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Updated November 29, 2014 - 11:08 PM EST
200 Killed in Bombing of North Nigeria Mosque
  Boko Haram Steps Up Attacks on Nigerian Islamic 'Establishment'
US Plans to Retake Mosul in January
  Shi'ite, Sunni Militias Join Forces on Outskirts of Baghdad
  Syria Denies US Claims, Says They're Not Targeting Civilians
  US Will Use Psych Evaluations to Screen Syrian Rebels for Training
Israeli FM's Peace Plan: Pay Arabs to Leave
  Bill Aims to Make Israeli MPs Swear Loyalty to 'Jewish State'
General, 5 Others Killed as Egypt Protesters Clash With Police
25 Killed as Taliban Attacks Camp Bastion in Helmand
The Campaign to Demonize Social Media Outlets as Terrorist Allies  by Glenn Greenwald
How US Weapons Fall Into the Hands of Terrorists  by Conor Friedersdorf
Why Is Shaker Aamer Still at Gitmo?  by Andy Worthington
The High Cost of Empire Maintenance  by Philip Giraldi

More Viewpoints

UN Torture Report Condemns Sleep Deprivation Among US Detainees
UN Watchdog Slams Police Shootings of Blacks in US
Moldova at Crossroads Between EU and Eurasia
Austin Gunman Fired 100 Rounds, Tried to Burn Mexican Consulate
How to Stop NSA From Snooping on You
China/Hong Kong/Japan
Street Clashes Erupt as Hong Kong Police Crack Down on Protesters
China Rebukes Turkey for Offer to Shelter Uighur Refugees
China's Xinjiang to Hire 3,000 Ex-Soldiers as Guards
Japan Military Chief Urges Early 'Crisis Management' Pact With China
Did Korea Encourage Sex Work at US Bases?
North Korea's 'Princess' Moves Closer to Center of Power
For Afghans, the Fighting Now Knows No Season
6 Are Killed in Egypt After a Call for Protests Rattles the Authorities
Explosions Rattle Egypt Amid Calls for Islamic Uprising
Libya Strongman Vows to 'Take Tripoli' From Islamists
Struggle Over Libya's Oil Risks Breaking Up Country: Rival PM
Three Foreign Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria's Delta Region
'I Jumped': One Woman's Story of Escape From Boko Haram
Obama Plan to 'Power Africa' Gets Off to a Dim Start
Cameroon Frees Central African Rebel Chief Miskine for Hostages
New Burkina PM Vows Investigations Into Compaore-Era Deaths
Namibia Votes in Africa's First Electronic Poll
UN Watchdog Urges Venezuela to Investigate Torture Allegations
Battles Rage in Ramadi as 126 Are Killed in Iraq
The Future Battle of Mosul Will Be 'Easy,' Iraqi Governor Says. No, Really.
British ISIS Fighter Blows Himself Up in Suicide Mission in Iraq
Global ISIS Reaction
Hackers Force Syria Message on Websites Via US Firm
Turkey Considering Heavy Weapons for Kurdistan Region
Austria Arrests 13 Suspected Jihadi Recruiters for Syria
Putin to Push Trade in Turkey Despite Disagreement on Syria
India Says No Contact With 39 Men Held by ISIS in Iraq
Gaza Floods: UN Declares State of Emergency
Israel's Next Army Chief 'Would Only Strike Iran as Last Resort'
Italian Man Seriously Wounded at West Bank Protest
France to Recognize Palestinian State if New Peace Initiative Fails
Middle East
Yemen's Shi'ite, Sunni Rivals Hold Rare Meeting
Lebanese Palestinian Refuge for 6 Decades, Now Flooded From Syria
Abu Dhabi Prince in Qatar to Seal Reconciliation Before Summit
NATO Unconcerned by Russian Warships in English Channel
Russian Submarine Test-Launches Bulava Intercontinental Missile
German Support for Sanctions on Russia Rise, Poll Finds
Ukraine Gas Stocks Down 14% Since Start of Heating Season
UK Soldier Ryan McGee Jailed for Making Nail Bomb
Czechs Raise Security After Ministers Get Poison by Mail
Croatia PM Cancels Belgrade Trip Over Freeing of War Crimes Suspect
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