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Updated November 25, 2014 - 11:25 PM EST
Wartime President: Obama Moves More Hawkish
  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Fired
  How the Pentagon's Skynet Would Automate War
Rand Paul Introduces Declaration of War on ISIS
  Rand Paul's Draft Declaration of War Dismays Peace Advocates
US Bombs Driving Wave of ISIS Support in Syria
  Iraq Military's Corruption Means Weapons Aid Doesn't Go That Far
  Saudi Arabia: ISIS Ordered Attacks on Shi'ites
Iran Talks Extended for Another 7 Months
  AIPAC Leads Call for Sanctions to Sabotage Iran Talks
  Pro-Israel Hawks Take Wing Over Extended Iran Nuclear Talks
  US Navy's First Laser Cannon Is Now Deployed in the Persian Gulf
Ferguson Erupts After Officer Escapes Charges
'Regin' Malware Comes From Western Intel Agency: Experts
NATO Outraged Over Russia Treaty With Neighbor Abkhazia
Rand Paul Is Wrong. Leave Iraq Alone!  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Cold War 2.0 Not a Likely Win for the US  by Robert Freeman
Filling the Blanks in Snowden's Citizenfour  by James DiEugenio
Hagel Didn't Start the Fire  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Is Obama Weak on Foreign Policy?  by Ivan Eland
Drone Strikes Never Kill 'Humans'  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Highest-Value Terror Detainees Excluded From Senate CIA Torture Probe
Possible 2016 Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren to Meet Netanyahu
Navy: Store Guns of Sailors at Risk for Suicide
83 Killed as Peshmerga Ask Badr Brigades for Control of Iraq Town
ISIS Blows Up Ancient Church in Mosul
ISIS Toughens Tactics in Iraq's Anbar, Targeting Potential Enemies
Peshmerga and Shi'ite Militias Vie for Control of Liberated Town
Fuel Fix: Tanker Dispute Lingers as Oil Policy Negotiations Begin in Iraq
Global ISIS Reaction
Turkey to Host Training for 2,000 Syrian Rebels: Official
Turkey, US Ease Strains on ISIS but Differences Remain
30 Israeli Fighters in Syria Still a Fraction of European Jihadis

Kerry Says Progress in Iran Talks With Major Powers, Tough Road Ahead

Putin, Iran's Rouhani Say Substantial Progress in Nuclear Talks: Kremlin
Iran Extension Prompts Calls for More Sanctions in US Congress
Video Analysis of Fatal West Bank Shooting Said to Implicate Israeli Officer
On 'Jewish State' Bill, US Urges Israel to Protect Democracy
Israeli, West Bank Arabs' Divergent Lives Revealed in Olive Harvest
Gaza Residents Face Bleak Winter in Bombed-Out Homes
PA Denies Postponing Statehood Bid at Security Council
UN Chief: Palestinian Recognition Gains Momentum
Gaza Threatens to Halt Israeli Fruit Imports
Israelis Attack Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem, Police Say
Britain Says It Is Reviewing Arms Exports to Israel Again
Israeli Arab MP Evicted From Knesset for Calling Feiglin 'Fascist'
Middle East
Security Breach Eyed at US Embassy in Yemen
Turkey President Erdogan: Women Are Not Equal to Men
Colombia Rebel Chief Says Peace Talks Suspension Destroyed Confidence
FARC Attack on Island Scares Colombia Tour Agency
Mired in Crisis, Mexican President Aided by Discredited Opposition
The War at Home
Sen. Jack Reed Not Interested in Defense Secretary Job
Regin ... the Super-Powerful Spyware the Security Industry Has Been Silent About
Senior GOP Senator: Immigration Order Could Derail Full-Year Pentagon Spending Bill
Younger Military Veterans Are Angered by Budget Cuts to Their Pension Benefits
Two US Soldiers Killed in Bomb Attack in Afghan Capital: Sources
As Bombing Toll Rises, Afghan Villagers Direct Anger at Govt
Many Children Among Afghan Volleyball Match Bomb Victims
Pakistan Has World's Fastest Growing Nuclear Program
Pakistani Military Won't Act as 'Umpire' for Upcoming Protests
Filipino Troops Kill 5 Abu Sayyaf Gunmen in Clash
China Defies US Call to Stop Island Project in South China Sea
India Names Special Envoy for China Border Talks
'Torture Bribe' Demanded After 'Stage-Managed' Arrest of Briton Alleged Bangladesh ISIS Recruiter
Three More Ukrainian Soldiers Killed: Kiev Military
Russia Suspends Coal Supplies to Ukraine: Ukraine Energy Minister
Ukraine Leader, Under Pressure From West, Pledges New Government Soon
Further Strains in Unresolved War Between Armenia and Azerbaijian Over Disputed Territory

Russia Puts Losses From Sanctions, Cheaper Oil at Up to $140 Billion Per Year

At Spanish Enclave, a Debate Over What Makes a Border
Lithuania Protests After Russia Blocks Its Cars and Trucks
Libya Air Strike Hits Tripoli's Last Functioning Airport
'Handful' of Libyan Troops Claim Asylum in UK After Training: Minister
Boko Haram Crisis: 'Militant Traders' Raid Nigeria Town
Nigeria's Opposition Condemns Raid on Their Office
War-Weary Darfuris See Grim Future With or Without UN Peacekeepers
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Is Obama Weak on Foreign Policy?

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Torture, War, and No Consequences

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Two Parades and a Drone

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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