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Updated November 15, 2014 - 11:30 PM EST
Congress Shows Little Interest in Voting on War
  US Airstrikes Not Slowing ISIS Campaign in Iraq: Jane's
  Iraq Takes Key Refinery Town, But Refinery Still Contested
  ISIS to Mint New Coins to Fight West's 'Tyrannical Monetary System'
US Sanctions Relief Fails, Threatening Iran Talks
  Iran Nuclear Negotiations to be Extended Under Face-Saving Agreement
Hagel Wants to Spend $10 Billion on Nuke Overhaul
Rand Paul to Oppose Phony NSA Surveillance Reform Bill
50 Killed as Houthis Seize Key Yemen District From al-Qaeda
US Detainee Says Went to NK With Goal of Getting Arrested
Cynics, Step Aside: There's Real Excitement for a Clinton Candidacy  by Glenn Greenwald
Congress Should Tell Obama No to War Against ISIS  by Doug Bandow
The Feds Want to Pass New Spying Laws Behind Your Back  by Trevor Timm
A New Push for Peace in Syria?  by Shamus Cooke
Faustian Bargain of Global Leadership  by Bruce Fein
Why Is the IAEA Getting Iran Wrong?  by Yousaf Butt

More Viewpoints

As New War Rages, Study Finds, Mainstream Media Silences Debate
Nuke Crew Had Just One Wrench for 450 ICBMs
Officials Say US Threatens Aid Cuts to Somalia
Russia Plans 'Alternative Wikipedia'
7 Senators to Make Gitmo 'Fact-Finding' Trip
Iraq Forces Claim Major Victory as Bombers Strike in Baghdad; 97 Killed, 122 Wounded
UN Report: ISIS Beheading, Stoning and Crucifying Syrians
Iraq's Parliament Speaker: US Military Response Too 'Slow'
Two Baghdad Car Bombs Kill at Least 17: Officials
Yazidi Girls Seized by ISIS Speak Out After Escape
US Forces Carry Out Most Strikes Against ISIS
Bomb Wounds Three Lebanese Soldiers Near Syria Border
Lebanon Druze on Edge Over Jihadi Incursion Fears
Thousands Protest in Israel, West Bank After Friday Prayers
Palestinian Boy Seriously Hurt During Clashes, Medics Say
Hamas Threatens to Renew Violence if Israel Prevents Gaza Reconstruction
25 Hurt During a Brawl in Northern Israel, Some by Grenade Fire
In Rare Move, Israel Denies Colombian Foreign Minister Entry to Ramallah
Israel Bans Norwegian Doctor From Gaza for Life, Report Says
Israel Lifts Muslim Age Limits for Jerusalem Site
US Welcomes 'Positive Step' to Ease Temple Mount Access
Former Shin Bet Head Accuses Israeli Army of 'Media Hypocrisy'
Spain to Vote November 18 on Palestinian State Recognition
Jerusalem's Tram Rides a Fine Line as City Violence Worsens
Perpetrators of US Sailors' Assault Will 'Pay the Price,' Turkish Foreign Minister Says
Turkey President Erdogan's Palace Costs to Soar
PM: Ukraine's Main Task Is to Build Army to Stop Russia
Ukraine Crisis: Russia Accuses OSCE Monitors of Bias
Putin Says Russia Prepared for Oil Price Collapse as More Sanctions Threatened
British PM Compares Putin's Russia to Nazi Germany Ahead of Tense Meeting
Sweden Says Has Proof of Foreign Sub Intrusion in October
EU Hopeful as Serbia Hosts Military Drill With Russia
Georgian President Challenges PM to Affirm Pro-Western Course
Scotland May Seek New Independence Vote if UK Delays Devolution, Salmond Says
Court Jails al-Qaeda-Linked Dusseldorf Cell Members
Lebanese Detainee in Peru Denies Hezbollah Link, Says Police Coerced Confession
Jailed American in Cuba Loses Appeal in Case vs. US Govt
The War at Home
Schools Near Ferguson to Be Given Advance Notice of Grand Jury Decision
FBI Letter to Martin Luther King, Riddled With Abuse, Urges Suicide
Two in Ricin Terrorism Plot Are Each Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
30 Militants Killed in North Waziristan Airstrikes
Pakistan Denies Pentagon Charge It's Soft on Terrorism
Balochistan: Six Gunmen Killed in Frontier Corps Operation
Afghan President Visits Pakistan to Reset Troubled Ties
Former Pakistan PM Opposes Early Elections
Pakistan's Security 'Inextricably Linked' With Afghanistan: Army
China/Hong Kong/Thailand
Hong Kong Student Protest Leaders Denied Beijing Flight
China Identifies 'Dozens' of Uighurs in Thailand: Report
China's Rise as Arms Supplier Is Put on Display
Troops Clash With Muslim Militants in Philippines, 15 Dead
In Okinawa Election, US Bases Are Top on Agenda
As Fighting Continues, Libyan Oil Production Remains Volatile
UN Mission Condemns Bombings in Libya, Calls for Accountability, Dialogue
Nigeria Militants Take Kidnapped Schoolgirl Town
Suicide Bomb Kills 6 in Nigeria's Northern City of Kano: Police
Three Killed in Nigerian Military Helicopter Crash
Egypt Militant Group Posts Video of Attack on Army Checkpoint
Central African Republic Rebels Block Key Highways in Capital
Chad Security Agents Face First Trial Over 1980s Killings, Torture
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Suspends Officials Seen as Mugabe Critics
Mexico Mayor Arrested in Students' Disappearance Charged With Homicide
Mexican Police Play Havoc With President's Security Pledge
Mexico Missing: Ugandan Priest Identified in Mass Grave
Weekend Reviews
Citizenfour – a Real-Life Thriller for the Obama Era
The Economics of Foreign Policy
James Risen's Pay Any Price
The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler's Men
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