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Updated November 24, 2014 - 10:54 PM EST
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Fired
Ferguson Erupts After Officer Escapes Charges
Rand Paul Introduces Declaration of War on ISIS
  Rand Paul's Draft Declaration of War Dismays Peace Advocates
British Troops in Iraq Killing ISIS Fighters Daily
  US to Buy Arms for Sunni Tribes in Anbar Province
  ISIS War Has Overwhelmed the Remaining Christians in Iraq
  Fighters From Syrian al-Qaeda Wing Close in on Shi'ite Village
  Mass Grave Found Near Mosul; 314 Killed Across Iraq
Afghans OK Troop Deal, US Already Breaking It
  Two US Soldiers Killed in Bomb Attack in Afghan Capital
  Suicide Bomber at Afghan Volleyball Game Kills 50
Iran Talks Extended for Another 7 Months
Israeli May Revoke Residency for 'Bad People' and Relatives
  'Jewish State' Bill Advances, Threatens to Break Israel's Coalition
UK Will Make Google, Others Keep Logs of User's Activities
Kenyan Troops Raid Somalia, Kill 100 Over Bus Attack
Defeat of USA FREEDOM Act Is a Victory for Freedom  by Ron Paul
What Good Would It Do to Reform the NSA and the CIA?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Terror Is Also Not a Reason or Argument for Foreign Wars  by Michael S. Rozeff
Israel – America’s Biggest Frenemy  by Justin Raimondo
Letting the Neocons Lead  by Robert Parry
The Pentagon Wants $5 Billion for Iraq-Syria War? Three Reasons to Oppose  by Robert Naiman

More Viewpoints

Obama: Americans Want 'New Car Smell' in 2016
Regin, New Computer Spying Bug, Found by Symantec
Scores Dead in Nigerian Fishing Village From Suspected Extremist Attack
Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Its Twitter Critics
The War at Home
Police in Ferguson Won't Rule Out Rubber Bullets, Teargas in Expected Protests
For Potential White House Contenders, NSA Vote Has 2016 Implications
Admiral Fired From US Nuclear Command Denies Fake Poker Chips Charge
5 School of the Americas Watch Protesters Arrested Outside Stewart Detention Center
Pakistan to Have 200 Nuclear Weapons by 2020: US Think Tank
Imran Has Got 'Evidence' of Rigging in General Election
Bomb Kills 2, Wounds 23 in Southern Philippines
Philippines Massacre Body Count Is Still Rising, Five Years After Killing Spree That Left 58 Dead
China Said to Be Building Airstrip-Capable Area in Disputed Waters
Bangladesh Arrests Nine in Crackdown on Militant Groups
Russia & Her Neighbors
US Troops to Stay in Poland, Baltics Through 2015
Russia Says to Tighten Ties With Georgian Breakaway Region of Abkhazia
Moldova, Eyeing Ukraine, Divided on Europe Integration as Election Nears
Putin Says Russia Not Isolated Over Ukraine, Blames West for Frosty Ties
Putin Says He Won't Be Russia's President for Life
Multi-National Crew Blasts Off for Space Station
Military Gets Key Posts in Burkina Faso's New Cabinet
Landmark Tunisian Presidential Election Seen Heading for Runoff
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Tightens Grip on Party, to Choose Successor
Bay of Pigs Vet, Families Seek Billions From Cuba
Mexico Summons Uruguay's Ambassador Over 'Failed State' Comment
Mass Grave Found Near Mosul; 314 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Prepare Sinjar Mountain Offensive
ISIS Downs Syrian War Jet Over Deir Al-Zour
ISIS Recruits, Exploits Children
Pentagon Operation Name for ISIS Fight Inspires Criticism
Mosul Governor: Liberating City Will Not Need Big Battle
Giving Faces to Turkey's 1.6 Million 'Temporary' Syrian Refugees
ISIS Propaganda Image Showing 'Abuse of Muslim Woman by Soldiers' Is Actually Taken From Hungarian Porn Film
Global ISIS Reaction
German Intelligence: Dozens of Germans Killed Fighting for ISIS
Growing UK Concern About 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Attacks: Top Policeman
For Many Young British Muslims Tug of Peace Is Stronger Than Pull of War
UK Police Claim 'Up to Five' Terror Plots Stopped in 2014
'Arms for Kurds' Rattles German Greens Conference
No Easy 'Plan B' for Iran if Nuclear Talks With Major Powers Collapse
Netanyahu: Israel Worried by Iran Talks, No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal
Labor MP Shai Mocks Israeli Threat to Iran
Lapid, Livni Resolved to Fight 'Jewish State' Bill
Palestinians: Settlers Torched West Bank Home
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Along Gazan Border: Palestinian Ministry
Relationship Between Israel and Jordan Grows Warier Amid Tensions in Jerusalem
Egypt Could Send Peacekeepers to a Future Palestinian State, Sisi Says
Israel Charges Cop With Manslaughter in Palestinian Youth's Death
Israel Fears EU Parliament Will Recognize Palestine
Newly-Crowned Miss Islam Calls to 'Free Palestine'
IDF Reimposes Multiple Life Sentences on Schalit Deal Rearrested Palestinians
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Justin Raimondo
Israel – America’s Biggest Frenemy

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Torture, War, and No Consequences

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The US Should Give China Room To Rise Peacefully

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Two Parades and a Drone

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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