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Updated November 22, 2014 - 11:27 PM EST
Obama Signs Secret Order to Expand Afghan War
500th US Drone Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan
Ferguson Grand Jury to Reconvene Monday
US, Iran Discuss New Proposals on Nuclear Pact
  Powerful US Pro-Israel Lobby Holds Fire as Iran Deadline Looms
Assad: Real Cooperation Needed to Defeat ISIS
  ISIS Stockpiles Gold and Silver
  Turkey, US Downplay Differences on ISIS War
ISIS Attacks Anbar Provincial Capital
  Thousands Cross Between Kurdistan, ISIS at Highway No-Man's Land
Egypt Closes Sinai Schools as Area Inches Toward Open War
Yemen's al-Qaeda Denounces Both ISIS and Shi'ite Rebels
American Surveillance Now Threatens American Business  by Robinson Meyer
Spinning the Post-Arab Spring Era  by Patrick L. Smith
Calling Sens. Mitchell, Daschle – Your 'Bipartisan' Center Is in Funny Company  by Jim Lobe
CIA's Torturous Maneuvers on Torture  by Ray McGovern
Hillary: The Military-Industrial Candidate  by Kelley Vlahos
'Foreign Victims of America's Wars' Day  by Jeff Bachman

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FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision
UK Troops in Largest Armored Deployment in Eastern Europe for 6 Years
GAO: New Navy Carrier Will Be Incomplete, Cost More at Delivery
Freed American Wanted to Stay in North Korea: Report
ISIS Attacks Ramadi; 168 Killed Across Iraq
A Breakdown of All the Weapons the US Wants to Give Iraq to Fight Militants
ISIS Group's Drive for Kobani Is Blunted
Two Britons Killed in ISIS Fighting in Syria
US Provides Emergency Airlift of Winter Supplies to Northern Iraq
House GOP Leader Pushes for US Arms to Go Directly to Iraqi Kurds Fighting ISIS
Yazidi Families Reclaim Girls Seized by ISIS for a Price
Global ISIS Reaction
Among Pakistan Militants, Signs of Affinity With ISIS
ISIS Taunts US and Britain in New Video
Survey: Few Americans Watch ISIS Beheadings
Canadian Vets Plan to Join Kurdish Fight Against ISIS
Dutch Judge Extends Detention for 'Syria Jihadist Bride'
Lebanon PM Cancels Independence Day Celebrations
Militants Could Have Drawn Lebanon Into Civil War: Army Chief
Livni Likely to Back Netanyahu's 'Jewish Nation-State' Bill
Hamas Says Israeli Leaders Are 'Legitimate Targets'
Israel to Demolish Homes of Four Terrorists
Israeli Forces Disperse West Bank Demonstration
Four Young Women Detained for Allegedly Tear-Gassing Arab Taxi Drivers in Jerusalem
Israel Nabs West Bank Terror Network 'Commanded From Turkish Soil'
Jordan Arrests Islamist Figure Over Op-Ed Piece
China Building South China Sea Island Big Enough for Airstrip
China Courts Put Reporter on Trial, Reject Uighur Scholar's Appeal
China Commits $45.6 Billion for Economic Corridor With Pakistan
China Calls for Enhanced Dialogue to Resolve Conflicts
Bomb Kills 2 Soldiers in Northwest Pakistan
Bomb Derails Train in SW Pakistan, Wounding 8
Myanmar Army Says Deadly Strike Against Rebels Meant Only as 'Warning'
Myanmar Says Plight of Rohingya Minority a Media Fabrication
Thailand Martial Law to Stay 'Indefinitely'
Torturers of Chilean President's Father Sentenced to Jail
The War at Home
NSA: Warrantless Surveillance Would Continue Without PATRIOT Act Extension
First Troops Secluded After Return From Ebola Mission Released
Pentagon Considers Changes to Recruitment Policies
Pentagon Finalizes $4.7 Billion for 43 More F-35s
Immigration Policy Reversal Denies Residency to Some Military Spouses
80 People Killed by Suspected Ugandan Rebels in Congo
Militants in Benghazi Attack Tied to an al-Qaeda Affiliate
At Least Six Dead as Militias Fight UN in Central African Republic
Mosque Raids Provoke Clashes in Kenya's Mombasa Port
Gambia Leader Approves Law Jailing Gays for Life
Jihadi Wave Tests Tunisia's Young Democracy
Togo Opposition March Broken Up With Teargas
In Mali's Desert French Troops Hunt al-Qaeda Well by Well
Sudan Asks UN Mission in Darfur to Prepare to Leave
In Zimbabwe's Succession Battle, Mugabe Pulls the Strings
Morocco Says Burkina Faso's Compaore to Stay for Limited Period
Biden Dodges Angry Mob in Ukraine
US Special Ops Medical Team Trains Ukrainian Soldiers
Ukraine President Heckled by Relatives of Maidan Dead
UK Police Spied on Reporters for Years, Docs Show
Six Journalists Sue the British Police Over Spying Revelations
Critics Storm Poland's Electoral Body Over Delays
Eight Die in Military Helicopter Crash in Romania
Molotov Cocktails, Clashes as Thousands of Mexicans Protest Over Massacre
US Warns Citizens to Avoid Resort of Acapulco
Grappling With Protests, Mexico President Urges Swift Judicial Reform
US Provides $68 Million for Mexico Justice Reform
US Marshals Service Personnel Dressed as Mexican Marines Pursue Cartel Bosses
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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Is the Most Successfully Antiwar War Movie in Years
The First Comprehensive Book on ISIS: Patrick Cockburn's Rise of the Islamic State
The Question of Edward Snowden
Blazing the Terrorism Trail: the US War Industry
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