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Updated November 21, 2014 - 11:19 PM EST
New Malware Tool to Detect Govt Surveillance
  Some NSA Officials Warned Agency of Surveillance Backlash in 2009
  US Firms Accused of Enabling Surveillance in Central Asian Regimes
Senate Torture Report Fight Erupts in Chaos
  CIA Wants to Destroy Thousands of Internal Emails
ISIS Bombing Extends Reach Into Kurdish Capital
  US Reluctant to Sell Iraq More Arms With ISIS Taking So Many
  US Troops Going to Iraq Before Congress Agrees to Funding
Hagel Admits Assad Benefiting From War on ISIS
  Al-Qaeda Attacks Last Syrian Govt Town Along Israeli Frontier
Aide: Obama Open to Limits in War Authorization
  Gates, Panetta Fault for Obama 'Micromanaging' Wars
  Use of Drones Against ISIS Changes the Meaning of Warfare
Mutiny: Gunfire at Yemen's Special Forces HQ
US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan
US Plans Major New Non-Lethal Military Aid for Ukraine
Sharyl Attkisson vs. Obama's Police State  by Justin Raimondo
Espionage Allegations Intensify Battle for Technion Nuke File  by Grant Smith
The Biggest Threat to Democracy and Freedom  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Torture, War, and No Consequences  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Bush Decision Point  by Scott McConnell
Here's What's Next for Surveillance Reform  by Marcy Wheeler

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US Sends Gitmo Prisoners to Georgia, Slovakia
Swedish Court Upholds Assange Detention Order
Eavesdropping on Pakistani Official Led to Inquiry of Former US Diplomat
Aid Workers in Conflict Zones No Longer Immune, Now Targeted
Children Among the 118 Killed in Iraq Thursday
Senior ISIS Figure Killed in Mosul: Sources
Turkish Government, Kurdish Authorities Argue Over Yazidi Refugees
Mutual Suspicion Hangs Over Turkish Prime Minister's Visit to Iraq
Global ISIS Reaction
Australia Fears Islamist Radicals Joining Forces With Biker Gangs
Austrian Bill Would Ban Foreign Funding for Mosques, Imams
France Opens Probe Into ISIS Propaganda Video
Iran Says Will Double Oil Exports in Two Months if Sanctions End
Iran Releases 'Blogfather' Hossein Derakhshan
Jordan's Open Door Is Now Only Cracked, Leaving Syrians Stranded
Jordan's 'Forgotten Sudanese Refugees' Struggle to Get By, Fear Speaking Up
Middle East
Two US Navy Supply Ships Collide in Gulf of Aden
Bahrain Elections Missing Key Shiite Players
UN: Almost 1,000 Dead Since Ukraine Truce
Russia Warns US Against Arms to Ukraine as Biden Due in Kiev
UK Independence Party Wins Second Seat in British Parliament
Vodafone-Linked Company Aided British Mass Surveillance
UK 'Beheading Plot': Three Terrorism Suspects in Court
Russia Says North Korea Ready for Renewal of Nuclear Talks
Rape of Three-Year-Old Girl Shocks Afghans
Pakistan for Enhancing Ties With Moscow
Deadly Myanmar Shell 'Mistakenly Hit' Kachin Rebels
Sri Lanka President Seeks Unprecedented Third Term
Israeli Army Indicts Palestinians for Planned RPG Attack on FM Liberman
Hamas Member Admits to Running Over Israeli Soldiers in Nov. 5 Attack
Jewish Girls Attack Arabs in Jerusalem
Israeli Mayor of Ashkelon Draws Fire for Ban on Arab Workers
Israeli Teacher Sends Students Image of 'Good Arabs' in Graves
Abbas Urges Intervention of Mideast Quartet to 'Halt Israeli Assaults' on Palestinians
Senior US Officials: Charge Used to Keep Pollard in Prison 'Patently False'
Sisi Says Won't Allow Sinai to Be Used as Base for Attacks on Israel
Egypt's Sisi Calls on West to Support Libya to Avoid New Syria, Iraq
Egypt Arrests Brotherhood Leader as Crackdown Intensifies
Egypt's Sisi Says Pardon for Al Jazeera Journalists 'Being Discussed'
Boko Haram Said to Kill 45 in Nigerian Village
Nigeria Parliament Shut After Tear Gas Fired
Mali, Rebels Start Third Round of Peace Talks
Eritreans 'Fleeing Conscription Drive' for Ethiopia: UNHCR
The War at Home
US Court Gives Go-Ahead for Citizens to Sue Palestinian Authority Over Terror Attacks
$3 Billion Fed Cybersecurity Plan Stalls
Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide, Reviewed by the CIA
CENTCOM, SOCAM Targets of '60s-Style Antiwar Protests at Florida University
Angry Mexicans Protest Over 43 Missing Students
Chile Court Compensates 30 Former Political Prisoners
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