11 for Involvement in Syrian and Iraqi Conflicts
Frenchman Jailed for 7 Years for Joining Islamist Militant Group in Syria
Morocco Arrests Four French Islamists With Suspected Militant Links
Israel and PA Hold Secret Meeting to Stop Escalation in West Bank
Israel Moves Toward Ban on Free Newspapers
US Condemns Terrorist Home Demolition Directive
France Urges Immediate Reversal of Israel Settlement Decision
Jerusalem Tension: John Kerry Brokers Israel-Jordan Talks
Israel Security Chiefs Face Off in Bitter Public Spat
Arab Attempting to Attack Soldier in Jerusalem Arrested
Police Failing to Investigate Jewish Hate Crimes in West Bank, Says NGO
Hamas Second-Richest Terror Group in World, Forbes Says
Spain Plans to Hold Symbolic Vote to Recognize State of Palestine
Yemen's Houthi Group Endorse New Government: Presidential Aide
Yemen Spent US Funds to Compensate Drone Victims
Middle East
Twelve Turkish Nationalists Released After Attack on US Sailors
Turkey's Role in Libya Adds to Pro-Islamist Perception
Lebanon's Politics Paralyzed by Regional Conflict
The War at Home
UN Agency: US States' Pot Legalization Not in Line With International Law
Pennsylvania Trooper Ambush Suspect Charged With Terrorism
McCain: GOP Senate Will 'Absolutely' Look Into Bergdahl Swap
84 Troops Returning From Ebola Mission, Will Be Isolated at Virginia Base
Venezuela Court Keeps Opposition Leader in Jail
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