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Updated November 23, 2014 - 10:54 PM EST
Obama Order Expands Afghan War in 2015
  Suicide Blast at Afghan Volleyball Game Kills 50
US Statements, Actions on Syria Starkly Different
  US-Led Strikes Have Killed 910 People in Syria: Monitor
ISIS Threatens Govt Center in Anbar Province
  Iraqi Civilians Killed in Airstrike, Battle Rages in Ramadi
  Thousands of Iraq Chemical Arms Destroyed in Open Air: Watchdog
  Iraq Attacks, Strikes Leave 203 Dead, 111 Wounded
Ferguson Grand Jury to Reconvene Monday
Gaps Remain, But Progress on Iran Nuclear Deal
Local Judge Unseals 100s of Secret Cell Tracking Records
American Surveillance Now Threatens American Business  by Robinson Meyer
Spinning the Post-Arab Spring Era  by Patrick L. Smith
Calling Sens. Mitchell, Daschle – Your 'Bipartisan' Center Is in Funny Company  by Jim Lobe
CIA's Torturous Maneuvers on Torture  by Ray McGovern
Hillary: The Military-Industrial Candidate  by Kelley Vlahos
'Foreign Victims of America's Wars' Day  by Jeff Bachman

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DoD 2015 Budget
Benghazi Report: Security Flaws Were Known, but Not Why Stevens Was There
Assange Welcome in Ecuador Embassy 'As Long as Necessary'
Saudi Released From Gitmo Despite GOP Opposition
Egypt Tightens Closure on Gaza as Israel Eases It
Iraq Attacks, Strikes Leave 203 Dead, 111 Wounded
ISIS Kills 25 Iraqi Tribesmen Near Ramadi: Officials
Turkey Trains Kurdish Peshmerga Forces in Fight Against ISIS
SAS Troops Given Permission to Take Down British Jihadis in Iraq and Syria
US Plans to Arm Iraq's Sunni Tribesmen With AK-47s, RPGs, Mortars
Aleppo Could Soon Be Under Siege by Syrian Troops
US Welcomes Oil Deal Between Iraqi Kurdistan and Baghdad
Joining the ISIS War
Berlin: 550 Germans Joined Jihadist Cause in Syria, Iraq
Two British Citizens Killed Fighting for ISIS in Syria
UK 'Mercenaries' Fighting ISIS Forces in Syria
Father and Sons Leave Germany to Fight ISIS
Government, Military Send Mixed Messages on Canadians Joining Kurds in ISIS Fight
Israel's Deputy FM Hints at Relinquishing Parts of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Calm as Violence Hits Hebron
Israeli Interior Minister May Cancel Residency Permits for East Jerusalem's Arab Inciters
Merkel Against Unilaterally Recognizing Palestine as a State
Human Rights Watch: Punitive Israeli House Demolitions a 'War Crime'
Abbas Urges Israel: Let's Not Make This a Religious War
Israel Begins Controversial Demolitions of Palestinian Suspects' Homes
UN to Begin Funneling Building Materials to Gaza Residents
Jerusalem Mayor: We Cannot Discriminate Against Arabs
Pro-ISIS Graffiti Found on Monument to Fallen Druze Soldiers in Israel
Abbas Accuses Israel of Using Wild Boars Against Palestinians
Middle East
'Biden Get Out!': VP Given Rough Reception by Turkish Protesters
UAE's Tolerance of Extremism Is 'Quite Low'
Bahrain Holds Disputed Election Amid Shia Boycott Calls
Gunmen Kill 28 Non-Muslim Bus Passengers in Northeast Kenya Attack; Al Shabaab Claims Credit
Suspected Islamist Fighters in Mali Kill Two Children, Abduct 10
Egypt Lawyers Union: Judge 'Terrorizing' Attorneys
Two Frontrunners Emerge in Tunisia's Presidential Vote
Central African Republic Women Stage Topless Protest Against Sectarian Violence
New Burkina President Vows to Identify Folk Hero Sankara's Body
Americans Still Dying
Bay City (MI) Green Beret Dies in Combat in Afghanistan
The War at Home
FBI Arrests Two Would-Be Ferguson Bomb Suspects: Law Enforcement Source
Leaders Monitor Burnout Among Air Force Intel Analysts
Latin America Applauds Obama's Immigration Plan
Pentagon's Suicide Reports Fall Short, Watchdog Says
Gambling Nuke Commander Linked to Fake Poker Chips
Feds Proposed the Secret Phone Database Used by Local Virginia Cops
Seattle Police May Dump Plans for Body Cams, Citing Records Requests
Albania Opens Secret Bunker Built by Communists
Anti-Government Protest Takes Place in Albania
Poland's Ruling Party Wins Most Seats in Regional Elections
Fog Forces 5 US Choppers to Land in Polish Field
Merkel Ally Warns SPD Against Own Diplomacy Towards Russia
Lavrov Warns US Over Russia 'Regime Change' Goal
Russia to Seek New Partners if Western Oil Majors Leave: Minister
Nagorno-Karabkah Says It Killed 2 Azeri Soldiers
Demonstrators Clash With French Police Over Protester Death
Scotland's First Pro-Independence Daily Paper to Launch Next Week
TTP Claim Karachi Attack on Political Camp That Wounded 15
Obama Telephones Pakistan's Sharif
Pakistan Wants Russian Engagement in Afghan Peace Process
Afghan Base Attack Kills 8 Militants, 1 Soldier
North Korean With Ties to Kim Jong Un Reportedly Escapes Kidnap Attempt in Paris
Cell Phone Use Soars in Myanmar With Democratic Reforms
Don't Expect an Aztec Spring With Mexico Protests, Analysts Warn
US Marshals Help Mexican Marines in Raids, Report Says
Mexico Confirms US Agent Wounded in North in July
Colombia Kidnap: FARC Rebels to Release Gen Alzate 'Next Week'
Weekend Reviews
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Is the Most Successfully Antiwar War Movie in Years
The First Comprehensive Book on ISIS: Patrick Cockburn's Rise of the Islamic State
The Question of Edward Snowden
Blazing the Terrorism Trail: the US War Industry
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